Tuesday, October 31

Top 5 Halloween Songs

1. Thriller - Michael Jackson
2. I put a spell on you - screaming Jay Hawkings
3. The Devil went down to Georgia - the Charlie Daniels Band
4. This is Halloween - The nightmare before Christmas
5. = With a bullet = Monster Mash

Notable acceptions: anything from the edwaqrd sissorhand soundtrack and that little red riding hood song

Happy Halloween

Top 5 Ways to Pronounce Adidas

1. Adidas
2. Adidas
3. Adidas
4. Adidas
5. Adidas

you must say them out loud to understand, and maybe be in Europe

Monday, October 30

Top 5 Burns Lake Reactions (as a community) to the 4 Feet of snow that fell in 30 Hours

yep. four feet of snow.

1. Closed town on Saturday. The highways were closed anyway, and some of the power was out, including the gas stations. So, town closed.
2. Closed the schools on Monday. Many roads were still not plowed, plus a couple of the schools didn't have power, so buses didn't run and kids were encouraged to NOT go to school.
3. The Hockey arena closed. A Very Big Deal. All the snow clearing equipment was allotted elsewhere, so the parking lot, including emergency exits, couldn't be cleared. A tournament may not take place this coming weekend.
4. Everyone pitched in. Guys with plows on their trucks were clearing highways, people were bringing their neighbours loads of firewood, I personally received about 14 phone calls making sure I was OK and checking if I needed anything. The community spirit was heartwarmingly overwhelming.
5. =with a pretty darn big bullet= The Village of Burns Lake has cancelled Halloween. They just don't want people to be on the roads if the don't need to be, especiallly kids walking on streets where the snow piles are about twice the height of them. The Avenues just aren't safe, so Burns Lake has cancelled Halloween. Hilariously Awesome.

STop5 "Arrested Development" T-Shirts

Inspired by Kyle's post, though not quite as original.






Top 5 Songs Men Are Ashamed to Say They Love

1. I want to dance with somebody - Geoff Heath
2. I think we're alone now - Bryan Dubien
3. The entire soundtrack of Grease - Andrew Blackwood
4. I'm Bringing sexy back - Josh Otto
5. The Power of Love - Kyle Stewart

With a bullet - Strait up - Rob Conci

Saturday, October 28

Top 5 Motivational Posters

Friday, October 27

Top 5 Things that you never want to hear on a play by play or colour commentary, but you probably will

1. "The tight end is getting some heavy penetration in the end zone."
2. "The defence has moved into a man on man formation."
3. "Sometimes you just have to score ugly."
4. "He definitley got some wood in the mouth that time."
5. "He's just molesting that guy out there."

Thursday, October 26

Top Five "WTF"'s This School Year

5. Theres cute freshmen?
4. Dan has a girlfriend?
2. Dubien is in in Ireland?
1. Im still re-donkulously good looking

Monday, October 23

Top Five Terrifying Things About Ireland

1. Drinking alone - wow... its intense to walk into a pub, to order a pint, to drink the pint. but you have to drink guiness in Ireland. And I run out of things to do around 7pm.
2. Talking to cute girls - hehe this is scary eveywhere. I have mustered two conversations thus far. (where are you from - in hostels and where is ___________ - to just about anyone, cause i need help with directions constantly. oddly enough the irish don't believe in streat names)
3. Sleeping on a national treasure (one giant's causeway) - I know I wasn't supposed to but it was so beautiful, and well yeah. I had a crazy nightmare of the Irish deporting me, because of disrespecting their beautiful nature.)
4. That one will lose their passport or wallet. I don't know if this is true of everyone but I have a rediculous paranoia of losing this stuff.
5. The exchange rate of pounds to dollars - bah

Rob - come drink guiness with me

Top 5 Moments of Rage

1. Yukon Airport Security Guy - "I'm sorry sir, you can't take this drum tuning key on to the plane
Dan - "Are you serious? It's attached to my keychain."
YAS - "We can't allow any tools on the plane."
Dan - "But . . . no for real, it's not a tool. It's a key. For drums."
YAS - "I'm sorry. We can mail it to you if you like"
Dan - "Aarrrggghh"

2. (Sound of vacuum above my bedroom at 7:00 AM)
Dan's brain - "What is that? Is that a vacuum? Seriously, they're vacuuming at 7 in the morning. What is this place? Aarrrggghh!"

