Friday, January 2

Top 5 Regrettable Movie Decisions we have made in the past

1. Ghost Dog: The way of the Samurai. Anyone remember watching this? I left. Sara-Lynn fell asleep.
2. Before Sunset. Sorry Moey, but I hated this one. Dan and I watched it to prove our manliness.
3. Ghost Ship. So glad I wasn't there for that.
4. The Luzhin Defense. Man Rob, never let us watch a movie as a group where the main character goes crazy and commits suicide. Not pleasant.
5. Night Seers II - Still seeing. This one is still in production. Starring: Bryan Dubien.

i stand by Before Sunrise, and it's sequel Before Sunset
I love those movies

and yes

I can see you at night, and there are more of us everyday
For the record, I did not fall asleep. Rob and I were the only two people to actually stay awake and watch the whole thing. You don't know how many times I have wished those lost hours could be taken back...
oh, and does anyone remember that crazy weird Pirate movie that we watched in the Morrison, probably in Holly-Anne's room? i just remember people stranded at sea on a little raft or something... anyone?
i totally remember that Pirate movie!! it was in Holly-Anne's room - I'm pretty sure it was Roman Polanski's Pirates...and it was terrible and amazing.
I fell asleep during Ghost Dog and that weird pirate movie.I wish I fell asleep during Luzhin Defense, but due to Rob's optimism I stayed awake in hopes that it would be better. I watched Ghost Ship this summer with some guys who said "the cover has a Hologram on it, it can't be bad!" Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?
Yes, I do indeed remember Roman Polanski's Pirates. It was palatable.
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