Friday, March 31

Top 5 Drummer Memories

1. The fidgeting. The constant fidgeting. I haven't stopped moving since I was 12.
2. Trying to recreate "Stomp" in my high school hallways.
3. Tapping rhythms with my feet in Biology class while staring off into space. For some reason I totally thought nobody noticed that.
4. Trying out for Rejoice my first year of College and realizing how much I actually sucked at drumming.
5. The hours of practice tedium. One great gig seems to make all those hours worthwhile.

I'm going to start learning and practising again. I freakin' love drumming.

Wednesday, March 29

Top Five Advantages to Having Kids Under 3

5. Snacks aplenty - Wherever you go, you always have a snack handy, maybe cheerios, maybe arrowroots. Even in church, you just pretend to give it to your kid and you can munch away at will.

4. Cartoons aplenty - Before the kids came along my wife would look with disdain as I watched animated television, but now, now I can simply plant a kid next to me and have an instant comeback for her stare.

3. Laughs aplenty - Here's my most recent example - my 1 year old is constantly going around the house and whenever she comes upon something that is her sitting height, such as the bottom step or a step stool etc. she says "sit" many times as she sits there - however, her "sit" is pronounced with a an extra letter "h" somewhere in the middle which brings a whole new flavour to the word. Thus I can say as she goes toward the stairs: "Peyton, what do you do in the bathroom when you sit?"

2. Exercise aplenty - I mean serious, constantly piucking up the kids, and then there's the marathon playground sessions and games of hide and seek.

1. Stress Relief aplenty - There is nothing that makes you forget the crappy shift you may have just had at work or the stressful client you just had to deal with for 12 hours like a 2 year old giving you hug and stuffing a spoonful of yogurt in your mouth.

Top 5 TV shows of my childhood

1) Mr. Dressup - This man is my hero. Although is wasn't as good when Casey and Finnigan left, but still, listening to Mr. Dressup tell a story was pure magic...
2) Sesame Street - The "old" Sesame Street, before they made Ernie and Bert leave, and before it bacame "Sesame Park"...what was that all about???
3) Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers - Chipmunks + Adventure = Excellent TV
4) Road to Avonlea - What can I say about this show...Felicty and Gus, Felix going to war, Hetty King and her petty remarks...I still love this show...
5) This is a tie between Boy Meets World and Home Improvement (Both shows about the "All American Family"...but with a little humor thrown in...)

Bonus - Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Who doesn't love the Carlton dance??)

Maybe this is a sign that I watched to much TV as a kid...

Tuesday, March 28

Top 5 Things I'm reminded of when Listening to Fleetwood Mac

1. The Seventies. I always imagine being at some log cabin in the backwoods of BC with one of those plaid hunting shirts on.
2. Road trips with a cute girl in an old car/van.
3. Books I've read while listening to Fleetwood Mac.
4. How much I like female vocalists with distinct style.
5. Starry nights.

Monday, March 27

Top 5 Memories from our Logan Lake Billets

1. Walking into their house and seeing a .22 with a wicked scope lying on a chair. "That's because coyotes have been killing our cats," they said. It was a bolt action gun. I pulled on the bolt and a shell fell out. I proceeded to put the gun down.
2. Deer Pepperoni.
3. Two huge (deer) bucks' heads mounted on their living room wall.
4. The picture of the even bigger buck he shot this year, which is going to be mounted on their wall next year.
5. Meeting Junior, their horse.

I love smalltown BC.

OK. Definitive Top Five (r.312-313)


5. ‘Let’s Get It On’, by Marvin Gaye
4. ‘This Is the House That Jack Built’, by Aretha Franklin
3. ‘Back in the USA’, by Chuck Berry
2. ‘White Man in the Hammersmith Palais’, by the Clash
1. ‘So Tired of Being Alone’, by Al Green

Top 5 Quotes from Blue Like Jazz

5. "When the church does not love its enemies, it fuels their rage. It makes them hate us more."

4. "Nobody will listen to you unless they sense that you like them."

3. "You know, Don, marriage is worth the trade. You lose all your freedom, but you get this friend. This incredible friend."

