Friday, January 9

Top 5 Ways I would Change the Hospitals in Canada Right Now

1. Single Rooms, with Private Bathrooms. 6000 people died in Canada from Infection born in the hospital. This needs to be dealt with. Seriously, seems like a bigger issue than terroists right. This would be a great time to do it too. 35000 jobs lost last month, mostly construction, it makes sense for the government to invest in infestructure, and this one will pay for itself it less hostpital bills.
2. Each Hospital hires its own set of farmers, spread them out around the hospital, invest in land even. This is a good time to buy land, and it makes sense that the one area of Canada that is pretty socailist should just go fully sociallist.
3. ORGANIC GOOD QUALITY HEALTHY FOOD. Honestly why do you eat the worst in the hospital and in school. These are the places you should eat the best. THese are the places that you should learn how you should eat. Perhaps if the hospitals instituted raw food it wouldnt have to medicate so much, and people would leave the hospital way sooner.
4. More Staff
5. Free Parking - No one should have to pay to visit a friend in the hospital, or if they themselves are sick

I agree with most of these. You should know that the new Abbotsford hospital (from the parts I've seen) has all private rooms. That is definitely the direction new hospitals are going.
its sooo important.

Thats great

I hadnt actually heard any were taking it up. But wow, that number really shocked me. And we had an infection just because of the hospital last year, so it touched home.
bryan, not Zoe
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