Friday, June 30

Top 5 Things to Never Name Your Child

1. Son-Of-A-B**** (although apparently a popular choice).
2. Whitey (Especially true if you happen to be black, or live in a racially-tense neighborhood.)
3. Cher.
4. Super 8 (or wherever he/she may have been conceived.)
5. Whore of Babylon/Angel of Death/Lucifer/Beelzebub/Etc.

Top 5 Moments Of Our Vacation

1. Camping at Two Jacks Lakeside just outside of Banff. This campsite is so beautiful. We all need to do a friends camp trip in Banff sometime soon.

2. Hiking up Sulfur Mountain. The hike was grueling, but the view was amazing.

3. Swimming in the Cascade Ponds. It was just really incredible to be swimming in this pond that is surrounded by four mountains.

4. Being in the freaking front row at a sold out Wilco show. I have to say, this goes down as all time best concert I've ever been to.

5. =With a Freaking Bullet=
Waiting an hour and a half, in the middle of the afternoon for the off chance that we might meet Jeff Tweedy. Guess what? We met the whole band!!! And!!!! Sara-Lynn took a picture of me and Jeff Tweedy!

Thursday, June 29

Top five funny sentences including the word Bono...

1) Top 5 funny sentences incorporating the word "Bono"
2) "....and then we kissed, and I got a Bono"
3) Milko-Bono. Dog treat or Mexican wrestler?
4) "I can't see that far, hand me the Bonoculars"
5) You're right, this is getting to be a lame post. It's Bono-fide stupid"

Saturday, June 24

Top Five Things Bono Accidentally Found...

5. His Hair Cut.
4. Tight Pants.
3. Shirts With Sequence.
2. A Tree That Belonged To Joshua.
1. My Heart.

PS> on a way different note, You know the Pepsi Commercial with guy and girl dancing on the stree and on the cab... does any one else think of Conci when they see the guy!?

Friday, June 23

Top5 Moments of my 21-Hour Sleep-a-thon

5. The seventh time I rolled over. After that my rolls turned into carefully calculated side-vaults.
4. The time somebody called me on my phone and I answered and had some sort of conversation but can't remember anything about it because I was mostly sleeping.
3. That period of the elongated sleep-cycle I you know I'm dreaming and just sit back and enjoy the show.
2. That first few minutes of slowly drifting off into the unknown. So relaxing, nothing beats it but...
1. Waking up after 21-hours of unconsciousness to use the washroom and then climbing back into bed because I had nothing to do today.

Gosh, I feel sleepy again.

Top5 Birthday Wishes for Moey McMoey

5. A fun day!
4. A letter or package in the mail!
3. A harmless bear sighting! (bears are cute and fuzzy)
2. Some sort of dessert food with a candle in it!
1. A new last name! (McMoey just doesn't show much imagination)

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Top Five Things Bono May Be Looking For

5. His Dog. When you lose your dog you better keep looking for it.
4. The TV remote. "if you dont have it, how are you to change the channel" - Larry McQuoid
3. Wallet. its worth looking for. but i often give up.
2. Wedding ring. i learned if you lose this YOUR SCREWED!... "why was it off in the first place" - Angry Wife

- But i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

Thursday, June 22

I'm a posting Bandit

Happy Birthday Moey!

Top 5 Bear Stories I've heard so far this week

1. Cassie in Prince George: "I was walking on my own one night, and I saw this bear along the path. I walked by it really quietly and ran home."
2. Chelsea's Dad: "Yeah this guy got attacked by a bear a while ago. He and his friend were in the woods. The friend climbed a tree and got away in time. This guy got attacked and eaten alive, and there was nothing his friend could do about it."
3. Pastor George from Tumbler Ridge: "Yeah there was this bear in our house. It actually climbed the stairs and went into our living room. My wife was screaming and our neighbour heard her. He came in with a shotgun and killed it. There was blood and hair all over our carpet."
4. Pastor George again: "The Mounties trapped this bear outside of my house, and I didn't know it was there. I walked outside in my housecoat and found myself face to face with the trapped bear's mother. I ran like a madman, while the cops were in their car laughing their heads off."
5. Us in the Van: "What's that crossing the road? HOLY CRAP IT'S A BEAR!!"

Tuesday, June 20

Top Five Laughing Situations During Birth...

* ill be honest. im scared as to what i might write. this is an on the spot list *
5. Child comes out with only one eye. and its between his nose and mouth.
4. Child comes out with a beard. (a full beard not a light grandmother type beard)
3. Child comes out with a full mullet (like this one thanks jenn)
2. Child comes out and throws poo. like a small monkey.
1. Child comes out. along with 8 others.

Top five reasons this site has slowed to a halt...

1) We have all turned into illiterate robots.
2) We all have been focusing on our careers as famous japanese hand models, and stop five has taken a back seat.
3) We are lazy.
4) We are suffering from a lack of funny.
5) This post is sooo lame...

Friday, June 16

Top 5 Days so far this Century

1. January 1st, 2001
2. February 2nd, 2002
3. March 3rd, 2003
4. April 4th, 2004
5. May 5th, 2005

Notable exception: June 6th, 2006. In the words of Carissa, "It's a nice day for the apocalypse."

