Saturday, January 10

Top 5 Haircuts I will give Bryan's son.

1. The Traditional Bowl Cut. - It's the original, much like a traditional cappuccino at bean scene. It's timeless.

2. The Under Cut - This is the new school version of the Bowl Cut. It's trendy, sporty, it says... "Hey back off! I'm a little unpredictable!" - Much like a the new school cappuccinos most coffee shops make, full of foam served in ridiculously large mugs

3. The Seagal - Self-explanatory. No one messes with Steven Seagal and lives to talk about it! No one will mess with a kid who has a Steven Seagal hairdo!

4. The Inverted Faux-hawk - Right after Bryan cuts a Faux-hawk for his son, I will come in and give him the inverted Faux-Hawk. One clean strip right down the middle of a full head of hair! It's shockingly chic!

5. The Braided Rat-Tail - with beads - There will be days when Bryan's son is tired of always having that long hair all over his face. Especially during the Cobain phase. When that day comes, he will come to me and ask, "Oh wise Daniel, What can I do to get this hair out of my eyes?" On that day, I will unveil to him what he has been looking for all his life. The Braided Rat-Tail with beads! This hairdo not only says, "I'm here to party", it also says, "Hey! I freaking started the party and I'm going to freaking trash it too!" This will be a great day.

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