Friday, March 31

Top 5 Drummer Memories

1. The fidgeting. The constant fidgeting. I haven't stopped moving since I was 12.
2. Trying to recreate "Stomp" in my high school hallways.
3. Tapping rhythms with my feet in Biology class while staring off into space. For some reason I totally thought nobody noticed that.
4. Trying out for Rejoice my first year of College and realizing how much I actually sucked at drumming.
5. The hours of practice tedium. One great gig seems to make all those hours worthwhile.

I'm going to start learning and practising again. I freakin' love drumming.

i had the same realization when i auditioned for rejoice my freshman year.

Hmmmm....interesting. I remember trying out for rejoice to play drums too. Good times. Interesting how much drumming just takes all of your life. It's almost as if nothing else really matters. I need to get back into it again.
Don't forget the chicks falling for the drummers, yet most drummers don't have the gf cause all the girls are too young.
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