Thursday, August 31

Top 5 Things About Coming to Abby

1. We are coming to Abby
2. We are coming to Abby on the 10th or 11th
3. We are staying in Abby until the 16th
4. I do not know yet where we are staying
5. It is going to be the best kick-ass visit ever...oh, I am excited.

(Basically, I just wanted to let you know that we're coming...that's all)

Top 5 Movies I'm Excited to See

1. The Last King of Scotland - It looks friggin Intense and it's historical. From the preview, Forrest Whittaker looks surprisingly convincing in his role.

2. Little Miss Sunshine - I just watched it last night. This movie is absolutely brilliant! When Sara-Lynn and I come down to abbotsford and any of you haven't seen it, we'll totally go watch it again. Steve Carrell is breathtakingly good in this movie.

3. The Last Kiss - I am a tiny bit disappointed that this movie is a remake of an italian movie. But it still looks really good.

4. The Science of Sleep - A film by Michael Gondry, this is enough reason alone to watch the movie. If you don't know who Michael Gondry is, he also directed Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Watch the trailer I'm positive you will like it.

5. Old Joy - I think I am the most excited about this movie. It stars Will Oldham and Daniel London. Will Oldham happens to be one of my favorite musicians, and he looks as unacceptable as always in this movie. The movie just looks beautiful to me.

Top Five Breakthroughs of the 2006 NFL Season.

1. Baltimore Ravens - Last hurrah for Ray and McNair, Ngata lets Ray and Reed be monsters.
2. DeAngelo Williams - Rookie of the Year.
3. Jon Kitna - Roy Williams and Mike Martz turn him into a 4000yrd. 30 td. guy.
4. Chiefs Defense - Jared Allen - 15 sacks, Derrick Johnson - All-Pro, Ty Law - 8 ints.
5. Tony Kornheiser on MNF (awesome) and Joe Buck replacing JB on the Fox pregame.

Top Five Busts of The 2006 NFL Season.

1. Chicago Bears - Defense is on the field too long and Urlacher is worn out by week 13.
2. Reggie Bush (you heard me Bryan, you Reggie Bush pimp) - Learns that guys hit a lot harder at this level and becomes the next Desmond Howard minus the Superbowl.
3. Larry Johnson - Turns out the O-Line and Al Saunders were important - a respectable 1250 yards but doesn't sniff 2000.
4. Cincinnati Bengals - Palmer keeps hearing his knee pop in his dreams and at least one other guy spends a night in lock up. Oh, and the defense sucks.
5. John Madden still doing broadcasts - sure he's a legend, but he's not strong behind the mike.

Wednesday, August 30

Top 5 Potential New House Traditions

1. Some kind of poker/pizza night
2. Romantic dinners with Rob (more accurately, practising the making of romantic dinners with Rob in preparation for the ladies that are sure to come).
3. Destroying everyone who ever attempts to challenge me at NHL 06 on Josh's XBox
4. Visitors
5. Lazy evenings on the patio with a bag of Spitz.

Tuesday, August 29

Top 5 Animals with other Animal Names in them

1. Spider Monkey
2. Wolf Spider
3. Bullfrog
4. Puppycat
5. Danimal

Monday, August 28

Top 5 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

1. New House
2. New Friends
3. New Students
4. New CD with me on it
5. New Girl?
6. To See Kweller!

Top 5 Moments From CLA Camp

1. Rocking my face off every night (And sweating like a greased monkey)
2. Having my face shaved, by a girl, in front of the entire camp at chapel time.
3. Swimming in a river. Seriously, so good.
4. Ridiculous amounts of checkers games.
5. Pulling an all nighter on Friday night and going to Victoria.

Friday, August 25

Top Five Quotes Made By Stewart

5) im kinda a big deal
4) people know me
3) i am very important
2) i have many leather bound books and my apartment smells like rich mahogany
1) i am friends with Murlane Olsen

"do you know who i am"

Honorable Mention - "you have an absolute breath taking hinny"

Top 5 Plans Come September

1. Quit Starbucks
2. Go camping somewhere around the lower mainland with as many people as possible
3. Come to Abby
4. Watch the Last Kiss
5. Greet my parents as they arrive back from Europe

Top 5 Movie Snacking Foods

1. Licorice - nibs or soft eating licorice
2. Peanut m&m's
3. Popcorn - original, kettle corn, or smart food - depending on the mood
4. An assortment of 5 cent candies from the corner store
5. Apple slices - I know, this one's odd, but they are so refreshing when they're crunchy and juicy...don't you just want one now???

