Tuesday, March 14

Top 5 Bauer-isms

1. Dammit!!
2. We're running out of time!!
3. Where is the (insert name of terrorist WMD's)
4. Tell me what I need to know now!!!
5. Bauer (whenever he answers the phone)

"People will die!!"
is this a 24 thing?
That's awesome.

You know, I always wondered if Jack would ever be able to relax on those other 364 days of the year. I mean, he must know by now that there is going to be at least one really crappy day every year -- do you think he'd be on edge, just waiting for it to happen? They're going to need to have a season where Jack battles the evil terrorist known as "Psychosis".
I think he will pretty much go crazy from now on, that yeah, wont yeah to him any more
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