Saturday, January 31

Top Five Kinds of "Ware"

1. Hardware
2. Firmware
3. Software
4. Wetware (also known as "beach"ware)
5. Formalware (good for parties or when meeting penguins)

Thursday, January 29

Top 5 Muscles that are Feeling So Good Because I'm not Working out with Zenon

1. Triceps - They're feeling tri-relaxed right now.

2. Quads - I don't know where these are, but I just don't need to know!

3. Gluteus Maximus - Feels good to the maximus.

4. Shoulder Muscles, Maybe my Deltoid? - I think the Deltoid is actually a mint, or maybe a computer part. But rest assured my shoulder muscles feel rested and assured.

5. Lower back - I agree that dead lifts should not be excercises. The lifting of the dead is best left to morticians. I stay away from such excercises, thus preserving my lower back.

Sunday, January 25

Top 5 things that make me angry right now

1. Gang shootings in the middle of the day, in the middle of rush hour, in the middle of Abbotsford
2. Gang activity in a house in the middle of a quiet, nice, family-friendly neighbourhood just next to an Elementary school.
3. Preachers who misconstrue the Truth and lead people astray
4. People who abuse others
5. People who steal other people's cell phones

Friday, January 23

Top 5 things that fully made me an Administrative Assistant this week

1. I have an intercom on my phone so that I can be paged at any time.
2. The biggest crisis at work this week was that the printer I spent my day arranging for someone to come and fix it. That's what I did...
3. Most of my job this week consisted of data entry, faxing, printing and photocopying...oh, and answering the telephone.
4. People will just drop things off at my desk and tell me they need this many copies of this, or this to be faxed to this person, or this to be printed for this person, etc. (And I soon realized that it has been quite a while since I have really had anyone tell me what to do in a work setting)
5. I did a coffee run for my boss today.

...You can just call me Pam from now on....

Top 5 muscles that hurt because of working out with Zenon

1. Triceps - Thanks Zenon
2. Quads - Thanks Zenon!
3. Gluteus Maximus - Thanks SO MUCH ZENON!!!!
4. Shoulder Muscles, Maybe my Deltoid? - Thank You Zenon, You're a "good" friend!
5. Lower back - Seriously, why are deadlifts even exercises? Thank you Zenon!!!! I'm going to teach you a new exercise. It's called my knee to your groin!

Wednesday, January 21

Top 5 Midnight Snacks

1. Nachos
2. Bowl of cereal
3. Crackers and cheese
4. Chinese food
5. Fresh made chocolate chip cookies

Sunday, January 18

Top 5 Things I am happy for today

1. The sunshine
2. Finding a husband who is just right for me
3. Being part of a great, friendly church
4. A feeling of a sense of new awareness and anticipation for the future
5. Beauty - in creation, in art, in music, in people, in words

On a side note, I have decided that I can't always keep up with the witty aspect of many blogs on Stop Five, so I will continue to provide the "girly" posts, which are necessary to keep a good balance to the site.

Tuesday, January 13

Top 5 Bands with Members who were Together and then Broke Up

With a bonus: Their best breakup song!

1. Fleetwood Mac - "Go your own Way." There were acually two marriages in this band, and both ended while the band was still recording. Rumors? No, it's all true.

2. ABBA - "Winner Takes it All." Again, two marriages here, both ending in divorce. I don't know if "Winner Takes it All" is about their breakups or not, but it sure is sad.

3. No Doubt - "Don't Speak." Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal were involved for quite a long time, but he eventually left her because he needed "space." Smooth move Tony.

4. The Pretenders - "Back on the Chain Gang." Okay, that song is more about the death of guitarist James Honeyman-Scott. But it was released shortly after Chrissie Hynde kicked her ex-lover Pete Farndon out of the band for excessive drug use.

5. The Backstreet Boys - "Shape of My Heart." After a rocky relationship, Kevin and Howie finally decided to call it quits. "Shape of My Heart" was Kevin's attempt to apologize to Howie for his coldness and rumored unfaithfulness. Ironically, neither Kevin nor Howie sing any of the solos in the song, a fact that made the other three "very uncomfortable."