Thursday, August 24

Top 5 People Who Should Come to Abbotsford Sometime This Year:

1. Bryan.
2. Kyle.
3. Jolene.
4. Moey.
5. Holly.
5. The Kangs. Sorry about missing you guys the first time. My mind is succumbing to old age.

Top 5 Favourites:

1. Favourite Album: Presidents of the United States of America - self titled album.
2. Favourite Movie: Transformers: the movie (the one from the 80's)
3. Favourite Book: Tie between The Outsiders and Of Mice and Men
4. Favourite TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the one from the 80's)
5. Favourite Sports Team: Edmonton Oilers (the one from the 80's)

Tuesday, August 22

Top 5 Memorable Quotes Read or Heard This Past Week

1. "If you have issues, Jesus has tissues."
(Poster on a message board.)

2. Asked what he would do first, if he had won the forty million dollar lottery last week:
"I'd buy a pony."

(A guy at work who must be 55-60 years old--and said with a straight face.)

3. "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."
(The Go-Between, L.P. Hartley)

4. "She knocked me out. I mean it. I was half in love with her by the time we sat down [from dancing]. That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty, even if they're not much to look at, or even if they're sort of stupid, you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. Girls...They can drive you crazy. They really can.
(The Catcher In the Rye, J.D. Salinger)

5. "I also find it funny how time chisels at the once monumental and detailed events of our lives, such as relationships and their end, and after some years you are able to concisely and dispassionately summarize something that once consumed your entire being. Just for that, time is my friend, not my enemy."
(Posted on a blog I stumbled across.)

Top 5 emotions I am feeling right now

1. Nervousness
2. Worry
3. Super excitement
4. Relief
5. Uncertainty

I am about to quit my job at Starbucks.
And I don't have another job lined up yet...

Monday, August 21

Top Five Things I Will Look For In A Future Girlfriend...

for all those girls who always wanted me, take notes

5. A Caring Heart
4. A Perfect Personality
3. A Cute Smile
2. A Great Butt
1. A Manual...

Sunday, August 20

Top Five Ways To End A Date.

5. stop the car, tell her to get out and leave. - she'll be so curious!
4. go on a walk with you her and your niece. - she'll think its adorable!
3. walk her to her door, hand her a penguin that you stole from the zoo cause it is her favorite animal. - she'll be captured
2. shed a tear at the end of the movie, even if its rambo. - she'll think its cute
1. slap her on the butt, tell her good game and walk away. - SHE'LL BE YOURS

Saturday, August 19

Top 5 Ways to avoid being thrown in a Lake

1. Cellphone in pocket - ineffective.
2. The Donkers twist. Basically when people have your legs and arms you just try to do these 360 degree twists. Effective but tiring.
3. Hide - ineffective.
4. Make friends with your assailants - ineffective.
5. Hide behind a girl - ineffective.

I am wet.

Friday, August 18

Top Five TV Shows I Thought Would Suck But Actually Don’t

1. Seinfeld: I know, I know—how could anyone think this show could suck? Well, it’s possible. Truth be told, I just had no idea what it was about (actually, I still don’t). But I saw Jerry Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling You For the Last Time” and realized that he was actually funny. So I started watching Seinfeld. Now I know what’s what.

(The Clincher: Kramer. And the Soup Nazi.)

2. Alias: I flipped to it one day, watched about 1 minute, and thought, “What the crap is this? Crap. That’s what it is.” Then not too long ago someone told me I needed to start from the beginning—Season Uno. So I went and rented it. Within a week and a half I finished four seasons of it. Great show. Mucho addictive. It’s like one gigantor movie.

(The Clincher: Jennifer Garner. Momma Mia.)

