Wednesday, January 30

Top 5 Backstreet Boys, with Corresponding Characters from the "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" Video

So Tara is a huge BSB (that's Backstreet Boys, not Bart Simpson Bomb) fan, and yesterday we watched a few of their videos. I've been learning a lot about them lately, enough to comfortably rate them based on apparent talent and personal preference.

1. Brian - The Werewolf. Brian really is the standout among this gang of young (but getting older) men. His powerhouse vocals definitely drive the band, and he gets a lion's (or werewolf's) share of the solos. And he is a goodly Christian young man, which means he has crossover appeal. Tara also thinks he's the best looking. I always thought he looked a little squirrely, but I've gained a new respect for him.

2. Nick - The Mummy. It really pains me to put this guy so high, but he's clearly the number 2 guy. I can't argue with BSB's hierarchy. Literally, people get hurt for arguing with their hierarchy. He's the freshfaced kid of the group (he recently turned 28) with the high end range. There's a boyish charm to his sound and his look. Nick is definitely second in command when it comes to solos. I must say however, if you've never seen a mummy seductively ask, "Am I sexual," you're probably better off. All in all, he's my least favourite.

3. AJ - The Phantom of the Operaesque character. AJ is all party and sex appeal. He's got that throaty warble that works great for songs like "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "We've Got it Going On." He also gets a lot of those "oh yeah" solo moments over the choruses. I don't really like his look (too many hair colour changes and weird goatees) but he definitely contributes vocally. His dance moves seem to be "off the hook." But I've only seen the slow videos mostly, so there's a lot of him looking like he's praying, or laughing cheesily with the other guys so that girls think he's fun.

4. Howie - The Vampire. Half of the "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" video revolves around this girl who Howie eventually bites. Nothing seems to happen to her, which would suggest that Howie's a pretty ineffectual vampire. His "bark is worse than his bite" so to speak. And I think that assessment would ring true of his general role in the BSB. Sure he gets a few lines here and there, and his wardrobe seems to be the best out of the five, but ultimately he's not the one for me (pronounced "mayhay").

5. Kevin - The Twoface. What can I say about Kevin? He spends the entire video showing us that he has half a real face and half a lizard face. Fitting, since Kevin is definitely the most creepy of the BSB. There's just this sense that he's older than he looks, and he's not afraid to lie about that fact. I suspect he's the bassiest of the BSB singers, and he probably has the smallest range. And you know what they say about guys with small range. He tries to compensate with inordinate amounts of leather. It just doesn't work for him. I know all the BSB are important to the overall chemistry of the group, but I would consider Kevin the most dispensable.

Monday, January 28

Top 5 Technologies That I am Blown Away By the Price Drop Lately

1. Flat Screen TVs... wow, can you believe how cheep these things are. I wonder how cheap the organic LCDs will be in a year. I say 3 grand.
2. Any kind of electronic Memory - Camera, Ram, Hard drives in particular
3. GPS - What a crazy cool gizmo, I really want one. I wonder which I should get, I want one for driving/camping.
4. Solar Panels
5. Cell Phones - They just give the best ones from 2 years ago away for free. I will get an Iphone in 2009, based on this theory.

Sunday, January 27

Top 5 things I know how to do

1. Work with wood
2. Work with electricity
3. Work with the city to make positive change
4. Work with mechanics
5. Work with nutrition

Or 6. None of the above, but due to the limitations of a top 5 list, it doesn't make the cut.

I feel like this is something Donkers might have done, or has done.

Saturday, January 26

Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew How To Do

1. Work with wood
2. Work with electricity
3. Work with the city to make positive change
4. Work with mechanics
5. Work with nutrition

anyway... I don't mean work like get paid, I mean work like understand and use
but yeah...

I will try to work with these things this year. Hopefully that goes okay.

Friday, January 25

Top 5 Web Sights I frequent

1. Sports illustrated
2. Stop Five Records
3. Releaselog
4. Facebook
5. google

Maybe I will see you around my frequented places... we could go for coffee or something after.