3. Regina Airport Security Guy - "Can I just check your backpack?"
Dan - "Sure."
RAS - "Sir, you know you can't take any liquids on the plane right?"
Dan - What? No, I didn't know that."
RAS - "I'm afraid I have to confiscate your toothpaste, hair gel, and shaving cream."
Dan - "What?? Come on! Can't you just open them up or something. I'll even eat the toothpaste to prove it's not explosive!"
RAS - "I'm sorry sir, I can't let you take these."
Dan - "Aarrrggghh!!"

4. Dan - "I want to put a Led Zeppelin song on the new mix cd I'm making. I wonder if ITunes has any"
Led Zeppelin - "Screw you ITunes! We don't give our music up to anyone! We laugh in the face of your 'digital revolution'!"
Dan - "Aarrrggghh!!!"

5. Dan - "I think I'll drive my car to church this morning. Lalala, what a lovely day."
Ruby (Dan's car) - "Wow! Is it just me, or is it really hot out here. Seriously, I'm sooooo hot!!"
Dan - "Hmm, that's odd. The temperature gage seems to be rising quite rapidly."
Ruby - "Okay, I think I've definitely got a fever or something. Are you hot? 'Cause it's crazy hot out here. Can we go home?"
Dan - (pulling over to the side of the road to turn around) "Aarrrggghh!!!!"

Friday, October 20

Top 5 Usable Speeds on my 21 speed Bike

1. 8
2. 9
3. 10
4. 11
5. 12

You can try using 13 and 14, but it's your funeral.

Top 5 Reasons Stop Five Records Deserves mention on the "Blogs of Note" Feature (Vol. 3 I think))

1. Our coverage of world events is unbeatable. MSNBC has been calling our founder Mr. Dubien for weeks now. Unfortunately they've got an old number, so they haven't connected.
2. Insightful reviews and commentary on the music you listen to, and the movies you love.
3. The symmetry of a list of five is beautiful. I usually like mine to have a build and wind down style. Hence this item is the best of this post. You can pretty much stop reading right here.
4. Angry tirades and calls to social justice.
5. Dan Kang promised to give me 100 bucks if we made it on the blogs of note feature.

Wednesday, October 18

Top 5 Misspellings Seen or Heard Recently

1. "Commuter students, we need your brians for a trivia contest"
2. "The resluts were alarming"
3. "The Palms reflect both Chris and Stan" (The Psalms reflect both Christ and Satan)
4. "The disciples talked amongst themselves, asking 'who then is thin'"
5. =with a classic bullet="One of the best ways to get around Vancouver is pubic transportation"

Monday, October 16

Top 5 Neutrals

1. Off-White
2. Autumn brown
3. Switzerland
4. Downhill in a VW camper van
5. The United Nations

Thursday, October 12

Top 5 Current Favourite Threadless.com T-Shirts

The worst part is that they're in the States, so shipping and taxes are horrible. But man, they get some cool/funny designs...

5. Haikus Are Easy, but…

4. Robot Dance Contest

3. Cowboys and Indians

2. The Communist Party

1. What Would MacGyver Do?

BONUS: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
(Woohoo! Mine's in the mail, baby.)

Top five people who I am conviced, are superhero's...

1) Bob Saget
2) Chuck Norris
3) Will Ferrell
4) David Hasselhoff
5) Weird Al

Extra: My Dad!

