Sunday, January 11

Top 5 Places Abbotsford does not have but Kelowna does

1. Nature's Fare
2. Toys R Us (I was looking for a game and drove all around town not finding anything!)
3. Bean Scene, or any great coffee joint
4. Quality Greens - So far most of the fruit and vegetable markets I have found have not been that great, though there are still many more to try so wish me luck!
5. *With a bullet* The Guest House Inn

There is a place on George Ferguson that has quality greens. I don't remember the name, but the sign has a rabbit on it.
i heart Nature's Fare
Aren't there like 6.3 coffee shops for every person in Abbotsford? There *must* be a good one somewhere...
I was always a fan of EA.
The Little Green Apple Across from the Mad Butcher on South Fraser Way just down the street from White Spot has vegetables and such...
Nothing in abbotsford in terms of coffee is actually good.

EA seems to be the best, and even that is sub par when compared to JJ bean or the bean scene, or Artigano.

I am so fed up, i feel like starting my own place again!
I agree with Rivers. And a lot of places have vegetables and such...but nothing I have found so far is as much "quality" and nice as Quality Greens, or Nature's Fare for that matter.
If you ever find yourself in Langley and looking for a nice little coffee place, I suggest the Shaky Monkey.
we have 3 pretty good coffee shops
and 3 grocery stores that are good

so if you want to ake a road trip???
EA has changed ownership about 5 times, and now plays pop radio stations.

i give two thumbs down.
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