2. "And so I have come to understand that strength, inner strength, comes from receiving love as much as it comes from giving it. I think apart from the idea that I am a sinner and God forgives me, this is the greatest lesson I have ever learned. When you get it, it changes you."

1. "Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way."

Go Don!

Saturday, March 25

Top 5 Reasons a "girl's only" movie night with your 5 & 7 year old cousin is so great

1. They show up wearing pyjamas, slippers and robes.
2. They bring bags full of candy.
3. They make comments like, "When is Dan going to go so it can just be us????"
4. They get so super hyper from the candy, popcorn and juice so that when Dan comes home, they bug him mercilessly.
5. (and this one's good) Throughout the entire movie, any time there is a joke, they proceed to explain to me why it was funny (it was like watching a movie with Dan Donkers, only in incredibly cute little girl form). For example, one character was caught trying to sneak cheese from a mousetrap and got his hand caught in the trap. When he was found out, he was like, "I guess you caught me red-handed." My 7 year-old cousin went on to explain, "It's because his hand is red, Sara-Lynn." It was a highly entertaining night.

Thursday, March 23

top five reason Intro to Worship is an awesome class

1. I have an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week to perfect my left handed writing.
2. It's funny (in a sad way) to watch Lillian try to guide us to the 'right answer' and then get the big happy eyed look when we finally get it right.
3. Luke Knight's compleat inability to stand even the slighest hint of stupidity.
4. We have learned one thing and one thing only, worship is not just music. And we learn it over and over and over...
5. one girl sits in the back and makes no effort to hide the fact that she is filing her nails the entire time, i am not sure she picked up a pen once. And even so she could easily get 101% on exam.

Top 5 Onomatopeias

1. Bam
2. Zoom
3. Pow
4. Zap
5. Swish

Top Five Picture Posted By Jenn's Mom

Jenn wrote that her mom's blog is "just an excuse to put pictures of her good looking kids on the internet". So why not exploit that.

5. "Becky" - with no "e", and some random guy!?

4. "Allison", "Jenn", "Becky" -2006

3. "Becky", "Allison", "Jenn" -1995

2. "Jenn", "Allison", "Becky" -1988

1. "Becky", "The Brother", "Jenn" -2006

i dont know how this rates between the funny or creepy acts made by kweller. but we like having you all around!

Tuesday, March 21

All-Time Top Five Records

(“It’s eight on desert island discs, isn’t it? so eight minus five is three, right?”)(r.310-311)


5. ‘Family Affair’ by Sly and the Family Stone
4. James Brown. ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’
3. ‘Angel’, by Aretha
2. ‘Louie, Louie’ by the Kingsmen
1. ‘Stir It Up’. Bob Marley

Top 5 people in my family who have Blogs...

1) Grandma (seriously, how many other 72 year old blogger's do you know?)
2) Rebecca (aka - Beckey)
3) Mom (I think it's just an excuse to put pictures of her good looking kids on the internet)
4) Auntie Sam (Such a high tech family I have)
5) Dad (It was only a matter of time before Dad started putting his jokes online...)

Top 5 Logical Conclusions

1. The more Switz hangs out with me, the funnier she thinks I am, so logically I can conclude that I induce insanity in the people I hang out with, which can also logically lead to the conclusion that I drive girls crazy.
2. I can play the Bass, but cannot grasp the concept of piano, so I can logically conclude that if I put the keyboard parallel with my body and could only use 6 fingers, I could be an accomplished piano player.
3. When I believe I am right and someone is wrong, I get loud and aggresive, so I can logically conclude that if I end a difference of opinions with a punch to the face, I will always be right.
4. If statement A is true and statement B is also true, and if A+B = C, the you can logically conclude that C is indeed true.
5. I often refer to myself as a genius, so I can logically conclude that I am so genius-ish, that I can recogize my own brilliance from inside my head.

Posters Note: I have no clue if #4 is even remotely true, but it sounds like something I would have heard in Philosophy if I had gone to more than two classes.