Sunday, January 11

Top 5 Things Abbotsford has that Kelowna does not

1. Afterthoughts - Dessert and coffee...mmm
2. Gelato - A few places at that
3. Easy accessibility to Vancouver
4. Heritage Alliance Church
5. *With a bullet* The Kangs

Top 5 Places Abbotsford does not have but Kelowna does

1. Nature's Fare
2. Toys R Us (I was looking for a game and drove all around town not finding anything!)
3. Bean Scene, or any great coffee joint
4. Quality Greens - So far most of the fruit and vegetable markets I have found have not been that great, though there are still many more to try so wish me luck!
5. *With a bullet* The Guest House Inn

Saturday, January 10

Top 5 things about my new job

1. It is VERY administrative so far.... I spent ALL day on Friday inputting data and photocopying papers. Hopefully this will change a bit - though I don't mind the pace of the work.
2. The guys I work for are all very much "characters" and it presents itself to be an interesting (and probably amusing) dynamic. I'm sure I'll have stories to come later for this one...
3. It sounds like they really want me to get into counselling eventually, specifically for some of the females who don't feel comfortable talking to a guy, so that is cool....
4. I work literally right next to the PAOC I can see into the building from my office window. (Okay, that's not a real exciting thing about the job....I just couldn't think of anything else to say)
5. Nobody in the office is pop-culture aware. I made a reference to "Big Tuna" the other day because they seriously asked me about having a tuna sandwich day where we would all bring our favorite kind of tuna sandwich...and everyone just stared at me blankly when I tried to make fun of them about it.

Top 5 things I have done this week

1. Bought a new couch set - seriously, this was something I have been excited about for was a big day for me!
2. Baked 3 loaves of whole wheat honey bread - turned out soooo good (in case you were wondering)
3. Started a new job
4. Watched Mamma Mia for the first time with the Hoopster
5. Made a new friend

Top 5 Haircuts I will give Bryan's son.

1. The Traditional Bowl Cut. - It's the original, much like a traditional cappuccino at bean scene. It's timeless.

2. The Under Cut - This is the new school version of the Bowl Cut. It's trendy, sporty, it says... "Hey back off! I'm a little unpredictable!" - Much like a the new school cappuccinos most coffee shops make, full of foam served in ridiculously large mugs

3. The Seagal - Self-explanatory. No one messes with Steven Seagal and lives to talk about it! No one will mess with a kid who has a Steven Seagal hairdo!

4. The Inverted Faux-hawk - Right after Bryan cuts a Faux-hawk for his son, I will come in and give him the inverted Faux-Hawk. One clean strip right down the middle of a full head of hair! It's shockingly chic!

5. The Braided Rat-Tail - with beads - There will be days when Bryan's son is tired of always having that long hair all over his face. Especially during the Cobain phase. When that day comes, he will come to me and ask, "Oh wise Daniel, What can I do to get this hair out of my eyes?" On that day, I will unveil to him what he has been looking for all his life. The Braided Rat-Tail with beads! This hairdo not only says, "I'm here to party", it also says, "Hey! I freaking started the party and I'm going to freaking trash it too!" This will be a great day.

Friday, January 9

Top 5 Members That Showed Up Tonight

1. Bryan
2. meliss

wait, that's only 2...

Top 5 Haircuts I Will Give My Son

1. The Comb Over - My Dad always gave me one just before we went to the grandparent's house, and I think that will be what I do
2. The Faux Hawk - Definitely awesome on the kids
3. The angled mo hawk, like kinda sideways - I think it looks killer
4. Spikey
5. Long Hair, I hope he does this sometimes. Its all cool Cobain ish

Top 5 Most Deadly Animals in Film

1. The Crazy Spitting Dinosaur in Jurassic Park
2. The Sharks from Deep Blue Sea
3. The Jellyfish in 7 Pounds
4. The Squid in Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
5. The Lions in The Ghost in the Darkness

Top 5 Movie Characters Named Jack

1. Jack Ryan
2. Jack Skellington
3. Jack-Jack Parr
4. Jack Dawson
5. =with a jolly roger bullet= Captain Jack Sparrow

Top 5 Things I am Trying to Do In the Natural Holistic Lifestyle Genre

1. Eating More Raw Food - We sprout, but I think we are gonna get one of those 3 level try systems and sprout hardcore, maybe a few different types. We are looking into dehydraters and yeah.
2. umm... My wife is going to Breast Feed our little baby - its a big thing, and I thought it would go without saying, but actually more and more people I find don't do it.
3. Gardening - I am definitely already excited about this years gardening adventure. We will see how it goes. I think it will go well, I know some farmers now, and I think they will help me.
4. Natural Childbirth - really isn't the standard that it used to be. But I think it is a pretty big thing for a woman to go through, and its worth every bit of the struggle.
5. The 4 agreements - Be impeccable with your word, don't take things personally, don't make assumptions, always do your best.

Top 5 Things I'm Not Consuming This Week

Time for a cleanse! These are all things I only want to add a little of after this week is up too.

