Thursday, January 29

Top 5 Muscles that are Feeling So Good Because I'm not Working out with Zenon

1. Triceps - They're feeling tri-relaxed right now.

2. Quads - I don't know where these are, but I just don't need to know!

3. Gluteus Maximus - Feels good to the maximus.

4. Shoulder Muscles, Maybe my Deltoid? - I think the Deltoid is actually a mint, or maybe a computer part. But rest assured my shoulder muscles feel rested and assured.

5. Lower back - I agree that dead lifts should not be excercises. The lifting of the dead is best left to morticians. I stay away from such excercises, thus preserving my lower back.

thus preserving your lower back as well as your Nazarite vows!
I heard Zenon likes to pluck hairs from baby kittens for fun and then make them knit coats out of their own fur. Which seems to be in keeping with his tendency to torture people. ie. You.
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