Top 5 Productive Things My Mustache Does For Me

1. Collectively lowers the initial expectations of everyone who meets me. I know that I am the stupid young kid with rediculous hair and clothes and general humanity, but the mustache drops me down another bunch of slots for shizzle.
2. Turn off Girls. I am stupid enough to think that any girl could fall for me. I know its vane, but I think this song is about me. With the Mustache no girl will fall for me. The second looks are bewilderment, horror, disbelief, fear, etc.
3. Makes me a poster boy. Albeit its a poster boy for the half hearted festival of Mustache March, but still I am the poster boy.
4. Makes me the best kisser ever. Mustaches equal kissing genious. You don't need to do anything but lock the lips and the bristles will do the rest. Ahhh yeah.
5. Distracts people from my Braces.

Aside: a def man told me today that he found it hard to read my lips because of the mustache on my upper one.

Top 5 Places You Should Visit

1. Arathi Highlands
2. Stormwind City
3. Dun Morogh
4. Moonglade
5. Red Ridge Mountains

errr... so geeky I know

Top 5 Guesses of Count Chocula's Real Name.

1. Chuck
2. Ramon
3. CoCo
4. Gene
5. Olaf

Top 5 Malicious Vegetables

1. Broccoli. This vegetable isn't just out to ruin your life; it wants to steal your soul.
2. Eggplant. It may be a plant, but it sure don't taste like eggs. Also a leading cause of impotence.
3. Brussels Sprouts. The city of Brussels really needs to get on the ball and find a new vegetable to name after themselves. These sprouts are killing the tourism industry there.
4. Cauliflower. The hunchbacked assistant to broccoli. It will move into your house when you're away and change all the locks.
5. Onions. These babies won't stop until every self respecting male who has to deal with them is made to look like a blubbering fool. Just dastardly.

Top 5 Reasons Easter candy is better than any other holiday candy

1. Chocolate, chocolate,'s all about the chocolate.

2. Mini eggs. Yes, I know these have now been bumped into all sorts of holidays, but their original making was for easter. I mean, come on, they're EGGS. Isn't easter all about bunnies and eggs???

3. Those whopper egg candies. I never buy whoppers any other time of year, but at easter, these things are soooo good. Crunchy inside, chocolate layer, finished off with a candy coating. Mmm mmm.

4. Easter is usually around the time of my birthday. Candy and birthdays just go hand in hand. Remember how great goody bags were? Tell you what, next time I have a birthday party with all of you, I'll make goodie bags.

5. The top reason easter candy is the best: All the bright pretty colors! You walk into the store and you can't help but be overwhelmed by the bright, attractive pink, yellow, orange, spring green, baby blue - it overtakes you. It's like pretty rows of color (Moey) in edible form. What could be better than that? And to think, I don't even really like candy all that much.

Top 5 Pictures for my Office

1. Tigers on some kind of couch.
2. Dogs reading the Bible.
3. One of those horrific Anne Geddy pictures, where they dress babies up like other things. Just to remind me that I hate babies.
4. The face of Chelsea.
5. A Shark eating a Puppy.

Although I'd prefer #5, I think I'll go with #1.

Top Five WWF Finishing Moves

1. The DDT. Made all the more potent when you throw in the large snake that slithers over the poor victim of this vicious manuever.

2. Superfly Snuka off the top rope. What's more intimidating then a 250 pound, half naked Samoan coming flying down at you spread eagled. I'll tell you what's more intimidating, Nothing!

3. The Sleeper Hold. Its all in the name, this move put you to sleep, what a great name, they should name all the moves like this, instead of figure four it should be the leg breaker, instead of bear hug, it should the awkward move that does no damage except to make the victim uncomfortable.

4. The Hulk Hogan Leg Drop. I swear I don't understand this one, I mean, does Hogan's one leg contain 85% of his body weight or is his skin really rough or what. Everytime this move went down the guy didn't get up. Unbelievable, I think Matt Hughes should try this one in the UFC.

5. The Demolition Finisher. You know where the one guy holds the other guy over his lap and the Demolition guy goes off the rope onto his neck, classic. I must say though, those outfits were quite disturbing. Was that meant to be intimidating or was it meant to say, hey we're living an alternative lifestyle and we're proud of it, don't mess with Demolition!