1. Sugar (well, yes I'm eating fruit, but nothing with sugar added)
2. Salt
3. Animal products (cheese etc)
4. Caffeine
5. Alcohol

Top 5 Reasons For the Rise Of Coca-Cola

1. Open Food and Drug Rules - The original drink was simply a medical allixer. The likes of which were numerous. You were allowed to sell whatever you wanted and to say whatever you want about it
2. Addictive ingredients - originally Alcohol, caffeine and most importantly Cocaine
3. The Prohibition - at this point they had to take out the alcohol, but now Coca-cola could take countrol of the Casual Drinking market
4. World War 2 - During this war, Sugar needed to be rationed, and most companies were really hurt. Coke’s president went to Washington, and got them to agree that Coca-cola was needed at war time. Suddenly there competitors couldn’t compete. Cokes were sent to the battle front and you had a new marketing campaign and a slew of GIs who loved it.
5. Marketing - At their height Coca-cola was spending almost 90% of their profits on marketting.

Top 5 Songs I've Listened To Tonight

In chronological order.

1. You Don't Know Me (Ben Folds and Regina Spektor)
2. Single Ladies (Beyoncé)
3. Crash Into Me (Dave Mathews Band)
4. Oxford Coma (Vampire Weekend)
5. Let's Dance To Joy Division (The Wombats)

I love random on itunes.

honorable mention: Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake) - I skipped it.

Top 5 Jacks in Televisionia

1. Jack Bauer - For kicking ass
2. Jack from Lost - For being a great leader
3. Jack from Will and Grace (Note: Melissa Kissed Will) - For being a bit over the top
4. Jack Van Impe - For being the first to effectively read a TelePrompTer to Bible superstardom
5. Jack Donaghy - For running a good network

Top 5 Sports Highlights of 2008

1. Usain Bolt wins the 100 meter sprit, in record time, with very little effort. I honestly loved this race, I loved hearing about it on the radio, watching it, and all the debate about it that ensued.
2. The Men’s Wimbledon Final - amazing match, probably the best ever. Seriously, watch it, you will start to think you like tennis.
3. Tiger Woods wins the US Open despite a crazy injury. He limped around and used his clubs as a cane.
4. Usain Bolt wins the 200 meter in record time. He ran this one, and well he destroyed another record. I especially liked that it was Michael Johnson’s Record. I Hope he goes for the Trifecta, 100, 200, 400 next time around.
5. Michael Phelps 100 meter fly win. This was the race where he was a good 2 feet back with less than a body length to go, and yet with a last big push he won. I watched the race alot, and found it hard to believe he won. SI broke down each frame of the high speed camera, it blew my mind. I loved this race, if it had been his last race to beat the record, it would be the greatest moment in Olympic History, but because it was his 7th its kinda lost in the Hoopla.

Top 5 Words I Hope Donkers Got In Scrabble Tonight

1. Stop
2. Five
3. Records
4. Friends
5. Quartzy (on a triple word score) - no hard feelings

Top 5 Plants for Cleansing Your Indoor Environment

1. Spider Plants
2. Peace Lilly
3. English Ivy
4. Rubber Plant
5. Any Palm

Top 5 Things they do for you in first class on Air Canada

1. Lie to You
2. Make you believe you have more right to your getting treated so much better than the shlubs behind you.
3. Free Unlimited Wine
4. 3 Course Meal
5. Space, so much space

Top 5 things They do for you when the delay your plain on Air Canada

1. Lie to You
2. Give you Free Snacks
3. Lie to You
4. Lie to You
5. Lie to You

Top 5 Things Club Penguin Are Trying to Do To Melissa

1. Make Her forget about the real world
2. Make her Forget Microsoft Exists
3. Make Her Forget Apples are a fruit, and not just computers
4. Make Her Move to Florida and work in Disneyland at a Starbucks
5. Make her into a robot

Don't you wonder Melissa why they keep giving you technology

Top 5 Places I Want To Live At Some Point In My Life

1. Saltspring Island - Bryan makes it sound pretty great, plus I've always liked it there
2. Italy - C'mon, you all knew that
3. In a treehouse
4. Hawaii - sun, ocean, warm, chill atmosphere, surfers... it's perfect for me. I'd like to own and run a tea shop (including ice tea of course) on the beach there, but will first go there to volunteer on an organic farm.
5. In the arms of someone I love

