Sunday, February 24

Top 5 Oscar Moments

I only watched half of it, but I just wanted to beat you all to writing about it. I expect a full write-up from more prominent movie going members shortly.

1. Jon Stewart - "What do we do during these commercial breaks? Well mostly we just, you know, sit around, making catty remarks to eachother about the outfits you're all wearing at home!"

2. The writer for Juno. She's one bag of crazy! I hope she makes more movies.

3. Cameron Diaz's dress. Tara's dad actually pointed out that she had these little bulbs of fat coming out under her arms. Tara says that means her dress is too tight. She also thought it to be worthy of a "Top 5 Oscar Moments" mention. Meh.

4. Those Coen brothers sure looked like they expected to win best director. Maybe they were just disappointed about having to share it. Or perhaps they thought that by accepting the award from Scorcese they would take on his recently broken curse. Which doesn't make much sense since they were winning the award at that moment. But some people just aren't that logical.

5. When the Irish people won for that song. They were so happy and they had cool accents. And then the girl got cut off by music. How ironic. The one thing that won her an award actually prevented her from thanking anyone for it. Good to see Jonny S. swoop in and save the day.

Wednesday, February 20

Top 5 Names for my Impending Podcast

1. Donkerville
2. Dan and Friends
3. HM's finest
4. My opinions are superior (and wittier)
5. The Rocket's Moon Rider

Oops, I guess I just confessed that I'm the Rocket. I figure most of you guessed that already. So I've been reading this book called The World is Flat. I definitely recommend it to anyone. It's half of my inspiration for a podcast. The other is the Relevant Podcast, which Otto told me about on the weekend. You're right man. It's great! I love the american gladiators part on their most recent one.

Thursday, February 14

Top 5 Reasons Why Bryan Will Make A Great Dad

5. He can grow a fatherly beard. If history has taught us anything it is the importance of facial hair in child rearing.
4. He’s barely out of puberty himself, thus allowing him to relate and empathize with his child’s developmental needs at a unique level.
3. He’s generous, and will no doubt be generous with his child. Generous with discipline, I mean.
2. With a wife named Zoe, there’s a good possibility he will be inspired to also pick a cool name for his child. Like Paddington. Or Zeus.
1. He’s a genuine, quality human being. They tend to make good parents. (From what I've seen. In my experience, I mean. Which, I'll be honest, is limited. So I could be totally off. It's probably 50/50, to be realistic.)

Congratulations Bryan!!

Monday, February 11

Top 5 Things I Will Do as the Second Pregnant Man Ever

1. Start a rebellion, somewhere people are in trouble and they need a leader, and those people probably want to follow someone who is actually 2 people.
2. Paint wonderful portraits on my belly of Dan Kang, Brad Pitt, Einstein, Rollie Fingers, Batman, the child like Empress, Robbie Alomar, Mother Terressa, Feist, Salvador Dali, Mozart, Led Zepplin, Curt Cobain, Jolie Holland, John Coltrain, John Lennon, My Dad, Zoe's Mom, My Mom ummm... this is gonna go on for awhile to be continued, maybe I will just paint landscapes instead.
3. Swin Naked (I am interested in the bouyancy of this belly)
4. Full body caste - I am thinking we could reproduce these naked sculptures for peoples dining rooms or gardens, perhaps a manaquen in a store. Who knows really, but its a body shape that is bound to be worth millions.
5. A Cesarean - not really the healthiest or safest or naturalist, but honestly not sure I should go for the alternate.

Top 5 Observations Regarding Last Night's Grammatical (I assume that's the long form of Grammy) Awards

1. If any man in the USA knows how to put on a show, it's Kanye West. Did anyone see that crazy 80's holographic looking DJ booth? Bryan I'm looking in your direction here. It was awesome.

2. Amy Winehouse is freakin' messed up. I mean, I'm sure she's a great songwriter, but she was a walking disaster. And the Grammys definitely gave the US government a slap in the face by linking live by satellite to London to make sure she could perform. Is there anything satellites can't do?

3. That Gospel choir singing "Let it Be" was incredible.

4. Beyonce loves her legs more than she could ever love any man.

5. Alicia keys is a great singer, and John Mayer is her friend. Fergie is not a great singer, and I don't know how she got John Legend to play for her.

Honourable mention: Man that Feist sure has a lot of poise. Flawless acoustic performance of a rearranged "1234" with some kind of chamber orchestra in the background.

Sunday, February 10

Top 5 movies I want to watch by February 24

1. Atonement - I can't really make an informed decision on some major Oscar categories until I watch this one. But I can't seem to want to watch it. I will watch it though. Mark my words.
2. Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Why haven't I watched this yet? Absurd!
3. Persepolis - It looks so interesting!
4. The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Sometimes I really miss living in Vancouver. This time of year I miss Fifth Ave Cinema's and Tinseltown, among others.
5. The Savages - Actually playing in Kelowna right now. I will go this week.

Honorable mentions: Away From Her (almost made the list), Lars and the Real Girl (I love Ryan Gosling), I'm Not There

Thursday, February 7

Top 5 Wikipedia Articles of this Week as Read by Me

1. The Curse of Tippecanoe. This is the legend that every American president elected on a year ending in zero will die in office. It happened for like 140 years or so, until Ronald Reagan presumably broke it.

2. Gerrymandering. In some countries (like the USA), elected officials get to shift the borders of constituencies before an upcoming election. It's a weird system. Look it up.

3. Oral Roberts. Quite an interesting life, and his university is in quite the situation right now.

4. Superbowl XLII. In my opinion the best and most historic superbowl of my lifetime. Lots of interesting factoids about it on Wikipedia.

5. Carpetbagger. Yes, that word exists, and it refers to a very specific type of person. Go find out who!

Honourable mention: William Jennings Bryan/Free Silver. Jennings Bryan may have actually been the first of the hobos.

Tuesday, February 5

Top 5 Things I'm Thinking about these Days

1. What's with this whole "generation" thing in the church? I'm really tired of being told my generation has to change the world for God. I think we're really only part of the solution. I hate the idea that we somehow have to leave our parents' and grandparents' generations behind because they "missed out" somehow. That kind of thinking brought us the 60's.

2. Will the things I write on the internet now come back to haunt me in 5 years?

3. I wonder if these students, our future leaders, understand how difficult leadership really is. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I don't think I would have ever asked for it. I'm a little leary of people who really want to lead. Those people could never beome the Pope. Popes have to not want to be Pope. Imagine if Presidential elections worked like that. . .

4. I love being a speaker, but will I ever need to have one of those ridiculous bios, and my own website and stuff? I hope not. Those things are kind of ridiculous. Perhaps necessary, but ridiculous. If I ever have to write one I may punch myself in the gut every time I read it. If anyone wants to write a bio for me, feel free. One to two paragraphs max. I nominate either Dan Kang or Kyle Stewart. Anyone else is free to try though.

5. Why are so many churches trying to be so much more than they really are? Is there a better way?

Monday, February 4

Top 5 Questions I Have For the World

1. Did you really need to start a barber shop called Sweeney Todd's downtown Victoria, with a bunch of Goth Chicks cutting hair?
2. Could Janet Drummond really get Aids when a bullet passed through her infected son and into her?
3. Could Avocados be a decent long term replacement for sour cream on Perogies, in the Vegan world?
4. Why is it the trend of civilized culture, to breast feed children till 6 months and potty train at three years, while the rest of the world breast feeds till 3 years and potty trains at 6 months?
5. Who is most powerful in the world? a) The president of the United States, b) The Dalai Lama, c) Eli Manning, d) You or e) Me

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