Thursday, April 9

Top 5 Sites Guilty of Blatant Stop Five Copyright Infringement

5. Top 5 Trinidad

4. Top5 Jamaica

3. What's Your Top 5?

2. Prudential Top 5 Real Estate

1. Top 5

Tuesday, April 7

Top 5 Reasons I'm going to the U2 Concert

1. I do quite enjoy their music. And although I'm not a big fan of the last 2 albums, I think they'll play lots of their classics.

2. We had tax return money to spend. Hurrah!

3. U2 seems like one of those seminal bands of our generation. I'd like to say I've seen them at least once. Does that make me a slave to the culture? Probably.

4. Black Eye Peas are opening. I hate the Black Eye Peas. They almost stopped me from going to this show. Fergie is trying to hurry the apocolypse.

5. It will be a night out with my wife. Hooray!

Friday, April 3

Top 5 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Right Now

1. Playing soccer / rock climbing.

2. Writing a brilliant song.

3. Flying on a plane to Venezuela.

4. Working as a nurse already.

5. Chatting with Jesus in heaven.

Top 5 Things I Am Doing Right Now

1. Listening to "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by The Postal Service.

2. Lying on my bed with my laptop on my stomach, typing.

3. Thinking about lists of five.

4. Wondering why I seem to be strangely weak and shaky.

5. Making funny faces and noises at my reflection on my laptop screen. Eeehggn, uuuoooh, sssssssssttt...

Top 5 Things I Ought to be Doing Right Now

1. Cleaning my apartment. I kinda let it slide for a bit, since I've been sick and busy and all...

2. Playing the bongo drums.

3. Writing my bioethics paper and studying for the exam on Monday.

4. Doing this personality test thing my mother wants me to do (for the purpose of psychoanalyzing me, no doubt).

5. Exercising.

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