Top 5 Words I Have Always Wanted to Use in Scrabble

1. Scrabble - honestly, its 7 letters, and its right there on the side of the board. Sure it would be challenged, but man its epic in my mind
2. Quiz - I have used this many times, but it is a killer.
3. Qaid, Qat, I actually haven't used them, though I have known they have existed for many years
4. Jo - Great word to build off of
5. xylophone - wow it would be awesome right

in honor of Dan's missing tonight's Stop-Five-a-thon for Scrabble

Top 5 Places I would like To Be

1. In a boat beside a brand new island, coming up out of the ocean, There is a video From a helicopter when this Happened, but a boat would be cooler. Crazy to see it happen so fast.
2. In the US Senate, I feel like this is a pretty powerful place to be.
3. On Salt Spring - I am pretty happy about my present situation
4. Fantasia
5. Algonquin park in the summer time

Top Creepy Cats

1. The Yellow Eyed one with LIon Colors
2. The Black one with Black eyes
3. The White one with pink eyes
4. The one with no pupils
5. The one with no fur

Top 5 Tech Things I Own That I Didn't Buy For Myself

1. Ipod #1 - 30GB Video, given to me by my wonderful friends almost 3 years ago
2. Ipod #2 - 8GB Nano, gift from work Christmas '08 - it's custom
3. Wii - gift from work Christmas '07
4. Digital Camera - Christmas gift from mom (which I picked out, but she bought) Christmas '08
5. Macbook - Thanks again CP :) I heart my computer. - August '07

Top 5 Ways I would Change the Hospitals in Canada Right Now

1. Single Rooms, with Private Bathrooms. 6000 people died in Canada from Infection born in the hospital. This needs to be dealt with. Seriously, seems like a bigger issue than terroists right. This would be a great time to do it too. 35000 jobs lost last month, mostly construction, it makes sense for the government to invest in infestructure, and this one will pay for itself it less hostpital bills.
2. Each Hospital hires its own set of farmers, spread them out around the hospital, invest in land even. This is a good time to buy land, and it makes sense that the one area of Canada that is pretty socailist should just go fully sociallist.
3. ORGANIC GOOD QUALITY HEALTHY FOOD. Honestly why do you eat the worst in the hospital and in school. These are the places you should eat the best. THese are the places that you should learn how you should eat. Perhaps if the hospitals instituted raw food it wouldnt have to medicate so much, and people would leave the hospital way sooner.
4. More Staff
5. Free Parking - No one should have to pay to visit a friend in the hospital, or if they themselves are sick

Top 5 Versions of 'Cry Me A River'

1. The Riprock Remix (Justin Timberlake)
2. The pop-punk cover (New Found Glory)
3. The 'this song should maybe have actually have been done like this' cover (Paulo Nutini)
4. The tongue in cheek cover (Glen Hansard)
5. =with a bullet= the original (Justin)

Top 5 Things I Inherited From Elvis

1. Love for Fried Banana Sandwiches
2. The right to sing all my lines
3. My curled and stupidly sexy upper lip
4. Love for the Blues and Gospel Music
5. The Throne to the Kingdom of Rock N Roll

Friday, January 2

Top 5 Reasons I believe the Stewart is Diabolical

1. his thick rimmed glasses, every sinister wears thick rim glasses

2. educated with words and knowledge of psychopaths - a menacing combo

3. lived with Heith

4. constantly puts think against thought

5. Has a crush on Tina Fey. Everyone knows a man who likes a clever woman can't be trusted

A piratey post of Matt Hawkins (I tampered with it though).

Top 5 Moments of Stopfiveathon Number 2 - An initial Reaction

1. The pickles.
2. Bryan gets a name for his child.
3. Moey Posts more in 1 hour than she has in the history of stopfive. Way to go Moe!
4. "Soy you think you can dance!"
5. Dan knows too much about my freckles.

Honourable Mentions (Because there's sooo much goodness here):
- There are 5 better leaders than Barack Obama, and potentially 5 worse than Bush
- Geoff may not be missing after all
- Holly sneaks one in at the last minute
- Also, I think at least one of Josh's predictions may be true

My Dog's top 5 things

1. A ball of string
2. My toes
3. Catching his tail and then walking around and around and around the house with it in his mouth
4. Paper, especially if its important for bookeeping
5. his bone. Seriously, you go near him when he's got that thing and he'll go all Gollum on you.

Top 5 Worst Leaders

1. Billy Tyrant
2. Charlie Indecisive
3. Ike Insecurity
4. Larry Lazy
5. Jonathan A. Inept

Bryan may be on to something here.