Thursday, January 24

Top Five Things Your Kitchen Should Have right NOW

1. Juicer - who knew it would be so easy to eat 4 carrots a bunch of ginger, a beat and an apple.
2. Great Vegetable/butcher knife - I think it is essential. Makes you feel like the shit chef too.=
3. Sweet wooden Spatulas - I don't know why I love them, but I do.
4. Jars - the old school jars. Glass over plastic should have won out years ago in the keeping-food-inside-of market years ago.
5. Things that are alive - We have sprouts growing and lots of plants. hopefully I will someday have more vegetables/herbs growing live for my eating pleasure.

Should is a fun word eh. Its the easiest way to give orders I think, though it is passive aggressive. Which I think is my worst favorite kind of communication. Gah, change the title to Could instead of should right now, and forget I ever used that fiendish word. Thanks

Happy kitchening.

Wednesday, January 23

Top Five Things I Will Purchase Soon

1. Leopard - I know I should, but like has anyone else got it yet? How good is it? Do you like it? what about drivers? etc.
2. Flooring for Eddie - We are putting in wooden laminate flooring, it will look mint I think... and should be easy to clean. Who knows really, but thats the plan.
3. Hiking boots - I will be hiking the West Coast Trail this year... if anyone is interested... but yeah I need good boots, and my freakn keens are falling apart. Danny what are the best boots to buy, note: I hate that these ones are falling apart.
4. Wool mattress Cover. We really want to get an Organic natural rubber bed, but like, do I want to spend 2000 dollars. Maybe, but maybe wool will be good for now. What do you think Mellissa, what should I do.
5. Cowboy hat - its been a long time coming, but man I want a good one so bad.

So there you have it. What do you want? maybe someone wants to make a trade eh?

Top 5 Movie Deaths

1. Jesus - The Passion of the Christ.
2-5. Irrelevant.

Heehee, how I missed making these lists!

Tuesday, January 22

Top Five Movies I Know I Need To See Before the Oscars

though they may be cancelled.

1. SWEENEY TODD THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET (4 nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role; Performance Worthy of Hell and Heaven; Achievement in Art Direction; Achievement in Costume Design)
2. THERE WILL BE BLOOD (10 nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role; Achievement in Art Direction; Performance Worthy of Hell and Heaven; Most Powerful Threat in Movie Title; Achievement in Cinematography; Achievement in Directing; Achievement in Film Editing; Best Motion Picture of the Year; Achievement in Sound Editing; Adapted Screenplay)
3. THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES (3 Nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role; Best Use of Brad Pitt in a Film; Achievement in Cinematography)
4. INTO THE WILD (3 Nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role; Best Use of Bryan Dubien in a Film; Achievement in Film Editing)
5. LARS AND THE REAL GIRL (2 Nominations: Original Screenplay; Original Use of Plastic)

What do you think the chances of this years awards happening Moey?

Monday, January 21

Top Five Vegetables (Flavor)

1. Ginger
2. Shallots
3. Garlic
4. Mushrooms
5. Onion

Close: Fennel, Carrots

Top FIve Movie Death Scenes

1. Brad Pitt - Meet Joe Black. Easily the most shocking kill, it was awesome. Like three cars hit him before he hit the ground.
2. Leo - The Departed. I fully agree Danny.
3. Mufasa - I think everyone around my age probably remembers atleast a bit of the anguish of when we watched this great Lion die.
4. Sean Bean- LOTR. Kinda awesome to see him battle through arrow after arrow. I loved his Character.
5. King Leonidas - 300. That last moment calling out to his wife, as the sky is completely blacked out by arrows. It was a beautiful death.

Samuel L. Jackson (Deep Blue Sea), joker, darth Vader

My picks for top 5 movie deaths

1. Leo DiCaprio in "The Departed" (who the crap saw that coming???)
2. James Caviezel in "The Thin Red Line" (I never thought a death scene could be hauntingly beautiful, and the love in James Caviezel's eyes is mesmorizing)
3. Any death scene in "No Country for Old Men" but particularly (the deputy being strangled by handcuffs - so freaking disturbing, as well as all the other scenes!!!)
4. ET - What a heart wrenching scene!!! movie magic!
5. Seven - Kevin Spacey... What a freaking psychopath! That last scene is haunting to say the least.

