Tuesday, March 21

Top 5 Logical Conclusions

1. The more Switz hangs out with me, the funnier she thinks I am, so logically I can conclude that I induce insanity in the people I hang out with, which can also logically lead to the conclusion that I drive girls crazy.
2. I can play the Bass, but cannot grasp the concept of piano, so I can logically conclude that if I put the keyboard parallel with my body and could only use 6 fingers, I could be an accomplished piano player.
3. When I believe I am right and someone is wrong, I get loud and aggresive, so I can logically conclude that if I end a difference of opinions with a punch to the face, I will always be right.
4. If statement A is true and statement B is also true, and if A+B = C, the you can logically conclude that C is indeed true.
5. I often refer to myself as a genius, so I can logically conclude that I am so genius-ish, that I can recogize my own brilliance from inside my head.

Posters Note: I have no clue if #4 is even remotely true, but it sounds like something I would have heard in Philosophy if I had gone to more than two classes.

You're looking for this:
If A=B, and B=C, then A=C.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
#4 is going to give me nightmares... like it did when I actually went to class and still didn't grasp half the friggin concepts! ARARRRRRGHGHGH!!!
Rob, you should have used the letters P, Q,and maybe R and then you would have expressed Philosophy.....and Otto, how did you get the idea that I think you are funnier the more I hang out with you??? huh?? huh?? ya that's right...{i'll show you menacing...}
A jillion years later, and I still passed that damn class without ever actually going to it. Me. Genius. Done.
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