Top 5 Secondary Sitcom Characters of All Time

1. Kimmie Gibbler - Full House
2. Jazz - Fresh Prince
3. Eddie Winslow - Family Matters
4. Wilson - Home Improvement
5. Mr. Belding - Save By the Bell

Top 5 Dates

1. Comedian
2. Jurnalist
3. Lover
4. Someone who dances well
5. Someone who you get along with

Top 5 Worst Tattoos

1. The Tazmanian Devil
2. The Barbed Wire around the bicep - Watch out for those Calgarians!
3. Anything in Chinese, unless you are Chinese!
4. Aunt Jemima
5. =with a bullet= A Fanny Pack Tattoo on your stomach

Top 5 Leaders

1. Joseph Awesome
2. Cindy Swift
3. Tom Cool
4. Jamie Truth
5. Cynthia Hope

Its all in the name

Top 5 Donald Trump Moments on the Apprentice Season 1

1. Donald takes the winners of the task to Yankee stadium to meet his old friend George Steinbrenner. Much old man chumming ensues.
2. Anytime Donald is in his helicopter and on his phone talking to someone. Seriously, there's no way that's legit. The conversation is always like, "Okay, I'll be right there. I'm just in my luxurious helicopter right now."
3. Donald shakes Sam's hand. Sam nearly has a meltdown. Donald simply walks away.
4. Donald Trump meets Jessica Simpson in a glorious clash of the celebrities. It's surprisingly boring. But the part where he's waiting to meet her is awesome. "Time is money Kwame!"
5. =with a bullet= Omarosa runs in to the boardroom while Donald and his cohorts are in deliberation crying about her "concussion." Donald waves his hands and says, "we all . . . have problems." Brilliant!

Top 5 Comfort Foods

1. Peanut Butter
2. Alcohol
3. Mashed Potato
4. Ice Cream
5. Chocolate

Top 5 Episodes of Extras

1. the Daniel Radcliffe one
2. the Orlando Bloom one
3. the Kate Winslet one
4. the Patrick Stewart one
5. =with a bullet= the Sir Ian McKellan one

Top 5 Live Shows I Have Seen

1. Doves, The Commodore
2. Kings of Convenience with Feist, Richards on Richards
3. Radiohead, Thunderbird Stadium
4. Sigur Ros, Orpheum Theater
5. *With a Bullet* Wilco, McEwan Hall
Notable Mention: IMR at the Richmond Center

Top 5 Simpsons Quotes:

1. "You tried your best, but you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."
2. "Oh what a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The bees are trying to have sex with them, or at least that's my understanding."
3. "Cows would eat you and everybody you care about."
4. "I'm like that guy who single-handedly built his own rocket and flew to the moon. What was his name? Apollo Creed?"
5. "I have 3 kids and no money. Why can't I have no kids and 3 money?"

Actual Top 5 Restaurants in Kelowna - Critic's Edition

This list comes with a critic's bonus: Moey's favourite dishes from each one!

1. Memphis Blues - Full Rack of Ribs, with a side of beef brisket
2. Boston Pizza - Steak Sandwich - rare steak
3. Montana's - All you can eat ribs
4. White Spot - Nat's Hearty Breakfast
5. IHOP - Steak Omelette with a side of steak and eggs

Top 5 Top 5's of the Stopfive Top 5 athon so far this eveing

1. Top 5 Animals I Would Want to Be Friends With (1st post of the night)
2. Top 5 Variations on Dan Donkers' name
3. Top 5 Splits
4. Top 5 Movie Stars That Melissa Needs To Marry (from your mouth to God's ear, lol)
5. Top 5 Contestants on 'Soy You Think You Can Dance' (nice reactionary value)

Top 5 Songs I want our Cover band to Cover

1. "American Girl" - Tom Petty
2. "Solsbury Hill" - Peter Gabriel
3. "Amy Hit the Atmosphere" - Counting Crows
4. "Start a War" - The National
5. "When You Were Young$" - The Killers

Top 5 Restaurants in Kelowna

1. Everest
2. The Bohemian
3. Momo
4. Hector's Casa
5. Bai Thong

Top 5 Memorable Adventures with Stop Five friends

1. The Caddyshack - Maine Island - Forts, Lord of the Rings, fish in the bed and rain, rain, rain
2. Victoria with Heith, Mowat, Kang and Kang when Geoff threw up from Alejandra's guacamole
3. Ben Kweller - The time all the guys went and left us girls behind...and took my car to get there!
4. Bocce ball in the summer in Kelowna
5. Stop Five Reunion - This will be a memorable adventure when it finally happens. Where? When?

