Sunday, April 29

Top 5 Eating Habits To Heal The World

1. Support local growers, be it through farmers' markets, farm-fresh food box deliveries or just keeping your eye out for local labels at the grocery store.
2. Go vegetarian or reduce meat/ dairy intake- meat production uses up to 20 times as much energy as growing grain.
3. Choose fair-trade coffee, sugar, chocolate and anything else you can find so you can be sure you're not supporting 'sweatshops in the fields.'
4. Buy certified organic products to avoid pesticide panic and spare waterways, wildlife and workers from encounters with toxic pesticides.
5. Pass on resource-intensive, packaging-heavy fast food and heavily processed junk.

Tuesday, April 24

Top 5 Reasons Stephanie is the New Apprentice

1. She's a hip young go getter, but not too young, and not too hip.
2. Her legal background means she's a tiger behind closed (boardroom) doors.
3. Her experience in real estate law means she can deal with huge tracts of land.
4. Lets face it, the Donald hates quitters, and her legs just won't quit.
5. She has a new outfit for every possible circumstance, with appropriate backups.

Saturday, April 21

Top5 Sports Pictures of the Week






Friday, April 20

Top5 Song Covers I've Heard this Week

Content Warning: Some of the material contained herein is not suitable for minors
or for those with sensitive dispositions or for those who do not reach this line.

1. Nina Gordon covering "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A.

2. Alanis Morissette covering the "My Humps" music video by The Black-Eyed Peas.

3. Jonathan Coulton covering "Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette.
(See comment section if this one doesn't work)

4. Brad Mehldau's Trio covering "Exit Music (for a film) by Radiohead.

5. Jonathan Coulton covering two songs at the same time. If you can guess which ones they are and who first performed them, then I'll sign your firstborn baby's forehead in person (with permanent marker so you can show it off for years to come)!

Remember to post your entries in the comments section!!

Monday, April 16

Top 5 Signs of Your Impending Doom

1. Sudden organ music.
2. Bats. Lots of bats. Especially if they cling to you.
3. A dark, cold, stormy night. And a narrator who points this out.
4. An empty highway, a broken car, and an attractive passenger.
5. Mutant neighbors, lover, and/or pet.

Saturday, April 7

Top 5 Movie Trailer Remixes

300 – The PG Version

The Shinning – Romantic Comedy

Seven – Romantic Comedy

Signs (of Anti-Semitism)

Office Space – Thriller/Slasher

Tuesday, April 3

Top 5 Women I Realized I Really Think are Very Funny

1. Leslie Mann
2. Mindy Kaling - !!
3. Mary Lynn Rajskub
4. Kate Winslet
4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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