Monday, March 27

Top 5 Memories from our Logan Lake Billets

1. Walking into their house and seeing a .22 with a wicked scope lying on a chair. "That's because coyotes have been killing our cats," they said. It was a bolt action gun. I pulled on the bolt and a shell fell out. I proceeded to put the gun down.
2. Deer Pepperoni.
3. Two huge (deer) bucks' heads mounted on their living room wall.
4. The picture of the even bigger buck he shot this year, which is going to be mounted on their wall next year.
5. Meeting Junior, their horse.

I love smalltown BC.

ah...Logan Lake, so many seniors and the coolest big truck ever!
the rifle. that was stinkin' sweet.
all of this is unusual how?
He he he. Bolt action. He he.
sounds like my house
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