Tuesday, March 28

Top 5 Things I'm reminded of when Listening to Fleetwood Mac

1. The Seventies. I always imagine being at some log cabin in the backwoods of BC with one of those plaid hunting shirts on.
2. Road trips with a cute girl in an old car/van.
3. Books I've read while listening to Fleetwood Mac.
4. How much I like female vocalists with distinct style.
5. Starry nights.

Ahh yes, Fleetwood Mac...the Rumors album. 1977. Brilliant.
Those are the same things I'm reminded of when listening to Tom Petty's Wildflowers album (except for 4, but ditto for man voices).
You should all listen to it. It's brilliant.
If you like distinct female vocals, check out Imogen Heap or Jennifer Charles. I'm a new Imogen Heap fan, and Jennifer Charles has the hottest voice. Ever.
imogen heap is delightfully crazy, with an amazing voice. maybe she can be a crush for you dan, since stevie nicks is way too old. seriously, she's too old dan
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