Top 5 Movie Deaths (far from comprehensive)

1. Marvin - Pulp Fiction: Sure it was a little gory, but the shock value alone makes this one part of the list. No one saw it coming. "Aw man! I shot Marvin in the face."
2. Alien - Oh my gosh, the thing climbed out of his chest!!!
3. Apocalypse Now - Kurtz, "The horror. The horror."
4. Day of the Dead - The army guy that is pulled apart at the waist while he yells, "Choke on 'em." I only wish those could be my last words if Zombies were pulling me apart.
5. Born to Fight - Guy gets blown to smithereens with a rocket launcher shot. (This movie is awful. Until you watch the credits. Then this movie blows your mind.)

Honorable Mention: The heroic death of Optimus Prime in the cartoon Transformers movie.

Sunday, January 20

Top Five Books I Read Last Year

1. Ishmael - Reading this book was a great time for me. I loved the calm style of teaching, and I hoped it would rub off on me.
2. The Alchemist - Again it was a book about learning and understanding. I think I love alagorys.
3. The Story of B - Sequel to Ishmael. Interesting to read another story with some of the same teachings as Ishmael but from an opposite vantage point. POV in ishmael = eager learner. POV in B = Eager skeptic.
4. The Time Traveler's Wife - Fun Fiction. I read it while watching the heroes Series, so time travel was fresh in my mind. I love the idea of time travel unable to affect fate. Very beautiful idea and notion. The God Eye concept of Donnie Darko kindof fleshed out, but without the chance to change anything.
5. = With a Bullet = Race Against Time - I like Stephen Lewis' speaking style.

I read - Siddhartha, The End of Poverty, The gryphon and Sabine books as well. They were close to making the list. Except Siddhartha - the ending was too abrupt for my liking.

Feel free to make your own of this list.

Saturday, January 19

Top Five Gun Movies

My wife giggled/rolled her eyes at the notion of this list, as guns are not fonded in our house. They probably wont get into the hands of our children unless/when they make them out of those big lego blocks or sticks.

1. Desperado. Antonio Bandaras shines as he pulls guns out of a guitar case, his sleeves and his hair. Favorite scene: The bar destruction.
2. Shoot Em Up. Clive Owen Dusts dozens of Bad guys. The whole movie is really just one long gun fight. Its rediculous really, but it is unashamed in its decision to be this, so yeah, I give it props. Favorite scene: the one with Monica Bellucci where they ummm... yeah, while he spins and shoots like a 10 guys. Crazy, this is why the girls love that crazy eyed clive.
3. Equilibrium. Christian Bale acts as a gun martial artist. The movie was very cold to watch, as most of the citizens were devoid of emotion, but the gun play and notion that one could predict the angle of gun shots and response is kind of clever. Favorite scene: all of the ones where Bale is surrounded by like 8 guys and methodically takes them out while they try like the dickens to shoot him.
4. Hot Fuzz. Simon Pegg wrote this movie for one reason, to show off his gun skills. Favorite scene: When the Priest pulls the guns out of his robe.
5. == With a Bullet == Terminator 2. Arnold's best movie - What I love about it, is how indestructable arnold seemed as the terminator, until t2000 shows up and we spend the rest of the movie wondering how they are gonna survive. The Gatling gun was good, but my favorite scene is the shot gun on the motor cycle. Awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Unforgiven, Red Dawn, Return of the Jedi.

Friday, January 18

Top 5 Networking Skills to Learn

Okay, since nobody is posting, I think it's time for another offering from the Rocket. He's been talking about network on his site (I promised I'd put another link there, since we're "networking"). Holly I told him about your question to me on Facebook. He was insulted. Don't insult him like that. He thinks you're cool, and he doesn't understand why you don't think he is. I told him that was insulting to me. He didn't seem to care. He was also unapologetic about how long it is. He's always unapologetic. It's one of his most annoying yet bizarrely effective traits.

1) Smiling - A successful networker must master the art of the smile. I'm not talking about the smile that comes upon hearing a mildly funny joke, or the smile that comes when you think about the awesome score you got at Jetman last week. I'm talking about the charming "you'd do anything for me, wouldn't you?" smile that most people never come close to acheiving. And it takes time to get there. But you can start with the "I'm appearing to like you" smile. That's usually enough for most networking anyways. Plaster that smile on your face. Take it to work with you. Take it out for dinner and a movie. Perhaps your mildly attractive waitress will even give you a free dessert. That's when you'll know you're making progress. At least, that's how I knew.