Top Five Things A Beaver Would Say

1. Dam.
2. This wood tastes okay, but I wish it was smoother on the tongue.
3. Look at me, I'm a beaver.
4. How'd that no good loon get a dollar while I've been stuck on this God forsaken nickel my whole life?
5. Ladies, you've heard of busy as a beaver, come try getting busy with a beaver.

Monday, March 20

Top 5 Tiredness Inspired Thoughts

1. "I wonder if I could get home from the office using only right turns."
2. "If I had three arms, would I be a better drummer?"
3. "Would anyone notice if I threw my computer out the window? Wait, my office doesn't have a window."
4. "I wonder if anyone would notice if I just sat here and stared at my windowless wall until quitting time."
5. "Who let Michael Jackson sing 'Beat it'? Seriously, he's the least tough Jackson. His older brothers must have had a field day with that one."

Saturday, March 18

Top Five Sleeping Habits I Didn't Know About Rivers Until Tonight

5. He Sleeps On His Back
4. I Think I Hear Humming
3. Ugh Who Am I Kidding...


Friday, March 17

Top 5 Reasons I don't have a Girlfriend

Every self respecting single guy has been asked this question once or twice. Here's my answer.

1. My long walks on the beach involve picking up many rocks and looking for crabs. Girls don't always dig that.
2. Dressing up to go out involves ironing shirts. I don't have the patience for ironing.
3. I like shopping too much?
4. Sometimes I make fun of the music girls listen to. They don't dig that either.
5. I sing way too much. I'm bad at singing.

Editor's note: This is not a self-pity list, nor am I fishing for compliments.

Top Five Reasons I Hate Jo

5. Jo Is A Girl
4. Girls Have Cooties
3. Girls Smell
2. Girls Are Dumb
1. =with a bullet= I Hate Girls

Wednesday, March 15

Top 5 reasons I want to be playing music right now!

1. Playing songs by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Delirious, and Hillsongs United week in and week out, is making me go crazy!

2. I don't really have any hobbies right now, and playing music would be a great one to have.

3. There's nothing like playing a good loud set and seeing people's bewildered expressions as if they are saying "wtf?" over and over again.

4. There's a lot of bad music out there, I want to do my part in educating people that they don't have to listen to bad mundane music.

5. If I played music, I would name my first album, "We can do the splits forever!" There can't be a better album name than that!!!!

Top 5 Sore Throat Remedies:

1. Get a killer disease. That disease will totally take the focus away from the sore throat.
3. Remove the Trachea. No trachea, no pain. It's as easy as math, or as difficult as ebonics. I'm not sure which.
3. Use Buckleys. It's like getting rid of the trachea, only without the whole losing the trachea thing.
3. Wire brush. It is fast, effective and leaves a fresh bleedy taste for hours on end.
4. Salt water. Or better yet, straight salt. Take a salt shaker, crank it open, and down the gullet she goes.
1. Sleep.

Tuesday, March 14

Top 5 Radios

1. Transistor
2. HAM
3. CB
4. 2 Way
5. -active

Top 5 Bauer-isms

1. Dammit!!
2. We're running out of time!!
3. Where is the (insert name of terrorist WMD's)
4. Tell me what I need to know now!!!
5. Bauer (whenever he answers the phone)

Monday, March 13

Top 5 Things I would do for Love

1. Fight a knife wielding monkey
2. Punch a shark in the face
3. Run over a car. With my feet. While it was moving. Towards me. Fast.
4. Jump out of a third story window.
5. =with a bullet= Go to the airport and stop a plane from taking off. Classic.

Sunday, March 12

Top Five Reasons My Mom Would Be Proud Of Me Today

5. The Beard

4. The Handle Bars

3. The Friend (check out his Stash)

2. The Stash

1. The Ladies

Top 5 Reasons Today is Awesome

1. It's sunny and warm
2. I had a nap
3. I had lasagna for lunch
4. I'm going to watch the Simpsons and Family Guy tonight
5. I don't mind going to work tomorrow

Saturday, March 11

Top Five Nicknames I Would Like To Have

1. Boomer.
How do you mess with a guy named Boomer? "Yo man git out the way.....oh, sorry Boomer I didn't know that was you in the khakis and the burnt orange polo shirt, my bad."

