Friday, January 2

Top 5 Signs in Surrey

1. Saab's Meat shop and Video Store
2. Benny's Liquor Store ad Pets: I assume the pet store is separate from the liquor store, however, the sign for the liquor store is the same as the pet store
3. Top Gun Custom Boring: Obviously a high calibre school custom borers. These are the guys we are sending into space to blow up an asteroid.
4. McFrugals
5. The Romance Store: We Buy and Sell. My question is, who is really in the market for used romance?

Man, you really do see all the crazy things in Surrey. Those are amazing. Number 1 is my favourite. Nothing beats an evening of romantic comedies and a slab of salami...
I want to stop in one day. It is on Fraser Highway and I think 150th.
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