Friday, November 30

Top 5 Things That I Thought While My Car Was Upside-Down and Airborne On the Highway Tuesday Afternoon

5. RIGHT! I drive safely all the way through Manning Park in the snow only to lose it in the 4-lane outside of Keremeos? C'MON!
4. Isn't it ironic that I stayed in Abbotsford last night because it was snowing and I didn't want to get into an accident on my way home? Yes, isn't it a little bit ironic, don't you think? Just a little bit toooo ironic?
3. Has the car stopped??? I think maybe the car stopped moving...Whewwww! No wait, the car has not stopped, 'cause I can see upside down trees moving backwards outside the windshield. Ooooooh this is gonna hurt.
2. Please, God, keep me safe.
1. Ouch, Ouch, Ooh, Ouch, Son of a B*%#ch, Oweee.

Thursday, November 29

Top 5 Dreams I've had (That I remember)

1. The little bus that would come and pick me up and take me over the rainbow to chocolate land. This was a semi-recurring dream I had during childhood. Fantastic.

2. The dream where I was flying over this lake. For some reason I had to visit this wizard at some point to keep my flying abilities or something.

3. The one where I got shot in the stomach. It was a weirdly tense and strange dream, because I kept waiting to die, but I never actually did.

4. The gold nintendo dream. I had this one when I was a kid as well. I came home and the whole house had been turned to gold. I ran in and went right upstairs to check, and sure enough, the nintendo had been turned to gold. I remember yelling something like "The nintendo's gold!"

5. The dream I had last night. I was out in some northern BC coastal town, and I was on this boat taking a harbour tour. Except the habour was totally packed with killer whales doing all kinds of killer whale things. We could barely manouever because there were so many. Then I was fishing at this dock in the town. I managed to catch this little red snapper, then I used the snapper to try to catch bigger fish. I remember looking into the water and seeing this massive sea horse (like the size of a sturgeon). Crazy!

Tuesday, November 13

Top 5 Things You Actually Missed At The Donkers' Wedding

1. The return (I'm going to assume from the grave...or Coquitlam...same thing actually...) of the elusive Vlackvood.
2. Dan playing videogames at the reception (I think he let Tara win, but I'm not sure. Dan doesn't like losing. Or winning by a close margin.)
3. Justin Reimer performing the wedding like a champ.
4. Gordo and Monte.
5. Mr. and Mrs. (Anne and Anton) Donkers dancing to the song Maneater. Seriously, I never thought I would see that. Never in a million years.

Monday, November 12

Top 5 Things Holly, Geoff, and I Missed At The Donker's Wedding

1. The first ever all-nude PAOC-endorsed wedding.
2. Dan and Tara saying their vows in iambic pentameter.
3. A live performance of “It Had to Be You” by Harry Connick Jr.
4. Instead of the traditional releasing of white doves, they went with a much different (and much cheaper) alternative: crows.
5. Seven hours of reckless (and shameless) saké overconsumption.

Top 5 things I missed at Donkers' wedding


I don't know, somebody fill me in!

Sunday, November 4

Top 5 Things To Never Buy Again

1. Styrofoam and plastic dishes and utensils - they are non-biodegradable and unnecessary. Use your own mug, utensils, food containers, etc. I make this pledge as of today: I will always carry my own fork and mug/ water bottle to avoid using disposable ones.
2. Over packaged foods - one third of what goes in the garbage is packaging. This is a complete waste of resources. Buy in Bulk. Buy things with less packaging. Bring your own shopping bag with you.
3. Toys made with PVC - Chemicals used to make PVC are know carcinogens, dangerous additives are often used, and PVC is the least recycled plastic. Use toys made with natural materials and tell manufacturers to stop using PVC.
4. Hardwood products - 27 million acres of tropical rainforest are being destroyed every year. Use products that are made from sustainably harvest timber, salvaged wood, or wood alternatives (bamboo, cork, etc).
5. Toxic cleaning products and chemical pesticides - they poison our land and groundwater, and contribute to overall poor health. Use biodegradable non-toxic cleaners and organic pest control means.

Bonus: Don't use higher octane gas than you need. The higher the octane, the more hazardous the pollutants. Drive less, drive a smaller car, and use lower octane fuel.

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