Monday, March 13

Top 5 Things I would do for Love

1. Fight a knife wielding monkey
2. Punch a shark in the face
3. Run over a car. With my feet. While it was moving. Towards me. Fast.
4. Jump out of a third story window.
5. =with a bullet= Go to the airport and stop a plane from taking off. Classic.

4 out of 5 of those things would kill you. The 5th, well, in todays fear of terrorism, chasing down planes might end badly. So we'll go ahead and say 100 percent death rate.
So romantic.
Although I think I could take the monkey.
you might just brake some bones with the third story building, you might not die...
Its Dan. Dan always lands on his head.
ok, prove it lover boy. sweet it gave me a cavity.
would you stick a needle in the retina of your eye for me? Huh? would you? Yeah, that's what I thought Kyle.
kyle? clearly this is dan...
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