Thursday, March 2

Top 5 People We Met In Rome

1. Derek, aka Captain America - ex-Marine, compared himself to Vin Diesel. Let us use his cell phone whilst drinking wine on the Spanish Steps during Mardi Gras to call a very good friend.
2. Phillipe and Mercedes, aka Frenchie and the Feminist - veyr nice French Canadian couple who were at our hostel. Seperatists. Spent a very nice evening with them discussing feminism, religion, language, and much more.
3. Will - Dave McCormick's doppleganger, except that he has longer hair. From California. Very boring conversation. Started every other sentance with "In America..." However, he was very necessary in order to balance the ex-marine.
4. Ivano, aka The Creeper - Ran the hostel. Creeped us out. Imagine the creepist, 35ish Italian man you can, then bump it up a notch. Shutter.
5. Benedict XVI, aka The Pope - ok, ok, we didn't meet him, but we saw enough pictures of him everywhere, and on every type of thing you can imagine that it feels like we met him. They put his face on everyhting...Pope shot glass, anyone?

i'm gonna say no to the pope shot glasses, but i still am expecting you to send me a pair of white leather italian loafers. but not just any white leather italian loafers, I want the ones that shoot out a stilleto with the click of the heel.

hee hee
Hooray for Derek!
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