Friday, January 2

Top 5 Donald Trump Moments on the Apprentice Season 1

1. Donald takes the winners of the task to Yankee stadium to meet his old friend George Steinbrenner. Much old man chumming ensues.
2. Anytime Donald is in his helicopter and on his phone talking to someone. Seriously, there's no way that's legit. The conversation is always like, "Okay, I'll be right there. I'm just in my luxurious helicopter right now."
3. Donald shakes Sam's hand. Sam nearly has a meltdown. Donald simply walks away.
4. Donald Trump meets Jessica Simpson in a glorious clash of the celebrities. It's surprisingly boring. But the part where he's waiting to meet her is awesome. "Time is money Kwame!"
5. =with a bullet= Omarosa runs in to the boardroom while Donald and his cohorts are in deliberation crying about her "concussion." Donald waves his hands and says, "we all . . . have problems." Brilliant!

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