Wednesday, October 11

Top5 Things I Want To Do When I Fly East in the Spring

5. Tour the Parliament buildings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa with Marshall, with maybe a special trip into the House of Commons to unceremoniously touch the ceremonial mace in front of the Speaker's chair when nobody's around.
4. Maybe catch a concert at the National Arts Centre, and walk or skate the Rideau through Ottawa depending on the weather. I don't really have anything specific to put here.
3. Go to a Blue Jays game with Bryan. It's been a while since I was at the 'Dome. Or hung out with the Dube'.
2. Visit Metropolitan United Church on Queen street in downtown Toronto. Not only do they have the largest organ in Canada (a 76-year old Casavant with 500 miles of wire and 121 ranks of 7840 pipes) but this really cool bell instrument called a Carillon. It consists of 54 bells arrayed in a tower, all controlled by a pedal and key console also housed in the tower just underneath the bells. Apparently to play it you must pound the large keys with your fists while stomping on the great pedals with your feet. There are only a handful of Carillon players in Canada but one of them practices on Metropolitan's Carillon every weekday at lunch hour. I have got to hear this thing.
1. Go to Canada's Wonderlan---wait, I always throw up when I go here. Never mind, I'll go visit my cousins in Oakland instead.

Top 5 Inventions that are Guaranteed to Exist 20 Years from Now

This post comes with my personal guarantee. If I am wrong, I'll give all of you 10 future dollars each.

1. Hovercars. There are commercials already suggesting this idea (Anyone seen the new GMC 160 000 km warranty commercial?)
2. Food pills. No more eating real food for me thank you. I'm a busy future man, and I need my fast paced future nourishment pills.
3. Hugbots. These are robots whose sole purpose is to hug people. They won't take off right away. The inventors will have to figure out how to make them not so hard and sharp edged. And sometimes they hug eachother and get welded together because they overheat. Trust me, once the bugs are worked out, humanity will never look back.
4. Hoverhouses. Like hovercars, only bigger and slower. Just make sure you lower the stairdeck before you walk out the front door.
5. Robodogs. Dogs that are robots. They're faster and have a way better sense of smell. However, their value as pets may lose a little in translation.

Top 5 "Thank You"s

1. Silence
2. Clarity
3. Terror
4. Consequence
5. Disillusionment

How about me enjoying the moment for once?

Tuesday, October 10

Dan Kang's Top 5 Favourite Authors

1. Danielle Steele
2. Francine Rivers
3. Oprah. I keep telling him that having your own magazine doesn't make you an author. He doesn't believe me.
4. Dr. Phil
5. Rick Warren

Sunday, October 8

Top5 Games for Nintendo's Wii

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I can hardly sit still, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...

5. WarioWare: Smooth Moves. I've never heard of this or played it before, but it's on the Wii, and apparently that makes it an hilarious party game. I'm fully willing to believe it.
4. Red Steel. This game follows some kind of story arc about the Yakuza, the Japanese "mafia". With the sweet motion-sensitive controller the Wii uses, you actually get to fight as if your controller is a SAMURAI SWORD! YEAH! And you can use your controller like a gun, pointing it and moving it around. You can even lob friggin' grenades with your controller hand. Boo-yah! This game is supposed to be amazing.
3. Madden '07. So the 360 version blows chunks, and the other current generation versions are all right, but in EA's port to the Wii, YOU GET TO FREAKIN' THROW THE FREAKIN' BALL YOURSELF!!!!! AND KICK IT! AND TACKLE!
2. Excite Truck. Remember ExciteBike? Yeah! Only in 3D! Oh, and turn your motion-sensitive control stick sideways and tilt left and right to use it as a steering wheel!!! Holy crap! This is gonna be awesome!!!!!
1. Twilight Princess. As if we needed an excuse to instantly love the new Zelda game...but here's one: the guys at Nintendo think it's the best Legend of Zelda they've every made! And you can swing Link's sword and shield, aim and shoot his bow and arrow, and even GO FISHING (with real fishing arm action)!!!! I'll tell ya, I've never played a Zelda game all the way through, but I'm damn well gonna play this one!

Okay, so those are some of the titles coming out. Here are others that are so exciting I have to pee:
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy, Bust A Move: Revolution, Call of Duty 3, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Need for Speed: Carbon, Prince of Persia, Open Season, Sonic and the Secret Rings, SSX, Tiger Woods: PGA Tour, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, World Series of Poker.

Oh, and one other cool thing about the Wii: it's backwards compatible with every generation of Nintendo game ever made, PLUS the Sega Genesis. All you need is the internet. Oh Yeah.

