Sunday, June 29

Top 5 States I've Visited for the First Time in the Last Year


1. California - Yay for work trips to Hollywood and Disneyland!!
2. Oregon - for Allie's champagne birthday we went to Astoria to check out where the Goonie's spent their time - also stayed in a Yurt in Washington (Cape Disappointment)
3. Hawaii - with Holly-Anne, her mom, and her step-dad - oh man, i LOVE Hawaii - i will live there. mark my words.
4. Nevada - VEGAS, BABY! YEAH! turned 30 in Vegas! Sara-Lynn and Allie were there to mark the occasion. fun! and crazy! and fun!
5. Arizona - Route 66 loop, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam - tourist day, but glad i saw it! the Grand Canyon is stunning - indescribably - un-photograph-able

before last August my US travel had been limited to a couple of hours in Washington. now you know.

Saturday, June 28

Top 5 Songs I Have Been Thoroughly Enjoying Lately

1) Drops in the River -- Fleet Foxes
2) Long Nights -- Eddie Vedder
3) Ada -- The National
4) Sleeping Sickness -- City and Colour
5) The Way I Am -- Ingrid Michaelson

Wednesday, June 25

Top 5 Experiences of Geoff & Naomi's Wedding

5. Seeing the Kang’s, the Conci, the Moody’s, the Parson, the Gieselman’s, the Hawkins’, the Luff’s, the Quigley, and 150 people I’ve never met.
4. Being witness to a group of sober white people, some over the age of 50, dancing for a few hours straight. Well done, Rob. Not even Michael Jackson in his prime could have pulled that off.
3. Watching Geoff and Naomi down a couple shots of alcohol -- and then smash the glasses -- at the entrance to the church in front of his former congregation. Take that, Puritan Sensibilities!
2. Wearing Chuck Taylors all day.
1. Seeing Geoff and Naomi get married. (My boy is all grown up. Sniff, sniff.)

Wednesday, June 18

Top 5 Moments from our Okanagan Trip

Tara and I had a great tour of the Okanagan. The weather was great. The services and preaching were really fun. We had a blast! These are just a few of many memories.

1. Consistently bad restaurant experiences in Kelowna. Seriously, we could not catch a break. Bad service, cold food, no bathrooms in Pita Pit, Kelowna had it all!

2. Kitties! The Morneau's have 3 four week old kittens. They were the cutest ever! They would climb up your pants like they were rock climbing or something.

3. Dan and I stayed up until 3 am. That really threw off my internal clock, but it was fun.

4. Tara stole the Kangs' toothpaste. I discovered this and made sure we returned it. This led to us having a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Kang Sr. What fun!

5. Hanging out with 4 three year olds in Vernon (Mrs. Kempner does daycare). We watched the ninja turtles destroy Shredder. Then (by request) I rewinded it and we watched it again. What fun!

Honourable mention: Watching "Deadliest Catch" with Rob and Mike. It grossed Tara out, but I thought it was a great show!

Sunday, June 8

Top 5 Something Something

1. Kyle and I live together. It's been really good. I think. Kyle's opinion may differ.
2. Some of you may remember the place that Rob and Dan shared, then Dan and I shared. One of the characteristics of said place was that there were no drawers, only cupboards. We have the exact opposite problem here, no hanging cabinets, only drawers and floor level cupboards. When we came to look at the place neither of us noticed. To be honest, I don't think we noticed until a few hours after moving in. The Landlord said he was going to put some up (we think).
3. The Landlord says he is in construction (we're assuming, sometimes it is hard to understand him past the thick accent, for all we know he could have said he was an obstetrician or an obstruction), but if he is (view obstetrician reference), he might possibly be the most cockeyed builder in the county. None of our floor level cabinets or drawers are really aligned in any sort of fashion. It's kind of like lazy-eyed Larry was the guy doing the work in here.
4. I don't think the Landlord understands that I work all night and I sleep all day. He seems quite persistent in his desire to strip screws with his drill during my sleep time. I'm just going to throw this out there, but I think he maybe didn't understand us when we told him we were moving in at the end of the month. He must have assumed we meant a different month.
5. I am now accepting applications for the position of Mrs. Otto. You can forward all applications and letters of reference to my secretary. Who happens to be me. Okay, so I'm also accepting applications for a personal secretary. Unpaid. All hours worked could go towards an internship credit of some sort. "Could" being the key word there. I make no promises. Actually, I will make one promise, I guarantee hours worked will not go towards an internship. It's actually be more like a servant position, a "slave" if you really want to put a label on things.

Saturday, June 7

Top 5 Eventful Events of This Last Week

1. I had a surprise welcome home party thrown for me the other night. I was actually surprised. I usually see these things coming. Wow. Good times.

2. I decided to make my life just that much more H-core and move into the Downtown Eastside community. I will be moving in the next couple of days.

3. I got my lip pierced. On the left side. Because I lost at rock-paper-scissors against Brenda (current roommate). It was best out of three. I won, she won, then she won again. It was probably the most intense game of rock-paper-scissors I have ever played.

4. I took out my lip piercing. The next day. It became very clear (very quickly) that it had created a huge stumbling block for my earthly father in our relationship. Not worth it.

5. My baby brother graduated high school!!! Awwww Sammypookins. I love him.

Honourable mention: I'm on a waiting list for nursing school. Huzzah!

Monday, June 2

Top 5 Rules of Time Travel (According to the Back to the Future Trilogy)

1. The space-time continuum is not to be trifled with in any way.

2. In the case of experimental or inaugural time travel, the space-time continuum may be tampered with, providing that the survival of the travellers themselves is in question, and that the consequences to the future prove beneficial.

3. Due to the parallel sequencing of events associated with time travel, the person of the present is not to meet with his/her future or past self. Doing so could result in a disruption of the above mentioned space-time continuum, causing the universe to collapse on itself. Or it may just cause what doctors call a "light to no coma."

4. Should the future be in any way altered by a rogue time traveller's trip to the past, the rightful time travellers should presently return to the past in order to avert any skewing of the timeline into an alternate future. Of course in such a case, rule #3 should be well observed.

5. The time traveller should always carry a photograph or document from the future on his/her person in order to keep well informed of any changes to the space-time continuum that may occur. Although changes are not encouraged (see rule #1), they may be inevitable, and the time traveller would do well to take careful note of them.

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