3. Firefly: Why this show only lasted 12 episodes I will never understand. I was dragged kicking and screaming to see the movie Serenity, but turned out to really like it. When I found out it was based on a TV show, I went and rented the episodes. I’m not big on science fiction tv, so I was skeptical. But holy geez, batman. This was a quality show. Well written, well acted, believable, funny.

(The Clincher: No hokey aliens. In fact, no aliens at all. “Whaaaat?! Science Fiction without aliens?! Is that allowed? Can it be done?!” Indeed. Oh, and they swear in Chinese. And it’s real swearing—apparently they hired a translator to translate the most ridiculously bad English swear words into Chinese and teach the actors how to say them. That tickled me.)

4. Battlestar Galactica: This fell under the “Oh Yeah—Like I’m Ever Going to Watch That Show” category for me. In fact, I knew nothing about it except that it had people in it and the name sounded incredibly dorky. But, as seems to always be the case for me, someone told me to watch it, so I did. Now I rank it in my “Top Five All-time Favouritest Shows”. It has a lot of the same strengths as Firefly, which includes no aliens. Top quality all around. This show has my 2.6 thumbs up. (I’d give it 3, but I’m not that freakish.)

(The Clincher: I’m about 98.9% sure it’s all filmed in Vancouver. Oh Vancouver. How I pine for thee.)

5. Late Night with Conan O’Brien: What can I say? I had never really watched the show until I happened to find out a band I like was playing on it one night. So, having nothing else to do at midnight that fateful evening, I sat down and met destiny. Conan is…well, Conan. And oh, how I love him.

(The Clincher: The Walker Texas Ranger Lever. Not to mention the time Chuck Norris beat him up in the hallway.)

Top Five Things I Would Like To Try To Punch Through

5. A wall, drywall
4. A wall, Brick
3. A window, regular or stainglass
2. A watermellon, ripe
1. A guitar... everyone of DAN KANGS

Thursday, August 17

Top 5 Bands I Have Developed An Appreciation For This Summer

Thanks Kevin

1. Primus, especially Les Claypool
2. Fugazi
3. Soundgarden
4. Queens Of The Stone Age
5. Wellwater Conspiracy

Honorable mentions: Tool, Hater, Mad Season, Motörhead, Melvins

Monday, August 14

Top 5 Fricks:

1. Frick!
2. Double Frick!
3. Frick on a stick!
4. Frick on a stick with a brick!
5. Frick frick frickity frick!

Sunday, August 13

Top 5 Worst Boat Names

1. Sea-Battical
2. Sumptin Special
3. Vitamin Sea
4. Sunami (because they thought people wouldn't know how to spell it if they spelled it correctly)
5. =with a bullet= Licence To Chill

Top 5 unhealthy things...

1) Twinkies
2) Chocolate
3) IceCream
4) Cheese Puffs
5) A spoonful of Sugar. What was Mary Poppins thinking??

Top 5 movies that I cried at the end...

1) A little princess. Seriously.
2) Lion King
3) Little Women
4) Millions
5) Lord of the Rings

Top 5 Current Favourite Movie Love Stories

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Punch Drunk Love
3. Magnolia--the Cop & the Drug Addict (I love neurotic couples)
4. A Very Long Engagement
5. As Good As It Gets

(By no means a definitive list, but a few favourites that come to mind.)

Top 5 Reasons I Missed The Stop-Five Party

1. I was abducted by aliens, who did experiments on me and touched me in my no-no places.
2. There was a freak storm that knocked out power to my house, and only my house. In fact, it only knocked out power to my room. Creepy.
3. I was high. On Jesus.
4. I thought we were literally having a get-together. I flew out to the Stop-Five Records rendezvous point in Tokyo. Where are you guys?
5. I was still asleep.

(P.S. Sorry I missed it!)

Top5 Stop5 Posts During the 1st Annual StopFive-a-thon

5. Top5 T-Shirts I Would Make...
4. Top5 Kisses I Currently...
3. Top5 Original StopFive-ists
2. Some combination of the Top High Fives
1. Top5 Ways Batman Could Save Money...

I could be biased here...but....