Saturday, October 7

Top 5 Champions

1. Rocky
2. Optimus Prime
3. Alexander the Great
4. The '67 Leafs
5. The crew of the Apollo 13

Top 5 Things About the Upcoming Film "300"

5. At many points throughout the movie, battle is joined in a chaotic, bloody pukefest of gore and violence.
4. The movie is itself the story of 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas of Sparta who had to hold the mountain pass of Thermopylae against a raging horde of a million Persians commanded by King Xerxes, but just long enough to allow the main Greek forces to escape, regroup and make a stand on more favourable ground. These few Spartans chose certain death and changed the course of Greek history. Their story is, according to Wikipedia, a timeless "symbol of courage against extremely overwhelming odds." It stirs my heart.
3. Chaotic...Bloody...Pukefest...Of...Gore!!!
2. If my previous points haven't made you keen on seeing the film, then this should: "300" is being made by Frank Miller and is the film version of a graphic novel he wrote about the battle at Thermopylae (I can almost hear the grudging respect in your faces). If you're still being intransigent then you need to go watch Miller's "Sin City". Do it. Now.
1. Battle...Is...Joined!!! (inabloodypukefestofgoreandviolence)

Here's the trailer. It will blow your mind. I can't believe you still need convincing.
300 The Movie

Top 5 Things I've Learned At Work These Last 14 Weeks

5. If you don't come in on your day off just to hang out, then you're a loser.
4. If you're not fresh, you're not Starbucks. This is equally applicable to both products and partners. Freshen up, Partners!...You know who you are!
3. Managers love watching overnight security tapes for their jollies more than Survivor or even Laguna Beach: "Oh God, it fell on the floor! Nobody saw that, right? It's just a little slimy, it's still good, it's still good! No one will know..."
2. Hookers are the new Supermodels. Adjust your expectations accordingly...try not to be too judgmental of those cadaverously skinny preteen girls. Stop laughing. Now stop crying.
1. Nine PM to five AM is the new nine to five. I know what you're thinking Stewart, but no, genetic engineering is not the new nine to five after all. Nine to five is. And I like it just fine...I'm not tired or mad at the sun at all.

Wednesday, October 4

Top 5 Unique Features of Fort Langley Night Life

1. Someone is always shooting a movie somewhere.
2. Karaoke. Men like to sing Abba.
3. Old people walking everywhere. Usually with dogs.
4. Ferry traffic.
5. Wendel's books will let you use their washroom.

Tuesday, October 3

Top 5 Arrested Development Trivia

Preface: Ok, I realize I'm really late jumping on the bandwagon here, but I just finished watching all three seasons of Arrested Development, and I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard and so often, to the point of tears (or loss of other bodily liquids). This show is so funny it's almost painful. I try explaining to people why it's so funny, but it's impossible if you haven't watched it. I really hate to use the word "genius", because it's so overused, but this show is, without a doubt, comedy genius (or at least comedy with a relatively high IQ).

So here are five pieces of Arrested Development trivia I just read (and I'm quoting them all) that
I found interesting:

1. Amy Poehler who guest stars on a number of episodes as GOB's wife is in fact really married to the actor who plays GOB (Will Arnett) in real life.

In the episode "The Ocean Walker", Tony Hale (Buster) dances and mimes to the song “Mr. Roboto”, in a reference to his prior role in the 1999 Volkswagen commercial.

Tobias' "Nevernude" condition is a real psychological affliction known as gymnophobia, the fear of nude bodies.

Jason Bateman's sister Justine guest-starred on one third season episode titled "Family Ties", a reference to Justine's popular 1980s sitcom and to her relation to Arrested Development star Jason. Jason Bateman had long lobbied producer Mitch Hurwitz to cast Justine in a guest role on the show, but Jason had originally wanted her to come on to play his character's love interest.

David Cross (Tobias) improvises a large percentage of his character's dialog.

Bonus: Tony Hale (Buster)
met his future wife Martel at a Bible study group in New York.

Epilogue: If you need another good reason to watch the show, Super Dave shows up in one episode. And if that isn't reason enough, I don't know what is.

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