Wednesday, March 1

Top 5 Bizarre Things About the Original Nintendo:

1. The Blow: Even though the instructions said NOT to do this, we knew that this was always the first step to get the games to work.
2. The correct placing of the game in the machine: This involved pushing the game down before it was all the way in, you would hear a sort of clicking sound as the game went down.
3. The blow 2: This involved not only blowing into the game, but also blowing into the machine itself.
4. The Peripherals: the Power Glove, the Nintendo Zapper, the Power Pad - Each only worked for a couple of games, and in the case of the Power Glove, barely worked at all. The Zapper had like two games (Duck Hunt and Hogans Alley), and I think the Power Pad only had that Track and Field game for it.
5. That the Nintendo actually survived. In spite of the laborious task of getting it to actually work, Nintendo dominated the market (its only competition was the Sega Master System). If such shoddy work was done today, said company would go under in a matter of moths.

Interesting Note: Did you know that you can control the ducks in Duck Hunt with the 2nd player controller?

I used to love controlling the ducks while my friend was playing. He didn't know I was doing it. It used to drive him crazy. Of course, he was one of those guys who put his gun right up to the screen to shoot the ducks. So I always felt justified.
I wish I had known that about duck hunt when I was younger. it would have made it so much more fun.
Hahaha! The Blow! YES!!! The constan blowing in the games!

I never knew you could control the ducks! How unfair!
go under in a matter of moths??? (See #5)
Like Mothra maybe, the killer moth vrs Godzilla?
Did you know the creator of Nintendo originally intended its controllers to be wireless?
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