Official Tally: 28 Posts, Or, 1 every 2 minutes

Top5 Coffees at Starbucks

5. Sumatra. A big, bold coffee, the best-selling of all the beans at the company over the years.
4. Terraza. This a refreshing citrussy coffee with the big tones and body of the bold coffees while lacking their earthy bitter taste. We use it for iced coffee all year round and are currently selling the beans whole in 1lb bags. Awesome with sugar and cream.
3. Bella Florentina. A combination of coffees from two of Starbucks' biggest coffee growers in Costa Rica and Panama. We have a contract with them both to buy their entire crops every year and decided to celebrate that relationship with this Special Blend. Refreshingly juicy with big floral hints, it pairs well with any kind of berry pastry.
2. Organic Shade Grown Mexican. If you're one of those people that usually has to put cream and/or sugar in your coffee because you don't like it plain and you think Starbucks coffee is too "burnt" tasting, this coffee will change your mind. Nutty with a hint of orange, sip this black while sampling the Tangerine Bundt Cake. It'll make you happy.
1. Arabian Mocha Sanani. This is an amazing blend of aged African/Asian beans that will blow your friggin' mind, dude. Heavy, rich, thick, steaming with cocoa and spices, laced with juicy berry flavour and hints of wine, this one is probably my favourite right now.

Remember, if it's not fresh, it's not Starbucks. He he.

Top 5 Things I am Looking Forward to in the Fall

1. Going to Reggie Bush's first Pro Game
2. Going to Algonquin
3. Going to Hang out in Toronto
4. Going to a Jays Game... maybe they will be in the run for a playoff game
5. Whatever you want to do... no seriously... what do you want to do? I don't know. what do you want to do? I am cool with whatever? what do you want to do?

Top 5 Things My Orthodontist Told me I couldn't Eat That I Will Anyway

1. Steak. F YOU
2. Wings. F YOU
3. Burgers. F YOU
4. Hot Dogs. F YOU
5. Roast Beef. F YOU


Top 5 Fantasy Trades This Season:

1. Delgado for Harang. And they called me crazy.
2. Verlander, Pujols, Ramirez for Santana, Young and Vladdy. I still can't believe that Bryan accepted this trade.
3. All of Shagens trades with Donkers. They worked out really well for Shagen. Donkers might have gotten the short end of the stick.
4. The recipient of an Ortiz trade. I would have a hard time justifying a trade for this guy. I think Monte might have traded him to Zenon for something.
5. Any Andruw Jones trade. I think he has been the trade whore this season.

Top 5 Moments in Josephine's Life

(the alternate reality Waynes World Second Version)

1. When Willie Fell for her at the Skating Rink (this was probably one of the most beautiful things in the entire world)
2. When Andrew Came back (Despite no knowledge of what would come, he came back. Incredible fortune, incredible love)
3. When She Stood her ground against the empire, meaning almost certain doom would come to her. In your children, a new hope shawn through.
4. When She ummm... Is there anything redeeming about this portion of your life. (you are clever, and cute, that much I know. hehe)
5. When She raised a child despite the reluctance of one department store to remain nameless.

Man I miss you Jo

Top 5 T-Shirts I will Make in the Future

1. The front will have a picture of a woman’s ankle with a heart on it. The back will say “your Mother Got this Tattoo for us”

2. In bold letters across the front “GOOD LOOKING REVOLUTIONARIES WANTED”

3. Black T-Shirt - Black writing “DUBIEN,” Kang should get one that says “KANG” too... and so forth.

4. A big Black Panther on the front taking up the whole shirt. It would say accross the front somewhere in the middle. “My panther could kick your Dad’s ass”

5. A white T-shirt with pictures of Lee Merriweather, Julie Newmar, Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Elle MacPherson and Katie Holmes on the front. On the Back it would say Batman did them all.
You steel them and I will kill you.

Top 5 Moments in Josephines Life

1. When Willie fell for her at the Skating Rink (He was too old)
2. When Andrew fell for her in her bed room (He was too emotionally unavailable)
3. When Ani fell for her in the desert (He was too young)
4. When Larry Fell for her in the strip club (He was too Sketchy)
5. When she falls for Willy (He was too much of a jerk, what a bastard seriously)

Don't worry though... things will brighten up!!