Top 5 Aging Actors Documented on Film (these films took a long time to make)

1. Sally Field - Forest Gump
2. Brad Pitt - Benjamin button
3. Orson Wells - Citezen Kane
4. Ian Holmes - Fellowhip of the Rings
5. Tim Allen - The Santa Claus

Crazy to think they had to film these actors over so many years to get these films done

Top 5 Nicknames for People at Purolator (aka, why I'm a terrible person)

1. Seabiscuit: Because the guy looked like a 70 or 80 pound overweight Toby Mcguire. Also, he is a moron.
2. Super Dave: Based off of the 80's TV show about a guy that screwed up everything he did.
3. Captain Ass Hat: He steers the ship that is Purolator. Right into an iceberg.
4. Mcbeardy: We couldn't remember his name and he has a huge beard (we're talking Amish size).
5. Bubbles: A french guy that is almost a perfect double of Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. he got fired for taking a leak out a bay door.

Top 5 Regrettable Movie Decisions we have made in the past

1. Ghost Dog: The way of the Samurai. Anyone remember watching this? I left. Sara-Lynn fell asleep.
2. Before Sunset. Sorry Moey, but I hated this one. Dan and I watched it to prove our manliness.
3. Ghost Ship. So glad I wasn't there for that.
4. The Luzhin Defense. Man Rob, never let us watch a movie as a group where the main character goes crazy and commits suicide. Not pleasant.
5. Night Seers II - Still seeing. This one is still in production. Starring: Bryan Dubien.

Top 5 Things To Grill

1. Pakoras
2. Zucchini
3. Sandwiches
4. Veggie dogs
5. French Toast

Allie got a grill for Christmas. Please leave as many suggestions as you can think of for what we can grill.

Top 5 Reasons I Like The StopFiveathon

1. New reading material
2. Getting the group together
3. Get the creative juices flowing
4. Tears
5. =with a bullet= LAUGHS

Top 5 Considerations for my Top 5 Movies of all Time

Keep in mind these are only considerations.

1. Almost Famous. This is not a consideration. This movie gets number 1.
2. High Fidelity. Mostly because it spawned this site.
3. Good Will Hunting. Inspiring, but accessible.
4. Mr. Holland's Opus. When I wanted to teach high school, this was one of my favourites.\
5. Forrest Gump. Inspirational, and there's history.

Probably 3 or even 4 of these wouldn't make the list. I'm just thinking out loud here.

Top 5 Reasons for the Industrial Revolution

1. Small Pox - Killed off most the people in the Americas
2. New Gold - Stolen from the South American Empires
3. New Crops - Corn, Potatoes etc. are brought from the old world to the new one allowing for a huge population boast
4. New Population - Both in the old world and the new, but with them came more buying power.
5. Good Ideas

Top 5 Reasons To Get Married

1. Money
2. Looks
3. Shelter
4. Status
5. =with a magic bullet= a good last name

Top 5 Contestants on "Soy you think you can Dance"

1. Ron Canola
2. Beany McSoy
3. Mike Lentil
4. Kara Kidneybean
5. Chicky Peabody

Top 5 Albums from Geoff Heith's collection that Really Rock!!!

1. Creed - My own prison
2. Stutterfly - broken in pieces (it rocks even harder cause the CD is signed!)
3. Creed - Human Clay
4. Skillet - Hey You I Love Your Soul
5. Creed - Weathered

Top 5 Predicitions for 2009

1. The Monkey/Robot Apocalypse. The monkeys will start the war, the Robots will finish it. Humanity will be caught in the middle.
2. The Robocalypse: Conci is going to throw down the gauntlet.
3. The Oprahpocalypse: Things get ugly.
4. The Metallicapocalypse. Their next album is going to VERY angry.
5. Flowers and candy for everybody. Then Apocalypse. Or calypso, which is like Apocalypse, with more beat.

Top 5 Shows that I HATE

1. Video on Trial
2. Survivor
3. American Idol
4. Canadian Idol
5. Judge Judy

Top 5 Things that have hit our Car in the last two months

1. Chad's car.
2. Chris Murphy's car.
3. A snowbank.
4. A save-on buggy holder - because of snow.
5. our neighbor's shovel - thanks tara!

Top 5 tv shows I look forward to

1. 24
2. the office
3. Lost
4. Heroes
5. Soy You Think You Can Dance

Top 5 things that Kyle Stewart Taught Geoff

1-5. Everything Geoff knows.

Top 5 Childish Insults

1. Poopy face
2. Dumb dumb
3. Stupid head
4. Four eyes
5. Fart face

Top 5 Missing Stopfivers.

