Friday, January 9

Top 5 Most Deadly Animals in Film

1. The Crazy Spitting Dinosaur in Jurassic Park
2. The Sharks from Deep Blue Sea
3. The Jellyfish in 7 Pounds
4. The Squid in Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
5. The Lions in The Ghost in the Darkness

7 Pounds deeply saddened me.
...deeply saddened you because it was sad, or because you were disappointed?

Also, I would add Professor Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective."
Runner up is that Alien from Alien, the movie. What an animal that Alien was, sheesh.
it saddened me because it was sad. too sad, i'd argue.
Yeah, I'd agree with Moey. I haven't even seen 7 pounds and it makes me sad.
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