Friday, January 23

Top 5 things that fully made me an Administrative Assistant this week

1. I have an intercom on my phone so that I can be paged at any time.
2. The biggest crisis at work this week was that the printer I spent my day arranging for someone to come and fix it. That's what I did...
3. Most of my job this week consisted of data entry, faxing, printing and photocopying...oh, and answering the telephone.
4. People will just drop things off at my desk and tell me they need this many copies of this, or this to be faxed to this person, or this to be printed for this person, etc. (And I soon realized that it has been quite a while since I have really had anyone tell me what to do in a work setting)
5. I did a coffee run for my boss today.

...You can just call me Pam from now on....

I must add a disclaimer to this post and say that this week was an abnormally slow week with 2 employees on holidays, and the end of our program where things wind down. Once I am through my training period my job will consist of more than "just" admin. stuff. I really actually like it and think it is going to be a neat experience
Does this mean I'm Roy?
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