Tuesday, June 30

Top 5 List

We need a post here. Stat.
1. Apparently, in a room full of people browsing a video store, it is perfectly acceptable to chastise your child with what one could call a horrifyingly demonic voice, and when that does not work, to shove said horrified child out of your way. It must be acceptable behaviour, as I was the only one to stare at the demon-voiced woman in abject terror, while everyone went about their business as if nothing untowards had happened. Lesson well learned.
2. While walking about the other day I came across a movie poster for a movie called 8 x 10. There is really nothing special about said movie poster, except for its tag line, "He has the power...to see the past." I am not an expert in super powers, but I am fairly sure that I myself possibly have that power as well. All this time I thought having a long term memory and access to history books was a common thing. Thank you terrible movie tag line for showing me how wrong I was.
3. When someone yells,"duck!" Don't be a smart alec and reply,"where?" It only ends in tears. Well, tears and headaches.
4. The only thing more entertaining than the TV show So You Think You Can Dance (yes, yes I am a fan) is the wildly popular entertainment provided by the dregs of Surrey called So You Think You Can Walk, whereupon an unsuspecting pedestrian must risk life and limb to save the life of a mid-afternoon lush as he tries to weave his way into heavy traffic.
5. The best thing about a graveyard shift is quitting it.

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