2) Handshaking - Firm, with a touch of sincerity. You have to shake long and hard enough to make the other person feel respected, but not enough to make them feel loved. Love is your enemy here. Feelings can get all up in the way of what you're trying to accomplish. On that note, perhaps avoid shaking the hand of the opposite sex for a while. At least until you've mastered the art of burying/ignoring your feelings (which will be covered in the advance networking chapter, which will only be available in my pending book)

3) Talking loudly in Groups = You're in this to get noticed, and loud group talking is how it gets done around here. In some cultures they dance or beat drums to get noticed. Some cultures build large houses and marry hot wives. Wait, that's also ours (another area of advanced networking). This basic skill requires the ability to do two things at once: hold a drink, and talk loudly. Surprisingly, this is one of the tripping points for many would be networkers. Doing two things at once is difficult, I admit. My little brother (and personal assistant in training )Wendel can't even talk while he's listening to music (it's kind of creepy). But if you hope to succeed you must master this skill. Then at some point you can loudly offer your opinion on a host of unimportant subjects (movies, politics, women's hairstyles, 16th century literature, etc.). You're trying to take control of the conversation, and ideally steer it to a point where you can loudly list some of your skills and interests, hoping someone important will overhear. Actors and teenage boys do this all the time. But for some reason it gets forgotten among the rest of us.

4) Telephone Voice - Again, a very underrated skill. Have you ever listened to yourself on the telephone? Here's an idea: go record a voice message right now on your phone and play it back to yourself. Pitiful, isn't it? If you hope to build the kind of networks that will take you to the top, you'll have to develop a great phone voice. Think something along the lines of Jack Bauer meets Bob Barker. You want something tough and no frills, yet lovable. The kind of voice that makes the person on the other end think you might give away money. But really you're out to extract what you need from that person by any means neccessary.

5) A Wide Range of Feigned Interests - Now we all know that caring about things (besides success) is not cool. And it definitely does not help you in your overall purpose. But you may be surprised to know that many people care about a host of different things. People care about puppies and children. People care about who's leading their country or how much money they paid for their oversized death trap SUV. People care about way too many sports. These are all topics you can read about (I recommend wikipedia) and gain some working knowledge. This knowledge will come in handy when some chump who has the money to fund your band's next project asks you what you think about the 2008 New England Patriots. Go ahead and look them up. Apparently they're allergic to losing. They may have been reading this blog.

Top Five quotes from the movie Juno...

1) Convenience Store Guy (but really just Dwight from The Office): "That ain't no etch-a-sketch, this is one doodle that can't be un-did homeskillet...
2) Juno: "You should've gone to China, you know, 'cause I hear they give away babies like free iPods. You know, they pretty much just put them in those t-shirt guns and shoot them out at sporting events."
3) Juno: "Your shorts are exceptionally golden today..." Paulie Bleaker: "Ya, my mom uses colour safe bleach, so..." Juno: "Go Carol"
4) Juno: "I could so go for like a huge cookie right now, with like, a lamb kabob simultaneously"
5) Juno: What about Katrina De Voort? You could go out with her Paulie Bleeker: No, I don't like Katrina. She smells like soup, her whole house smells like soup!

Thursday, January 17

Top 5 Things: A List

1. Chair
2. Orange
3. Car
4. Box
5. Oven

Editor's Note: This list of things does not necessarily reflect the author's "favourite" things.

Friday, January 4

Top 5 New Years Resolutions

1 Lose weight . . . Then find it. Then tell it never to scare me like that again.

2. Intend to write a book. Although publishers don't give contracts for intentions. But maybe good intentions?

3. Listen to more music . . . than Dan Kang. And repeatedly inform him that I have done so. In top 5 form.

4. Write more top 5's. The great Top 5 Revival is coming! It's coming soon! REPENT!

5. Invent a cereal. I will call it "Steak Bran." Where else can you get Fiber AND Protein? I ask you, WHERE?

PS. Happy new year to all of you my friends. I haven't gotten on to the factbook to grett you all in person, so here is my generic nw yrs wish for you awl.

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