Wednesday, July 30

Top 5 People at a Club Penguin Business Meeting

1. Shelley
2. Gigantic Turkey Sub
3. Mountain Joe
4. Mounted Tiger Head
5. Captain Pyjama Shark

Tuesday, July 29

Top 5 Reasons Why I Don't Belong In the 21st Century

1) I hate electronics. Though I am a slave to my cellular phone, I despise it. I don't like television. Microwaves. Computers. Fluorescent lighting. The only thing I'd miss in the 14th century would be a stereo system where I could play my music.
2) Cars freak me out. And I'd much rather walk places. Or go by horseback.
3) There's nothing more abhorrent to me than the feel of concrete. Cold, rough... Who can run around barefoot these days? I want to feel the earth respond to my footsteps, to sink slightly under my weight -- to leave a print, a proof of my passage.
4) I want to wear dresses. All the time. Country-style. Not those flimsy, scanty summer dresses that are being sold everywhere right now.
5) I get so easily overwhelmed with stuff. How does it all add up so fast? Simplicity seems almost as unattainable as holiness.

I just want to smell fresh, flower-sweetened air again. This city can drag me down sometimes.

Friday, July 25

Top 5 Artists I'm Listening To These Days

1. Jeremy Fisher
2. Hawksley Workman
3. Micah Wolf
4. Corwin Fox
5. G. Love (sometimes with Special Sauce)

Honorable mention to Wintersleep, which very nearly made the cut. I actually added up the plays on my itunes, and it looks like G. Love came out ahead.

A special thanks to Holly-Anne for introducing me to Jeremy and Corwin.

Friday, July 18

Top 5 Most Terrifying On Screen Performances

5. Jack Nicholson - The Shining.
4. Malcolm Mcdowell - A Clockwork Orange.
3. Anthony Perkins - Psycho
2. Anthony Hopkins - The Silence of the Lambs
1. =With a terrified bullet= Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight.

Wednesday, July 16

Top5 Albums On My iPod This Month At Work

5. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Punchy, energetic, rhythmically diverse, and structurally arresting. A good toe-tapper.

4. Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Primal, angelic, raw and beautiful. Scrumptraulescent, I believe, is the correct word to describe this work.

3. Bonny "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney - Superwolf
Reflective, bittersweet, and achingly melodic ( This always make me stop what I'm doing to take a deep breath and consider how suprising life can be.

2. Hayden - Field & Town
Gently amusing and with an unceasingly subtle optimism so different from his early work, I always smile and marvel at the inventiveness found here.

1. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Buy it, find it, steal it, whatever you have to do, just get it and listen to it, as Jian Ghomeshi might say. There's a reason this is first on the list.

Honourable mentions: Portishead's Third, Abbatoir Blues by Nick Cave, Ojos Negros with Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner, and, of course, The National's Boxer, always the perfect album for 6am.

Friday, July 11

Top 5 Reasons For Writing This Post

1. To encourage others to post, thereby breathing some life into Stop Five
2. I miss you guys
3. It makes more sense than dancing this post...
4. So I don't have to see those weevils every time I come to this site
5. *with a bullet* Seriously, so I don't have to see those weevils every time I come to this site

I even had to add this extra line to push the weevils down further. Bleck.

I do really miss you all. I'm still very much behind some sort of group gathering this summer. Weekends are good for me.

Top 5 Weevils

1. Wheat Weevil - eats grains and flour. Can be a household pest.
2. Boll Weevil - eats cotton plants. Can be a plantation pest.
3. Pine Weevil - eats pine, fir, and birch trees. Can be a forest pest.
4. Acorn Weevil - eats the insides of acorns. Can annoy most squirrels.
5. =with a bullet= Black Vine Weevil - eats leaves. Can be a garden pest. Can also relocate inside to basement suites during hot, dry weather, forcing the family inside to constantly find and kill them. They are harmless inside, but annoying.

Confirmed Weevil kill count (Since last Thursday): 22

Tuesday, July 1

Top 5 Songs from Coldplay's "Vive La Vida" Album

Okay, so i don't usually go on Stopfive to rave about albums - or maybe I do. That's a matter for Stopfive historian to look into. Which is me - but I'm absolutely loving the new Coldplay album. While this may draw some ire (and probably mocking response posts) from some of my fellow contributors (Dan!), here is just 5 of my favourites from an album that is incredibly solid from top to bottom.

1. Life in Technicolor - Fantastic opening song. Builds from nothing, totally instrumental, and a really uplifting start to the album.

2. Lost! - This is where their partnership with Brian Eno really becomes noticable. Great production for a great arrangement - love the handclapping and the guitar work. What a well written song too!

3. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love - Anyone who knows me will know why I love this song in one listen - the piano. A fast paced piano song followed by a beautiful piano ballad. The tone on the piano is really interesting too.

4. Vive la Vida - I always complain to Tara about bad string arrangements in music (especially Christian music) so it's nice to hear a band like Colplay do a completely string-driven song and do it so masterfully. Such a catchy song with great lyrical storytelling. This song wll be in a movie soon. It may already be in a movie. Moey? Is it?

5. =With a bullet=Death and all His Friends - This song really sums up the album to me. A lot of the songs seem to have different movements to them, and this song is no exception. Starts off slow, moves to a great instrumental break, and finishes with - get this - an anthemic 7/4 section! I love it. And then, there's a sort of reprise of Life in Technicolor" at the end of the track. Just such a great track on a well constructed album.

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