Top5 Kisses I'd Love To Be Waiting For

5. Destinye
4. Jenna
3. Michelle
2. Amy
1. Jessica

Top 5 Catch Phrases I Use Alot Right Now

1. ... What... Somebody Shit on the Coats... What... I think somebody Shit on the Coats... - Dane Cook
2. I don't even like Jelly - Dane Cook
3. Hello... Lalala... ( a staple in everyone's catch phrase diet ) - Seinfeld
4. Shake and Bake - Telladega Nights
5. Well... watch your back - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Which ones do you use?

Top 5 No Shows to The First Stop Five A Thon

1. Kang
2. Slynn
3. Donkers
4. Ian
5. The Stewart

Who else will not show up???

Top5 Godless Killing Machines

5. Black
4. Panda
3. Kodiak
2. Grizzly
1. Greagle

Bears, you're on notice!

Top 5 Places I Want to Go in January

1. Vancouver
2. Africa
3. Tai Land
4. Toronto
5. Europe

Go on try to convince me, I am easy

Top 5 Sell Outs

1. The Wilco Show in Toronto
2. The Blue Jay Game against the Yankees a few weeks back
3. X-Box 360 in its first week
4. This Years Lollapalooza tour
5. Johnny Damon

Top 5 MSN Messenger Pictures

1. The soccer ball
2. The chess piece
3. The rubber ducky
4. The Horse Couple (Black and White: like the cookie)
5. The Skate boarding kid

Top 5 Favourite Guest Appearances on an Album:

1. Flea and Dave Navarro on Jagged Little Pill.
2. Rob Thomas on the song "Smooth." Kang can argue he is destroying music, but he was solid here.
3. Dido on the song "Stan."
4. Jay-Z on the song "Crazy in Love." I'm a sucker for power pop.
5. Aerosmith on Run DMC's cover of "Walk This Way."

Top 5 Kisses I Currently am Hoping For

1. The one where she runs on to the field after I just hit the home run to win the world series. And the entire world is second to our passion.
2. The quiet kiss she reaches back for while sitting in front of me while we watch the sun set over the lake in algonquin. The fire is allready made, we just ate dinner.
3. The Kiss I give to my daughter on her forehead, after she runs out the door to go off to Ballad, only to remember she had forgotten her kiss from Dad.
4. all the good morning kisses
5. The enivitble make up kiss in the rain. (not sure if a cat will be nessessary)


Top 5 Original Stopfive-ists

1. Bryan (I'm pretty sure he was the originator)
2. Rob (some would call him Lincolnish)
3. Dan D. (The self-imposed Stop five critic)
4. Andrew (Didn't he call himself the Proffesor Emeritus of Stopfive? Also, I miss the lyrics)
5. Dan K. (He was in Korea when I discovered the site. I'm not even sure if he is an originator)

Top 5 Long Running Commercials

1. The Two old women for Coffee Crisp. “How do you like your coffee? Crisp. You like your Coffee Crisp? I like my Coffee Crisp!!!” hahaha
2. Know When to Draw the Line For Beer. “You the Man Cool Guy”
3. The whole line of sasquatch commercials for coors light. “Ding Dong”
4. “You were always on my mind” Levi’s 501 jeans... hahaha. he comes back for the jeans and leaves everything else. I love it.
5. The Out of the Blue Commercials: they inspired spontenaety in me and I am sure countless others.

Top5 Ways for Batman to Save Money After Wayne Industries Goes Under

5. Shop for his canvas wings and rapelling equipment at Mountain Equipment Co-op.
4. Convert the Batmobile to propane.
3. firing Robin. Let's face it, he's a drain on resources, emotional and fiscal.
2. Buy specialty law-enforcement equipment at local police auctions and surplus stores.
1. Eat bats. This will save on groceries as well as make him more fearsome.

Top 5 Fallen Sports Figures (Best Season) ???

