Wednesday, March 1

Top 5 Weblogs created by Rivers Kang

1. - this was my first, I don't have the heart to delete it. It's so RAW and PASSIONATE... It's full of teenage angst (eventhough at the time i was 21 or 22?)
2. - Oh come on!!! everyone who's anyone was switching over to Xanga!
3. - Although this may be the infamous blog of Dan Donkers. I need to take some credit as I am the guy who nicknamed Dan Donkers "The White Pony". Although, I stole "The White Pony" from Ben Kweller, not Ryan aka Ben Kweller, but the actual Ben Kweller... but... that's another story.
4. - This is my brand new weblog. I have nothing to say about this one. It's too new, and I don't have that much angst anymore.
5. - This last weblog is REALLY the reason I made this post. I have a friend named Lonnie, who happens to have two twin younger brothers and their names are "Sonnie" and "Donnie." No joke! Anyways, lonnie has a xanga site that is called So i thought to myself, Lonnie lives in Conwell now, not in Korea at all!!!! So I made him a weblog. Enjoy, I think he really enjoyed it too.

Dan, indeed you were the inspiration for my nickname, and probably at least in part for my blog.

I don't think I'll ever forget the angst filled days we spent in your room while you read your blogs to me, one by one.
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