2. The Thunder From Down Under
Obviously I am geographically challenged for this name, I live in Oakville, I was born and raised in Halifax which could lead to the Beast From the East, but its just not the same.

3. Ace.
This is like the quintessential cool name. "Hey ladies, the name is Ace, I like your face, hop in my car and come to my place." I am sure you can see why I do not have such a cool nickname.

4. The Hammer.
The only thing that would make this an uncool nickname is if you were to bestow upon yourself and do some cheap gimmick to get people to refer to you as the Hammer.

5. Big Ugly.
I don't know why this is such an appealing nickname, maybe its like calling a fat guy tiny, I don't know -it just works.

Friday, March 10

Top 5 Jazz Therapists

1. Thelonious Monk
2. John Coltrane
3. Miles Davis
4. Ella Fitzgerald
4. =with a bullet= Meg

Top 5 Things to do Tonight

1. Score a goal
2. Score another goal
3. Score a third goal, thus completing the hat-trick.
4. Hang out with people. Good people.
5. Destroy someone at NHL 2006. It really doesn't matter who it is.

Thursday, March 9

Top 5 Candidates for the Video Game Hall of Fame

1. Peter Yang - Contra in under 14 minutes - Wow, I gotta say i love the game, kinda started simultaneous Cooperative Combat

2. Bryan Dubien - Recently beat 24 the video game. Nice work fella

3. Jimmy Woods.

4. Daniel Kang - For Dominating Super Puzzle Fighter.

5. = With a Bullet = The annonymous Mario Master - Mario 3 in 11 minutes and utter perfection.
This is the most impressive thing I have seen in awhile. I love the game, and just wow. check out how he gets into the clouds in the first 15 seconds, than watch 8-1 - never has anyone used a tail so effectively taking as many free lives as he wants. its insane. and no one has beaten bowzer with that utter ease, wow. Seriously watch this.
Watch some of the other Mario conquesters: They just don't hold a candle to this guy.

pirate post: Dan Donkers - king of NHL 2006

Wednesday, March 8

Top 5 Buzzwords

1. Emergent
2. Relevance
3. Missional
4. Proactive
5. ginormous

Top Five Top Fives Of My Spring Break

Top Five Sleeping Arrangments
5. Leaning on Kaela
4. Leaning on Emily
3. Leaning on James
2. Spooning with Caleb
1. The Super Eight Hotel!

Top Five Showers During The Past 12 Days
5. The YMCA in Ponoma
4. The Super Eight Hotel
3. 2. and 1. Do Not Exist

Top Five Meals
5. In and Out Burgers (Good. but its just a burger with thousand island dressing)
4. McDonalds (Consumed 6 Big Mac's)
3. Carl's Jr Burgers (Amazing)
2. Thai Town Express (take a little thai man if you ever plan to go)
1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Top Five Things About The Price Is Right
5. Bob Barker Is Old
4. Bob Barker Hates His Job
3. Bob Barker Is Not A Marionette
2. Bob Barker Is A Drunk

Top Five Repairs On Our Car
5. New Battery
4. New Alternator
3. New Piston
2. Lots of New Coolant Hoses
1. ... i guess only four different things got fixed... but other problems and damage consist of

A) Damage To The Hood
B) Muffler Fell Off
C) Hood Release Pully Broke
D) And The Car Contains A Bad Odar.
E) Also My Fish Was Dying So We Released Him Into The Ocean. He Died Upon Impact After The 50 Foot Drop.

Monday, March 6

Top 5 horrible things you can do to your dog:



Top 5 4am Contemplative Tea Drinking Songs:

1. Fools Overture - Supertramp
2. Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
3. Hurt - Johnny Cash
4. What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie
5. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve Pipe

Honorable Mention: Long Way to Run - Collective Soul; Crash - DMB

Sunday, March 5

Top 5 'Death Cab for Cutie' songs on my ipod right now...