1. O.J. Simpson (1973 - 2003 yards, 12 tds in a 14 game season) Murder
2. Dwight Gooden (1985 - 24-4 1.53 era. 268 k 16 Complete games 8 shutouts) Drugs
3. Jose Canseco (120 runs 42 hrs 124 rbis 40 sbs) Steroids
4. Maurice Clarett (1237 yards, 16tds) Gun and Hatchet?! running
5. Pete Rose (basically every year was rediculous) Gambling

Top 5 Stopfive Controversies:

1. The High Fidelilty tribute that turned into a forum for public sweariness which resulted in the comment cataclysm.
2. The erasing of the Berry post.
3. Can a Delorian really take you to a land of fantastical possibility?
4. Why do we call our friends creepy?
5. =With a bullet= The death of the original Stopfive.

Top5 High Fives

5. Cherry Pie Five
4. Air Five
3. Euphemism Five
2. Betrayal Five (Ouch, that one hurts)
1. Make It Stop...Five

Props to Robbie Maschio

Top 5 Robot Couples

1. Rosie and Robbie (Heterosexual) Robbie stocked Rosie until she finally gave in to his muscular legs.

2. T-1000 and Venessa (Heterosexual) They were set up by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

3. Kit and Optimus Prime (Homosexual) hooked up at the local car show. Rumor has it Optimus was impressed with kits undercarriage.

4. Astroboy and T-X (Heterosexual)- Astroboy could have any women he wants. But he choose T-X because she was hot. umm... thats basically it. He flew around till he saw the hottest robot. and yep. hit that up.

5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - they were set up by the American Government to see how much the public would be willing to accept in the realm of ridiculousness. An experiment in acceptance.

Top 5 Fantasy Football Commodities

1. Larry Johnson
2. Reggie Bush
3. Ladainian Tomlinson
4. Payton Manning
5. Shaun Alexander

Top 5 Careers I Am Preparing For:

1. Rock Star...need a band first.
2. Bounty Hunter - I am training for this by hunting squirells. So far the score is 450-0...for the squirells.
3. Longboat Captain.
4. Lawn Dart Tester.
5. Dave Navarro.

Top 5 Screen Dickweeds

1. Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kei (Karate Kid): I would crane kick this guy everyday of my life if I could.
2. Rooney (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off): I would give him a high kick to the face continuously for atleast 5 days. Than I would sick my Rottwhiler on him
3. Biff (Back the the Future 1 and 2): I would poor manure on every car he ever owns if I could. The consistency would be amazing.
4. Bill Lumberg (Office Space) umm... k... I would post a Send a TPS report up his ass.
5. Zackery Lodge (Wedding Crashers) For the dude, who really represents everything I hate that girls oddly find attractive, I would prescribe braces for him to where for the rest of his life... haha

Notable exceptions: O’DOYLE of the O’doyle rules fame, Shooter Macgavin, Robby (joe dirt)

Top 5 Fives:

1. Face Five
2. Euphemism Five
3. Betrayal Five
4. Inflatable Five
5. Fist Five

Saturday, August 12

The First Stop-Five-A-Thon

The first Stop-Five-a-thon will take place on Sunday, August 13th between the hours of 5pm and 6pm Eastern Standard Time (2pm and 3pm western standard time).

All current Stop Fivers are welcome.

The name of the game will be to post as many Top Fives as possible in an hour.
So... Everyone, be prepared. Bring your A-Game. Lets get it on.

This could be the thing of legend.

See you tommorow. Comment if you can make it.

Thursday, August 10

Top 5 Things TV doesn't Like about Reality

1. Not enough pretty people
2. Not enough cars explode
3. Animals NEVER talk
4. There's no music when people have dramatic moments
5. Time isn't measured in 30 minute increments

Tuesday, August 8

Top 5 Things I Like About Reality TV:

1. Ozzy Osbourne. Only because it was a novel idea when he did it.
2. Ty.
3. Jordis Unga.
4. Donald Trump.
5. Tommy Lee. Sure the show was staged and probably not exactly reality, but it was funny in its own way.

Pirate Post - Ryan McQuoid feat. on The Price Is Right

Top 5 Things I Dislike About Reality TV:

1. Hulk Hogan
2. Gene Simmons
3. Ashlee Simpson
4. All the Joes
5. Paula Abdul

Dishonorable Mention: Dave Navarro the media whore.

