Friday, January 2

Top 5 Colossal Failures 2008:

1. A day of work at Purolator
2. The Happening: We came out of the movie thinking M. Night was a genius creating such a great B movie, however, every time I see Mr. Shamalamadingdong speak about this movie, he seems to believe he has created a much maligned masterpiece. Poor, poor delusional man.
3. Sean Avery.
4. Guns and Roses. Buckethead? Seriously?
5. Denver Broncos. The only team to be 1st place in their division for every week of the regular season, then failed to make the playoffs.

Number 2 makes me laugh and cry. What a poor, poor delusional man indeed.
Man, now that Simpsons episode where the guy buys the Denver Broncos for Homer is relevant again. Yeah!
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