Saturday, March 25

Top 5 Reasons a "girl's only" movie night with your 5 & 7 year old cousin is so great

1. They show up wearing pyjamas, slippers and robes.
2. They bring bags full of candy.
3. They make comments like, "When is Dan going to go so it can just be us????"
4. They get so super hyper from the candy, popcorn and juice so that when Dan comes home, they bug him mercilessly.
5. (and this one's good) Throughout the entire movie, any time there is a joke, they proceed to explain to me why it was funny (it was like watching a movie with Dan Donkers, only in incredibly cute little girl form). For example, one character was caught trying to sneak cheese from a mousetrap and got his hand caught in the trap. When he was found out, he was like, "I guess you caught me red-handed." My 7 year-old cousin went on to explain, "It's because his hand is red, Sara-Lynn." It was a highly entertaining night.

Oh Slynn, that was the cutest post ever!
In past reading...I read slynns comment on why she should be apart of stop five...lets add another...making stop six...I know sin...however...slynn brings an extrodinary amound of girlyness to this site, and as hard as Dan D. tries he just can't keep up to her unbelievable estrogen filled posting...good on ya slynn!
Watch out Kang... Dont let her spend to much time with them, or she'll want kids of her own!
Are you kidding, he is doomed, this post makes me want kids (I am not even married) To actually have lived it means Dan is destined to be a dad.
sooner rather than later of course
Of course you're all aware that I will quite literally teach my daughters/sons to explain jokes to eachother. And I will force them to read the FBI warning out loud before every movie. mom made me do that
you poor poor poor poor poor girl
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