Monday, October 22

Top 5 recent school related stuff

1. Got an A on my Social Psych Midterm
2. Got and A on my Physical Anthropology Midterm
3. Got a C+ on my Behavioural methods midterm - then had to make a tutoring appointment with a cute TA
4. Found out AFTER my Anthropology in Film midterm that I had bought and studied from the wrong textbook. Ditziest and funniest thing I've ever done.
5. Got an A on my Anthropology in Film midterm anyways.

Its good to be me!

Sunday, October 21

Top 5 I Did Today (In Chronological Order)

1. Slept in
2. Went to my favourite tea shop, drank tea and worked on a story
3. Bought 'Beirut - The Flying Club Cup'
4. Walked (and danced) in the rain, listening to Mika sing 'Grace Kelly'
5. Watched 'Into The Wild' (ok technically at the time of writing I haven't watched it yet, but I'm going and am confident it will make the top 5)

Thursday, October 11

Top 5 Reasons I feel Unprepared for my Impending Tour

1. My laptop doesn't have it's own keyboard. There was a juice spill - things got messy. So right now I'm using a desktop keyboard that's attached via USB port. I really don't want to lug it around all tour.

2. The PR materials I need aren't ready. They come in Friday, and will have to be shipped to whatever city I'll be in.

3. I haven't packed, and I don't think I have enough underwear and socks for 12 days.

4. Speaking of clothes, where am I going to get 12 nice shirts to wear for the actual events that happen each day?

5. I don't really know how I'm getting home on the 24th.

Saturday, October 6

Top five reasons I am nervous about my labour induction on tuesday...

1) The Pain
2) The Pain
3) The Pain
4) The Pain
5) Oh, raising a baby....annnnd...the Pain....

Friday, October 5

Top 5 bicycles I have ever owned.

1. A fixed gear BMX - no handle bar breaks, nope it had back breaks, which were used when you pushed your feet in a backwards motion on the pedals.

2. My first REAL BMX, it was a total Kuwahara bmx knock off. I loved that bike, i even wanted to put a milk crate on the front a recreate Elliot and ET moments. Perhaps even a flying silhouette across the moon?

3. The NightHawk - aka - the LeadHawk - This was hands down the worst Mountain bike I have ever owned. I begged my dad for a mountain bike, and he gave me a 200 dollar limit. All i could afford was a Sears mountain bike, thus my purchase being the "NightHAWK". This was the heaviest mountain bike i have ever seen. In fact i was convinced the tubes were not hollow, but rather solid, and FILLED WITH LEAD!

4. Brodie Energy - This is a bike often referred to as a Hybrid. it looks like a hardtail mountain bike, except that it doesn't have shocks. These bikes are great for commuting, cause they are a lot faster than mountain bikes. It's outfitted with disc brakes, full fenders and a rack with a set of panniers. This bike is fantastic, but I will be selling it because I have just received my new bicycle, which is one of two reasons for this post. (The other reason is that, I don't think there is a Top 5 list about bicycles)

5. 2006 Kona "Jake the Snake" - This bike is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen! dropped handlebars, carbon fork, Easton Frame, Shimano 105's, oh and did i mention is NEON GREEN?

here's a photo of my new prized possession.

Thursday, October 4

Top 5 Perplexing Questions

1. If I was actually a robot, would I know?
2. How does fall come so quickly? One day it's sunny, and the next day there's hail. What's with that?
3. Where the heck is Blackwood? Seriously!
4. Why does 37 days feel so freakin' long?
5. No really, what if they programmed us to never find out?

Tuesday, October 2

Top 2 Reasons the Ironing is Delicious

1. I used to poke lighthearted fun at a certain someone for being one of those crazy hippy trying-to-find-the-meaning-of-life-while-growing-a-sketchy-beard. Then I became one of those guys. Minus the sketchy beard.
2. I also used to poke lighthearted fun at the same certain someone for getting a degree, then using said degree to be a sandwich artist then a landscaper. Then I became a landscaper. Oh, and a sandwich artist.
3. I am becoming to much like somebody else. Which isn't bad, because someone else is a good guy. But seriously, Subway??
4. In an old basement suite the noise had to be done by 10-ish. In the new basement suite, the people above us are deaf.
5. I really have nothing else, and am not convinced numbers 3 and 4 are ironic.

Monday, October 1

Top 5 Reasons I haven't posted...

1. My computer accidentally got set to a Korean setting, and I couldn't read anything worth a damn, eventually I decided to secretly sleep in Dan's parents bedroom closet in an attempt to pick up Korean. It's amazing what you can figure out from a few words such as "Ne" which was repeated over and over, and "Yeogin neomue dowoyo haeyo!"
2. I got stuck in the machine that takes my blood pressure at London Drugs, lost all feeling in my left arm, and eventually went to the hospital unconscious due to repeated blows to the head from a disgruntled, diabetic senior wishing to use the machine...
3. In an effort to find more time in the day, I set half the clocks in my house half an hour ahead, and the other half an hour behind thus adding an hour to my day, however not realizing what the ramifications of my actions, I created a time rift in my apartment, living a "Groundhog Day" type loop, only to be stopped by hitting and killing a fly whilst scratching my upper thigh at the same time.
4. In an effort to become more popular than Jane Goodall, I spent 3 months in the amazon studying extensively the lives of a group of wild brazilian Emperor tamarin however realizing after 2 and a half months that I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico looking at this.
5. I'm lazy!

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