Tuesday, September 30

Top 5 Picks in my Fantasy Poets League

1. Shakespeare - The concensus #1 pick. This guy gives you great value all across the board. His value gets an extra boost in PPP (Points per Play) leagues.

2. Homer - He's just epic. His mastery of the hexameter verse gives my team an advantage in several categories.

3. Alexander Pope - This guy's a bit of a sleeper pick. He's a satirist at heart, but he covers some of the less common categories, like irony and satire. He also translated Homer. He's a master of the heroic couplet.

4. William Wordsworth - Just the best and most prolfic of the Romantic Era. The dropoff after Wordsworth and Coleridge is too steep to justify waiting.

5. T.S. Eliot - A great poet of the modern era. His stuff is sufficiently confusing and somewhat depressing. A must-have to round out my roster.

Friday, September 26

Top 5 Motivational Posters: Part Trois






Friday, September 19

Top 5 Movies I've Watched Recently

Between Tara's wisdom teeth coming out, and our being tired from new schedules, we've watched quite a few videos over the last couple of months. Here's the top 5.

1. Die Hard 4. Dan Kang was in Abbotsford, and he and I watched this one together. It was everything I could have hoped it would be.

2. Enchanted. I could easily own this movie. So fun, and the best music Disney has done in years.

3. Gone Baby Gone. We watched this one last night. It was interesting, and kind of disturbing. Everyone told us it would leave us asking, "What would I do in that situation." It's true. Tara asked me what I would do immediately after the movie ended.

4. Hairspray. That one was for Tara.

5. The Holiday. As I am already a sucker for RomComs, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Even though Cameron Diaz is strangely robotic sometimes.

Friday, September 5

Top 5 Feelings

1. Happiness
2. Anger
3. Love
4. Hunger
5. Irony

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