Friday, January 2

Top 5 Thoughts in Dan Kang's Head right now

1. This banana split is delicious.
2. Dan Donkers is by far my favourite Donkers.
3. I wish I could be a drummer like Dan Donkers.
4. Yeah, that would be great, I'd be the best drummer ever . . . even better than Dan Donkers.
5. No, wait, that will never happen. I guess I'll just try to be his friend. I hope he likes me. He's my favourite Donkers.

Did you prepare a banana Split before the stopfiveathon or did your wife make if for you

Both are awesome
hehe...we all are bananna splits together. but i did prepare it for him - Dan Kang that is...I lost track of who you were talking about.
oh you guys are all together for this? Like live together?
Yep, we were
oh, oops...this is Sara-Lynn logged into Rivers
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