Friday, January 9

Top 5 Things I am Trying to Do In the Natural Holistic Lifestyle Genre

1. Eating More Raw Food - We sprout, but I think we are gonna get one of those 3 level try systems and sprout hardcore, maybe a few different types. We are looking into dehydraters and yeah.
2. umm... My wife is going to Breast Feed our little baby - its a big thing, and I thought it would go without saying, but actually more and more people I find don't do it.
3. Gardening - I am definitely already excited about this years gardening adventure. We will see how it goes. I think it will go well, I know some farmers now, and I think they will help me.
4. Natural Childbirth - really isn't the standard that it used to be. But I think it is a pretty big thing for a woman to go through, and its worth every bit of the struggle.
5. The 4 agreements - Be impeccable with your word, don't take things personally, don't make assumptions, always do your best.

Do you know that I saw this show on Global TV where a doctor was representing the medical community on the fact that it is a woman's choice as to how she wants to give birth? She was saying that doctors won't recommend natural childbirth over c-section anymore. Basically, they now see it like cosmetic surgery...when a woman is having a baby she has the right to decide how she wants it to affect her body and can choose not to have a natural childbirth even if there are no complications expected....simply because it is her choice how the baby affects her body. Kinda shocked me quite a bit.
yeah, its this crazy trend towards the ease of Doctor's schedule too

c-section = 20 min in and out surgery that can be scheduled, nothing like birth
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