Wednesday, March 29

Top 5 TV shows of my childhood

1) Mr. Dressup - This man is my hero. Although is wasn't as good when Casey and Finnigan left, but still, listening to Mr. Dressup tell a story was pure magic...
2) Sesame Street - The "old" Sesame Street, before they made Ernie and Bert leave, and before it bacame "Sesame Park"...what was that all about???
3) Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers - Chipmunks + Adventure = Excellent TV
4) Road to Avonlea - What can I say about this show...Felicty and Gus, Felix going to war, Hetty King and her petty remarks...I still love this show...
5) This is a tie between Boy Meets World and Home Improvement (Both shows about the "All American Family"...but with a little humor thrown in...)

Bonus - Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Who doesn't love the Carlton dance??)

Maybe this is a sign that I watched to much TV as a kid...

Sesame Park was made strictly for Canadian can still find good ole Ernie and Bert and the whole gang on PBS...
i can't believe you forgot Full House... DJ Tanner and the 80's hair, mary kate and ashley...amazing.
What about "Saved by the bell" as well as "Full House". Classics! Clearly you didn't watch enough tv growing up
I saw Mr.Dressup live in concert. I have my picture taken with the Man him self AND THE TICKLE TRUNK!! BEAT THAT!!!!

==ovbiously someones brother
Cam, you need to get a blog! You're so funny...
Mr Roger was my Neighbour. He lived to houses over.. BEAT THAT CAM!
Darkwing Duck
Saved by the bell
X men

would all be on my list
Fresh Prince
Home Improvements
Saved By The Bell
The Drew Carry Show
Trading Spaces
- with a bullet - Clueless
I used to watch Garfield all the time.
And Reading Rainbow?
Ou! Ou! Fresh Prince! I'm reliving my childhood every day -- I bought the first three seasons! Yay!

Also, Mr. Dressup, Animaniacs (specifically Pinky and the Brain of course), Danger Bay, Tail Spin, the Littlest Hobbo, and Fraggle Rock.

Oh the memories that were had.
i saw Mr. Dressup too!!! he came all the way to Prince George with Casey and Finnigan AND the tickle trunk..HA!!!
I totally beat you!!
Also Captian Planet...
Captain Planet...ohmygoodness. It'd be funny to see them try to pull that one off now days.
And how in the world did I forget to mention Astro Boy?! May God have mercy on me.
casey and finigan left because they were played by
mr. dressup's wife. they went away when she died. i remember that my mom used to think he was an alcoholic because he had a bulbous red nose.
beat that badboy comment. i dare ya

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