Sunday, May 27

Top 5 Things Stop 5 Needs

1. A Mascot.
2. Pretty colours.
3. A Theme Song.
4. A Stop Five Membership Audition area.
5. Its own line of credit cards.

Ok, so if you have the answer to any of the above, post them. If you have ideas of your own, post them also. Or if you like the way things are, feel free to post that too. And if you think Bryan made a serious error in judgment, by all means, post that. But if you just really like sugary treats and want to tell people, there's really no need to post that.

Friday, May 25

Top 5 New Song Topics for the Summer

Wow, it's been entirely too long since I've even looked at this site. I apologize for my Blackwood-like disappearance. It shan't continue.

1. A song about the benefits of Global warming. I mean, everyone's freaking out here, but think about how warm and awesome our world could turn out to be. I think I'm going to call it "Christmas in July," or "July is Christmas now."

2. A song about being rude to robots. I think it's my right. Tara disagrees.

3. Still want to write that song about Communism. Mostly uninformed opinions from a smug capitalist perspective. "Quit Stalin and accept the facts" - something like that.

4. "Symbolism makes the world go 'round." Proven yet again at this year's Historymaker.

5. A song about good cheese perhaps. My love affair with good cheese.

Top five words that make a sentence.

1) Where
2) Has
3) Everyone
4) Gone
5) ?

Thursday, May 24

Top 5 things Zenon has done recently

1. Bought shower curtains to use for actual curtains - on purpose.
2. Got a job as a car salesman - now he has to be perpetually charming
3. Grown a beard in one day - this didn't happen in reality
4. Stole me a laptop from his old job - this one didn't really happen either
5. With a bullet... Created his own fanclub on facebook - And there are lots of members! Seriously, Zenon, you are a freakin Genius

Oh and Kyle, you suck
your nemesis

Wednesday, May 23

Top 5 alternate endings to 24 season 6 (no spoilers involved)

1. Jack despondently throws himself off a cliff, only to discover that he is immortal. With a shout of, "There can be only one," Jack proceeds to hunt down Christopher Lambert.
2. Jack walks out onto the deck, upon which he is confronted by none other than....the cougar. The cougar tells Jack that all the bad things that have happened in the las two years were caused by him and other cougars like him. Jack is then clubbed on the head from behind by another cougar and is dragged out into the forest.
3. Jack wakes up from a coma to discover that the events of the last two seasons were just a dream. Rather than faking his own death at the end of season 4, jack really was shot and has been in a coma ever since, hence bringing back every character that was killed in the last 2 seasons.
4. Jack attempts to disappear again, but just before leaving LA, he is confronted by Tony, Michelle, Palmer, Nina, Teri, Curtis and a couple of hundred other zombies. They don't want to cause trouble, they just want to eat jack's brain. Season 7 would then be written and directed by George A. Romero
5. Jack, in order to prove his manliness, puts on a pair of water skis and proceeds to jump a shark.

Tuesday, May 22

Top Five Kick Ass Kyle

1. Do what you like with the sight

2 . I hearby make you the Stop Five Creative Organization Kid

3. no one but me and you are administraters now... some might object to this, but whatev.

4. I love how much you care about the forum, so... I just want to empower you to do whatever you seem to think is great.

5. I trust you.

Monday, May 21

Top 5 Coordinating Conjunctions

1. And
2. But
3. Or
4. Nor
5. Yet

Tuesday, May 15

Top 5 Acts of Manliness

5. Watching someone cut down a tree. While this is the lowest form of manliness, there is some manliness inherent in the act of just seeing a tree get cut down.
4. Helping someone cut down a tree. Ussually involves making sure the tree is going to fall in the right direction.
3. Cutting down a tree with a chainsaw. Chainsaws are manly implements of destruction.
2. Cutting down a tree with an axe. Incredibly manly. After cutting down a tree with an axe you cannot help but feel like you have manly arms.
1. Cutting down a tree with a karate chop. Seriously, do I need to explain this? If I do, then you are probably not a man.

Saturday, May 12

Top 5 Funny/Amusing Videos Watched This Week





5: The Believers Heaven (This video leaves me speechless.)

Sunday, May 6

Top five random links on Craigslist


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