Tuesday, January 13

Top 5 Bands with Members who were Together and then Broke Up

With a bonus: Their best breakup song!

1. Fleetwood Mac - "Go your own Way." There were acually two marriages in this band, and both ended while the band was still recording. Rumors? No, it's all true.

2. ABBA - "Winner Takes it All." Again, two marriages here, both ending in divorce. I don't know if "Winner Takes it All" is about their breakups or not, but it sure is sad.

3. No Doubt - "Don't Speak." Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal were involved for quite a long time, but he eventually left her because he needed "space." Smooth move Tony.

4. The Pretenders - "Back on the Chain Gang." Okay, that song is more about the death of guitarist James Honeyman-Scott. But it was released shortly after Chrissie Hynde kicked her ex-lover Pete Farndon out of the band for excessive drug use.

5. The Backstreet Boys - "Shape of My Heart." After a rocky relationship, Kevin and Howie finally decided to call it quits. "Shape of My Heart" was Kevin's attempt to apologize to Howie for his coldness and rumored unfaithfulness. Ironically, neither Kevin nor Howie sing any of the solos in the song, a fact that made the other three "very uncomfortable."

You know way to much about the BSB's, and for that you should hang your head.
Dude, I made that up.
Did you make all of it up? Including who sings the solos on the song? Because knowing who does the solos might be knowing a bit too much about The Backstreet Boys.
You say you made that up, yet the part of me that believes everything written on the internet, finds this very true. Go figure.
Okay, yes I do know who sings the solos, but I attribute that to my wife showing me the music video. Also, I think the quotes on "very uncomfortable" make it seem quite true. Internet true. You should try putting quotes around something that you know wasn't actually said by someone. It's fun. And illegal.
doesn't top 5 insinuate the bands are supposed to be good?

in that case, you fail.
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