Top 5 Things I miss about watching cheesy movies with our friends

1. Holly-anne's sarcastic remarks.
2. Andrew's explanations of logical or illogical events.
3. Dan Donkers' rising excitement as the climax approaches (as seen by his leg shaking more and more...hehe, love ya dan)
4. Rob trying to convince everyone of the redeeming qualities of the movie.
5. Moey sitting next to me and giggling along with me at every cheesy the extent that everyone else is like, "what are they laughing at?"

I miss you guys!

Top 5 Things I HATE in Movies

1. Sports movies with the underdog rising to the top. I can't handle it!
2. Talking animal movies. These are my absolute least favorite of all.
3. Thriller/suspense movies. Not all of these...I can handle ones such as "Signs", but something like "Flightplan" actually makes me cry.
4. Teen girl movies with Lindsay Lohan or anyone like her.
5. Heartwarming family movies involving animals, or sports teams, or new siblings, or whatever. I might be insensitive, but let me tell you I've tried again and again to enjoy such movies, and they just make me want to tear out my hair or something. I'm sorry!

Tuesday, June 13

Top 5 Topics Of Conversation So Far At Blind Channel

1. Boats. And I just don't know what to say.
2. Tides. Charts for tides, slack tides, etc. Again, I have no knowledge to lend anything useful to a conversation yet.
3. Get to know you stuff. There are only 5 of us here right now that work here, but most things we talk about are 'getting to know each other' type things.
4. The tourist clothes. Not, that is, the clothes the tourists are wearing, but the "Blind Channel Resort" clothes that I have been up to my neck in for 3 days, pricing and displaying. I talk to my bosses about them, I talk to the guests about them.
5. Bears. Apparently we have bears this year, which is different than most years. Must have swam here from another close by island.

Top 5 New Albums You Should Check Out

I have been listening to a lot of new material lately and there are quite a few new albums that just might change your life.
1. Band of Horses - Everything All The Time
2. Built to Spill - You in Reverse
3. Thom Yorke - The Eraser (It's an interesting album on first listen, I'm sure there will be more talk about this one, once it's actually released.)
4. Ladyhawk - Ladyhawk (Nothing like the satisfaction of knowing these guys are all originally from Kelowna, and they're probably Western Canada's best band at the moment.)
5. =with a bullet= TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain (This album is freaking great!)

Monday, June 12

Top 5 Zombie Social Commentaries

1. 28 Days Later : Zombies are moderately less scary than your average army
2. Dawn of the Dead: Zombies United will never be defeated
3. Day of the Dead: Zombies are moderately less scary than your average scientist
4. Land of the Dead : Money can’t buy happiness or protection from Zombies
5. Night of the Living Dead : Zombies don’t kill people guns kill people, who are then further killed by zombies

Top 5 Things I Miss right now

1. Listening to my own music whenever I want.
2. Sleeping in a normal bed like a normal person.
3. My church.
4. Surprisingly, my office.
5. Camp

Friday, June 9

Top five totally random things in my stream of consciousness...

1) I'm hungry.
2) I wonder if Hot Tommy's is open for lunch today? Maybe I should call them? Nah, the guy who works there scares me. I'll just go, and hope their open.
3) Eggplant is purple. I like the colour purple.
4) What can you actually cook with eggplant? Can you eat it raw? Hmm...would it taste good with tuna? I love tuna.
5) What do tuna actually look like? I think their big fish. Tuna would look cool if it was purple...

Tuesday, June 6

Top 5 Reasons the video store down the road is awesome - not lame...awesome!

1. It's called "Take 2 Video." Get it? Take two, like as if you were shooting a movie...and renting two movies at the same time, get it? (that was for you donkers)
2. It's right down the block and next to 7-11. Snacks and movies go hand in hand.
3. The owners are slightly crazy and eccentric. They do weird things like post all the posters in the windows updside down, or draw glasses with huge noses on all the movie stars in the posters. Some say it's creepy, I say it's entertaining.
4. They have cheap movie rentals - 3 movies, 3 days, $5.00; new releases for $3.50 or something ridiculously cheap (mind you, the selection is pretty few and far between)
5. It's the only movie store I've ever seen lately that has more selection of VHS than DVD. Actually, I think the video game selection may be more than the new releases altogether. I found that to be quite funny.

Just goes to show that any old joe blo can make a living opening a movie store...however at the same time, I don't think I'll make that my rental store of choice, unless of course I'm sick and want to stock up on all 3 home alone movies to watch on an old vcr!

Friday, June 2

Top 5 Moments in Rob Conci's Life

1. When he and his brother Doug got themselves into the hottest nightclub in town, and decided to pursue their dream of opening their own nightclub.
2. When, during his stint as the top fashion designer in the world, he tried to use a ridiculously good looking model to assasinate the president of Malaysia. That didn't work out to well for him.
3. When he took on the job of kids' soccer coach, and began to realize he was only emulating his painfully competitive father.
4. When he and to friends (Beanie and Mitch) tried to relive their college glory days by starting their own fraternity. Hilarity ensued.
5. When he was the handsomest and most well known news anchor in San Diego.

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