Friday, January 9

Top 5 Members That Showed Up Tonight

1. Bryan
2. meliss

wait, that's only 2...

oh the well eh
too bad k-passa didn't make it out
it is too bad - ah well, it was fun :)

and i think there are some pretty great new posts
yeah... shoulda waited longer, I just had some of those sitting there though, I wanted to get them up.
So sorry, I had some unexpected commitments. Like Committees, but easier to spell.
I am suuuuu sorry that I did not make an appearance, like I said I would! I am obviously a ridiculous liar with a terrible memory. How could I have let this happen?

Sorry to have let you two down... :(
i haven't met you, but i still like you :)
aw... ^_^ you're nice. Looks like the feeling is mutual!
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