Wednesday, January 21

Top 5 Midnight Snacks

1. Nachos
2. Bowl of cereal
3. Crackers and cheese
4. Chinese food
5. Fresh made chocolate chip cookies

I love nachos as a late night snack, except that they proceed to give me heartburn.
it's best if you mix them all together in one big bowl.
FRESH MADE chocolate chips! How extravagant...
The neighbours.

Ah. Ahem...
I think Kyle is suggesting you come over and visit. And bring cookies. But mostly come over and visit.
if Dan plans on reaching his goals... all these foods are off his list!!! ;)

haha, you guys are funny.
actually, though, the fresh made chocolate chip cookies at midnight DID happen at some of you guys' place... it was a long day of credential work when Dan and I were up till midnight and decided that we should fill up the George Ferguson house with the wafts of fresh cookies. anyone remember that? one of you gave up your bed for me to sleep on... that I do remember.
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