Friday, January 9

Top 5 Sports Highlights of 2008

1. Usain Bolt wins the 100 meter sprit, in record time, with very little effort. I honestly loved this race, I loved hearing about it on the radio, watching it, and all the debate about it that ensued.
2. The Men’s Wimbledon Final - amazing match, probably the best ever. Seriously, watch it, you will start to think you like tennis.
3. Tiger Woods wins the US Open despite a crazy injury. He limped around and used his clubs as a cane.
4. Usain Bolt wins the 200 meter in record time. He ran this one, and well he destroyed another record. I especially liked that it was Michael Johnson’s Record. I Hope he goes for the Trifecta, 100, 200, 400 next time around.
5. Michael Phelps 100 meter fly win. This was the race where he was a good 2 feet back with less than a body length to go, and yet with a last big push he won. I watched the race alot, and found it hard to believe he won. SI broke down each frame of the high speed camera, it blew my mind. I loved this race, if it had been his last race to beat the record, it would be the greatest moment in Olympic History, but because it was his 7th its kinda lost in the Hoopla.

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