1) Crooked Teeth - This song is fun to sing along too, loud, in the car, with the windows down
2) Transatlanticism - This song puts me in a trance
3) 405 (Acoustic Version) - Just like it
4) I Will Follow you into the Dark - The more I listen to this song, the more I like it
5) Tiny Vessels - Hearbreaking song

Fast and Climbing: What Sarah Said, Marching Bands of Manhattan, And Summer Skin...

Friday, March 3

Top 5 names for things that you didn't know had names...

1) ARMSAYE-The armhole in clothing.

2) FERRULE-The metal band on a pencil that holds the eraser in place.

3) SPRAINTS-Otter dung.

4) ROWEL-The revolving star on the back of a cowboy's spurs.

5) OCTOTHORPE-The symbol `#' on a telephone handset. Bell Labs' engineer Don Macpherson created the word in the 1960s by combining octo-, as in eight, with the name of one of his favourite athletes, 1912 Olympic decathlon champion Jim Thorpe.

Top 5 Cells

1. Amoeba
2. Stem Cell
3. White Blood Cell
4. Power Cell
5. Mytochlorin

Thursday, March 2

Top 5 Pictures I Have Taken Thus Far in Photo Booth For My Mac

1. This one

2. This one

3. This one

4. This one

5. This one

Top 5 People We Met In Rome

1. Derek, aka Captain America - ex-Marine, compared himself to Vin Diesel. Let us use his cell phone whilst drinking wine on the Spanish Steps during Mardi Gras to call a very good friend.
2. Phillipe and Mercedes, aka Frenchie and the Feminist - veyr nice French Canadian couple who were at our hostel. Seperatists. Spent a very nice evening with them discussing feminism, religion, language, and much more.
3. Will - Dave McCormick's doppleganger, except that he has longer hair. From California. Very boring conversation. Started every other sentance with "In America..." However, he was very necessary in order to balance the ex-marine.
4. Ivano, aka The Creeper - Ran the hostel. Creeped us out. Imagine the creepist, 35ish Italian man you can, then bump it up a notch. Shutter.
5. Benedict XVI, aka The Pope - ok, ok, we didn't meet him, but we saw enough pictures of him everywhere, and on every type of thing you can imagine that it feels like we met him. They put his face on everyhting...Pope shot glass, anyone?

Wednesday, March 1

Top 5 Bizarre Things About the Original Nintendo:

1. The Blow: Even though the instructions said NOT to do this, we knew that this was always the first step to get the games to work.
2. The correct placing of the game in the machine: This involved pushing the game down before it was all the way in, you would hear a sort of clicking sound as the game went down.
3. The blow 2: This involved not only blowing into the game, but also blowing into the machine itself.
4. The Peripherals: the Power Glove, the Nintendo Zapper, the Power Pad - Each only worked for a couple of games, and in the case of the Power Glove, barely worked at all. The Zapper had like two games (Duck Hunt and Hogans Alley), and I think the Power Pad only had that Track and Field game for it.
5. That the Nintendo actually survived. In spite of the laborious task of getting it to actually work, Nintendo dominated the market (its only competition was the Sega Master System). If such shoddy work was done today, said company would go under in a matter of moths.

Interesting Note: Did you know that you can control the ducks in Duck Hunt with the 2nd player controller?

Top 5 Weblogs created by Rivers Kang

1. - this was my first, I don't have the heart to delete it. It's so RAW and PASSIONATE... It's full of teenage angst (eventhough at the time i was 21 or 22?)
2. - Oh come on!!! everyone who's anyone was switching over to Xanga!
3. - Although this may be the infamous blog of Dan Donkers. I need to take some credit as I am the guy who nicknamed Dan Donkers "The White Pony". Although, I stole "The White Pony" from Ben Kweller, not Ryan aka Ben Kweller, but the actual Ben Kweller... but... that's another story.
4. - This is my brand new weblog. I have nothing to say about this one. It's too new, and I don't have that much angst anymore.
5. - This last weblog is REALLY the reason I made this post. I have a friend named Lonnie, who happens to have two twin younger brothers and their names are "Sonnie" and "Donnie." No joke! Anyways, lonnie has a xanga site that is called So i thought to myself, Lonnie lives in Conwell now, not in Korea at all!!!! So I made him a weblog. Enjoy, I think he really enjoyed it too.

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