Friday, January 2

Top 5 Moments of Stopfiveathon Number 2 - An initial Reaction

1. The pickles.
2. Bryan gets a name for his child.
3. Moey Posts more in 1 hour than she has in the history of stopfive. Way to go Moe!
4. "Soy you think you can dance!"
5. Dan knows too much about my freckles.

Honourable Mentions (Because there's sooo much goodness here):
- There are 5 better leaders than Barack Obama, and potentially 5 worse than Bush
- Geoff may not be missing after all
- Holly sneaks one in at the last minute
- Also, I think at least one of Josh's predictions may be true

I wish I had brought my A game. I kind of feel like this was more F game than anything else.
I do think another one is in order soon. Especially so that 4 of us don't have to share 2 computers
Lets do it again next week, I had prepared a bunch and didnt get to use my computer
I could go for that. Bryan you pick a day and time.
ohh... okay. Saturday next week at 730
actually I cant make that anymore, how bout Friday or maybe sunday
Friday works better for me I think. Since I pretty much sit at home playing scrabble on a Friday night anyways. Wheeeee!
friday night. i'm in
YESSS!!! I can do friday night! You guys, that was phenomenal. I look forward to joining in the next round.
I am also looking forward to it, and Moey - I am not impressed with your choice of xayide for a name for my girl.

Growls all around, She is terrible thus far, and with only 40 pages left to redeeem herself.

Top 5 worst recomendations
1. Xayide for a girls name
2. the Rundown for a movie choice

you will have to make it on Friday to find out
oh and xayide's story didnt go like you said it did in my book, so that was a nice surprise, thanks
no problem. and i mostly like the name, and think it can be redeemed. sorry it didn't pan out as a recommended name (i stand behind the others a bit stronger - i just like to bring up interesting things).

and the rundown was a terrible recommendation. we might be even now.
hehe, I kind of like the idea of redeeming names

like Lucifer

thats a nice name in principle right?
oops that was bryan
What's with all the Rundown hating? You guys are crazy. It has the Rock in it, hitting people. But most importantly, Christopher Walken is the villain. Come on!

Wait. This calls for a Top 5 post...
Didn't somebody recommend Hidalgo once?
haha, me again

and before I had ever seen it, this was mostly a joke, but a fun one none the less,

I am not sure there was ever a worse fallowup in a career than LOR to that... oops
I seem to recall Hidalgo not being a joke. I mean it is a joke, because it was terrible, but I remember seeing someone liking it. I would have said it was Bryan, but in hindsight, it very well could have been Conci. I am also with Kyle on liking the Rundown. Was it a great movie? No. Was it fun and entertaining? Yes.
I also just noticed that on Dan's Top5 Books he got for Christmas, he got a signed Packer book, to which the Bible nerd in me suffered a twang of jealousy (I am commenting here, because this is apparently the post that all the comments are going to frequent).
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