1. That Jenn girl. I think she had a kid.
2. Andrew Blackwood. Last seen at the Donker's Wedding.
3. Mazda guy. I'm not even sure who this is, but he did post some back in the day.
4. Geoff Heith. MIA for quite awhile.
5. The first 2 or 3 years of this blog. Should we set up a missing persons report for this one?

Top Five Places to go


Top 5 5's

5. The Lucida Grande 5
4. The Time 5
3. The veranda 5
2. The Arial 5
1. The Courier 5

Honorable Mention The webdings 5

Top Five Reasons I will Name my Baby Zamphir

1. It is Hippy enough for Salt Spring
2. Sounds like its from Africa, and That bodes well for my Babies life there
3. Because I like Sam Fur
4. Zoe's name starts with a Z
5. Number 1 on Dan Kangs LIst

Top 5 Names For Bryan and Zoe's Newest Addition (girl edition)

1. Rainbow
2. Xayide
3. Sorcha
4. Kira
5. Saffron

Top 5 Places to Avoid After Dark:

1. Edmonton: This could really just be a year round thing.
2. Surrey Central Station
3. Graveyard: Zombies anyone?
4. Sketchy Back Alleys. The clean ones are fine.
5. Vampire Nests. For obvious reasons.

Top 5 Movie Stars Melissa Needs to Marry

1. Tony Danza
2. Clive Owen
3. Zac Effron
4. Patrick Swayze
5. =with a bullet= Art Garfunkel

Top 5 thingsI hate about 'The Stewart'

5. He's diabetic
4. He hates vegetables
3. How he buys me a book but reads it himself before he give it to me and highlights every part he thinks is funny assuming I'll like what he does...
2. He controls his computer with a remote control
1. I don't need a reason

Top 5 Goals This Year in Literature For Me

1. Read all the Massey Lectures (Margeret atwoods is next)
2. Read more Birthing Books (spiritual midwifery is next)
3. Read More Fantasy (Neverending Story is ongoing)
4. Read more History (Not sure whats next - But Ronald Wrights books were amazing)
5. Read My Dad's Favorite Books (All Tom Clancy's books are next)

Top 5 Names For Bryan and Zoe's Newest Addition (boy edition)

1. Madd
2. Mardigan
3. Atreyu
4. Skye
5. =with a bullet= Batman

Top 5 Fantasy Stars in Football This Year

1. Deangelo Williams
2. Drew Brees
3. Larry Fitzgerald
4. Michael Turner
5. Phillip Rivers

Top 5 great things about 'The Stewart'


Top 5 Over Night Visitors to Our Apartment in December

1. My mom
2. My mom's husband
3. Allie's mom
4. Zenon
5. Holly-Anne

Top 5 Splits

1. Lickety split
2. the splits
3. 7-10 split
4. split lip
5. Banana split

Top 5 names for Bryan and Zoe's newest addition

1. Zamphir
2. Jack Bauer
3. Carphonso
4. Brangelina
5. =with a silver bullet= Bob Seger

Top 5 Movies I've Seen in the Last Week and A Half on DVD

1. Noise
2. Mamma Mia (for the 9th and 10th times)
3. The Go-Getter
4. Family Man
5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Top 5 Thoughts in Dan Kang's Head right now

1. This banana split is delicious.
2. Dan Donkers is by far my favourite Donkers.
3. I wish I could be a drummer like Dan Donkers.
4. Yeah, that would be great, I'd be the best drummer ever . . . even better than Dan Donkers.
5. No, wait, that will never happen. I guess I'll just try to be his friend. I hope he likes me. He's my favourite Donkers.

Top 5 Things You Need to Understand

1. Lies and Fantasitcal creatures and stories are made of the same things, but they are used entirely differtly.
2. Sometimes the evil people of one world might send a creature such as a warewolf (who exists in more than one world) to another world to attack and kill a great hero
3. Humans are more likely to believe if it is a meaningful enough story
4. Humans have a great power in properly naming
5. Each story runs into another, they are never ending

Top 5 Variations on Dan Donkers' name

1. Don Dankers
2. Don Kers
3. Dan Dee
4. Turd Ferguson
5. Jan Jonkers

Top 5 Colossal Failures 2008:

1. A day of work at Purolator
2. The Happening: We came out of the movie thinking M. Night was a genius creating such a great B movie, however, every time I see Mr. Shamalamadingdong speak about this movie, he seems to believe he has created a much maligned masterpiece. Poor, poor delusional man.
3. Sean Avery.
4. Guns and Roses. Buckethead? Seriously?
5. Denver Broncos. The only team to be 1st place in their division for every week of the regular season, then failed to make the playoffs.