Saturday, August 5

Top 5 Cool Things to do In Toronto

1. Take in a Blue Jays game... so exciting: talking to the others around you. Hoping for a win. Heckling players. its just rad
2. Go to Jo Mamas... A little Jazz bar. On Friday nights they have the best Jazz ensamble in the city. Stay for every set. Get a seat at the bar and drink just enough to maintain your need for that seat.
3. Go to the Piano Lounge in the Maz... I just did this last night. Nobody I was with really wanted to stay in the Piano lounge, they just wanted to drink on the patio. I went with my cousin's friends. But man. Dan Donkers.... you should be this guy. He was just playing whatever anyone wanted to here. And like everyone was singing along. Just great. Songs sang last night... Sweet home alabama, some johnny cash, Keane, Coldplay, livin on a prayer. wicked.
4. On Queen in the east end, near Carlaw, is this sweet Cheese store that opened last month, run by these 20 somethings, that shine of committed humble coolness. They make the best grilled cheeses, and well the whole ambiance of a store making money almost completely off cheese sales is awesome. A starbucks is about to go in accross the streets and I am so happy for the people, cause they are gonna rake it in.
5. Pick up chicks. I don't know how to do this.... but I see it done and am amazed.

Thursday, August 3

Top 5 Exciting Things This Week

1. A plane came here just to drop off a parcel for me. No other reason. It's not even mail day. A UPS package for me.
2. The UPS package was my ticket to Thailand for Oct 4.
3. We are planning a Star Wars themed birthday party for Derryck, my co-worker, at which we have to dress up as a Star Wars character that Sheene and Kris decided suits us. They have decided I'm Yoda.
4. I met Kevin Lowe and can now get in to see him (go upstairs and all that) next time I'm at an Oilers game, home or away.
5. I found out my best friend from high school is pregnant again.

Top 5 Drives in BC

Having covered somewhere in the vicinity of 5000 kilometers this summer, I offer you all my choice for the best scenic drives in the province.

1. The Sunshine Coast. I always heard people talk about it, had never done it. It really is nice. Especially when it's not busy, and when you have some time to stop along the way.
2. Yale to Cache Creek (The Fraser Canyon). This is just a classic beauty of a drive. The Canyon has always been one of my favourites.
3. Hope to Princeton. I don't know why Princeton exists, but driving to it through Manning Park is pretty awesome.
4. Golden to Kimberly. You're sandwiched in between two really impressive mountain ranges all the way there, yet the scenery in the valley reminds me of the prairies. Really grassy and kind of swampy.
5. =with a bullet= Terrace to Prince Rupert. Follow the Skeena river the whole way there. And Prince Rupert is one of my favourite coastal towns.

Top 5 Songs I Always Want To Listen To

1. "Once upon a Dream" - from Sleeping Beauty
2. Anything from "Rent" (except maybe the theme song)
3. Anything by Kutless
4. "Always be my Baby" - Mariah Carey (which is frustrating, because I freakin love that song).
5. Anything by Shane Wiebe, who sounds like a young man trying to imitate an old Clay Aiken, but somehow gayer. Is gayer a word? Can I use it on the internet?I'm tired.

Check and mate, Donkers.

Pirate Post: Anything by Hillary Duff.

Tuesday, August 1

Top 5 Songs I never want to Hear Again

1. "Once upon a Dream" - from Sleeping Beauty
2. Anything from "Rent" (except maybe the theme song)
3. Anything by Kutless
4. "Always be my Baby" - Mariah Carey (which is frustrating, because I freakin love that song).
5. Anything by Shane Wiebe, who sounds like a young man trying to imitate an old Clay Aiken, but somehow gayer. Is gayer a word? Can I use it on the internet?
I'm tired.

Top Five (Personal) Reactions to the Heat & Humidity in Ontario

1. "I sure am glad I wore this light, airy sundress today."”
2. "“Boy, I could really go for a nice, ice cold enema right about now."
3. "Excuse me sir, but would you happen to have a lathe I could use? I'’d like to peel the flesh from my bones."
4. "If I were to take my clothes off, right now, here in this park, what with the families picnicking and all, how much jail time would I have to put in? Because if it'’s more than six years, I won'’t do it..."
5. "“I wonder how much a vacation in Hell would cost?"”

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