Wednesday, March 28

Top 5 Resons for Being Stewart's Nemesis

1. I decided that too many people like him (me included). What if he goes through life never feeling the sting of rejection? It was a definite possibility before I came along
2. He and I are probably the geekiest when it comes to obsessive internet communitcation. (This of course excludes World of Warcraft, which I don't think really counts as communication - maybe anti-communication - and is geekier than the both of us put together).
3. I like a challenge. It will be difficult to bash most of his clever comments and posts. However, I have faith I will succeed.
4. He wears a cape and mask - that's just asking for an arch nemesis right there.
5. With a bullet... I was bored and considered becoming his enemy. Then I told him on facebook (see how geeky we are with the communication?). Then he did that genius nemesis post and now I can't back out of it!

I realize this post might seem like back handed compliments towards the Stewart. But its all part of my evil plan....

Tuesday, March 27

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Stop 5 Nemesis

1. Means someone is thinking of you. Even if they do happen to be plotting your demise.
2. Free baked goods. Poisoned, yes. But they’re free (and baked) nonetheless.
3. Potential for movie/TV/book deal (depending on the quality of nemesisism).
4. Helps to sharpen your skills and keep you on your toes (think Inspector Clouseau and Cato).
5. Justifies wearing a mask and cape when writing Top 5’s.

Monday, March 26

Top5 Videos On YouTube Right Now

5. Large Vancouver policeman beating down drunk Vancouver fireman.

4. Baby sloths.

3. Ben Kweller's grandma in his music video for "Penny on the Train Track".

2. Three-toed sloth crossing a road. I do like the sloths.

1. An octopus eating a shark.

Top 5 Women That I Realised Today My Have Influenced My Taste in Women

1. Mary Poppins
2. Maria Van Trappe
3. Sorsha
4. Sarah
5. Josie McClellan

This is actually quite liberating to realise there is rhyme to my reasons.

Monday, March 19

Top 5 Things That Make me Happy

1. The visibly aparent moments independant intelligent powerfully caring girls are entirely shy
2. a sudden smile
3. communicating without words
4. going the extra mile
5. hope

and any sort of kiss that involves longing

Top 5 Things that make me Happy

1. The fiancee
2. Drumming on a live CD
3. Summer travels (especially camps)
4. Steak - good medium rare steak
5. Sleeping in after a busy weekend

Sunday, March 18

Top 5 Great Things About the Breakfast we Stumbled Upon This Morning

1. We were not allowed to come in for breakfast because Sunday Brunch was about to be served. Who can turn down Sunday Brunch?
2. Freshly squeezed oranged juice and Mighty Leaf tea to start.
3. The view overlooking the lake.
4. The most decadent meal composed of fresh fruit, cheese, pickles, cooked vegetables, seafood (prawns, salmon,etc.), lunch entree meals (pasta and rice - I couldn't think of breakfast at the time), bacon and sausage, yogurt and granola, eggs benedict, pancakes, french toast, a roasted meat of some sort, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, croissants and bread galore, freshly made crepes, and omlettes made on the spot specifically to your request. Gourmet buffet style. As much as you could eat!
5. The dessert bar as a part of breakfast - chocolate dipped cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, assorted squares and chocolates, fruit parfait and everything topped off with a champagne flute full of chocolate mousse.

Moey and I definitely felt like we WERE Marie Antoinette for the day. What a pleasant surprise.

Saturday, March 17

Top 5 Things That make Me Happy


Get back to me in 6 weeks.

Top 5 List of Some Things That Make Me Happy

(I'm a fairly happy person, so this list is, in no way, exhaustive)
1. My husband coming back from a trip
2. Smelling pretty
3. A cup of tea
4. The city of Victoria, especially in spring
5. Breakfast

Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Planned trips to see friends living in beautiful places
2. My family (particularly niece and nephew)
3. Living in a small city where businesses have signs on their door like "No dirty or oily boots"
4. Being in school for something that I love
5. Men with tatoos and beards

Friday, March 16

Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy

1. My Wife.
2. The Ocean.
3. The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible.
4. The smell of Cinnamon Buns
5. Gusto Americanos from the Bean Scene

Wednesday, March 14

Top five things that make me happy - Jenn's edition

1) My Polish Suitor
2) Anything Sushi
3) Sunny, but cool days
4) Laughing with my mom again
5) Looking ahead

Tuesday, March 13

Top5 Things That Make Me Happy And That Made 300 An Entertaining Movie

5. Slow motion. There's nothing like a good slow-motion sequence to get the ol' heart pumping, especially during those boring moments at work or in the middle of exams.
4. Brutal war carnage. I can't really explain this; either you get it or you don't.
3. Hypothermic, semi-naked pre-teens killing vicious wolves with a stick.
2. Oliphants. Oh how I love oliphants.
1. Two-hour running times.

Monday, March 12

Top 5 Reasons Why 300 Was An Entertaining Movie

1. Beards. Lots of beards.
2. Quasimodo left the bell tower and become a traitor (I'd like to see that in a Disney animation).
3. An impressive true story (I use the term 'true' loosely, mind you--but the basic plot was right).
4. Just the right amount of dry humour (specifically, the apple scene, and something about being civilized).
5. They got to say lots of neat things that people couldn't possibly say so cool in real life.

Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Sparkles
2. Unexpected phone calls
3. Walking by the water on a windy day
4. Cinnamon
5. Art Galleries

Sunday, March 11

Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy

(Or, more accurately, “5 Out of Many Things That Make Me Happy”)

1. New socks.
2. Coffee.
3. Girl’s perfume.
4. Hair cuts.
5. Paper. (Yes, paper.)

Let’s keep this cliché post alive—tell us your five.

Saturday, March 3

Top 5 Most Overrated Fruits

1. Tomatoes
2. Blueberries
3. Blackberries
4. Avocados
5. Bryan

Thursday, March 1

Top 5 Website Discoveries for the Week

1. - Convert & Download Flash Movies (YouTube, etc.)
2. Christopher Walken For President: 2008 - What else is there to say? The obvious choice.
3. PeekVid – A collection of completely illegal TV shows, movies, and other things on the net. I just finished watching seasons 3 and 4 of 24…online. Good times.
4. Pandora - A cool website by "The Music Genome Project". It's pretty neat. Tell them a band/song you like, they'll give you some similar music you might like too (that you can listen to). Great for finding new stuff.
5. Virtual Religion Index - Tons of cataloged and well organized sites about pretty much anything to do with religion (not specifically Christianity, mind you). Worth looking at.

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