Top 5 Movies I've Seen in the Last Week and A Half in the Theatre

(in chronological order)

1. Marley and Me
2. Valkyrie
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Yes Man
5. Doubt

Top 5 Reasons to Elect me Class President

1. More Vending Machines
2. Better Cheerleading Uniforms
3. WIth me it will be summer all year long
4. I will make all your dreams come true
5. Dance routines at every assembly

Top 5 books I got for Christmas

1. Vive La Vida Song Book. I'ma learn to play some piano.
2. "Christianity's Dangerous Idea." About protestants and their insistence on "reading the bible".
3. A book about world war 2, and how the west is in decline.
4. A book about George Bush being bad at president.
5. "Truth and Power." By JI Packer. Roger Stronstad gave it to me. It's signed!

Top 5 Colossal Wastes of Paper

1. Phone Books
2. Flyers
3. Catalogs
4. Daily newspapers
5. Laundry books (romance novels)

Top 5 freckles on Dan Donkers' body

1. The one on his nose
2. The one 4 inches from his wrist
3. The one on his inner thigh
4. The one on the sole of his foot... ooops.. that's a MOLE!
5. The one directly over top his heart

Top 5 Young girls's names

1. Ella
2. Cindy
3. Elizabeth
4. Summer
5. Winter

Top 5 Bad Times to Breakup

1. Bathtub
2. Birthday
3. New Years Eve
4. Valentine's Day
5. Family vacation

Top 5 Signs in Surrey

1. Saab's Meat shop and Video Store
2. Benny's Liquor Store ad Pets: I assume the pet store is separate from the liquor store, however, the sign for the liquor store is the same as the pet store
3. Top Gun Custom Boring: Obviously a high calibre school custom borers. These are the guys we are sending into space to blow up an asteroid.
4. McFrugals
5. The Romance Store: We Buy and Sell. My question is, who is really in the market for used romance?

Top 5 Artists of the Top 5 Albums of 2008

1. Bon Iver
2. Fleet Foxes
3. TV on the Radio
4. Nick Drake
5. Shearwater

Top 5 Old Lady Names

1. Gertrude
2. Hildegarde
3. Edna
4. Mona
5. Phyllis

Top 5 Pickles

1. Polski Orgorki
2. Baby dill pickle with extra garlic
3. Relish
4. Bread and Butter Pickles
5. Pickled Sea Cucumber

Top 5 Mamma Mia (minor) Characters

1. Hot Greek boy
2. Old wood carrying then singing Greek lady
3. Piano man
4. Priest
5. Old Greek man (Stavros?) on boat and then later during 'Dancing Queen'

Top 5 Albums of 2008 - The Marriage Edition

Okay, so as many of you know, I am not much of an album buyer, and I've been finding lately that the albums I buy are more for my wife than for me. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Colbie Caillat - "Coco." I try to let Tara listen to this one on her own.
2. Coldplay - "Vive la Vida." This one was for me, but she likes it too.
3. Hillsong - "Savior King Live." Actually her friends bought that for her.
4. Michael W. Smith - "A New Hallelujah." African Children's Choir sings on this one.
5. (Pending) Chris Dane Owens - "Blue Stone." You need to check out this video:

Favorite Albums of 2008

1. The Killers - Day and Age: Very 70's retro pop. Maybe not as good as Sam's Town, but a great album nonetheless.
2. Kings of Leon - Only by the Night: Such a great voice.
3. Ever Stays Red - On the Brink of it All: Not what I normally listen to, but there is something really good about this album that I can't quite put my finger on.
4 Cowboys and Indians - self titled: Great country music.
5. Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends: So they ripped of Satriani. In this day and age who hasn't ripped him off?

Top 5 Mamma Mia (Key) Characters

1. Harry Bright (Colin Firth)
2. Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgard)
3. Rosie (Julie Walters)
4. Tanya (Christine Baranski)
5. Donna Sheridan (Meryl Streep)

Top 5 Rejected Purolator Slogans

1. Purolator Smash!
2. Purolator: We break your things so you don't have to.
3. Oops! That sounds expensive.
4. Purolator: Navigating a sea of failure with competence.
5. Purolator: Just be glad we didn't light it on fire!

Top 5 Animals I Would Want to Be Friends With

1. Pegasus - wonderful and kindly in Nature
2. Warewolf - Wise and dutiful
3. Dog - loyal and loving
4. Tiger - shy and timid
5. Liger - Simply put - magnificent

why wouldnt you want them as your friends

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