Thursday, August 3

Top 5 Drives in BC

Having covered somewhere in the vicinity of 5000 kilometers this summer, I offer you all my choice for the best scenic drives in the province.

1. The Sunshine Coast. I always heard people talk about it, had never done it. It really is nice. Especially when it's not busy, and when you have some time to stop along the way.
2. Yale to Cache Creek (The Fraser Canyon). This is just a classic beauty of a drive. The Canyon has always been one of my favourites.
3. Hope to Princeton. I don't know why Princeton exists, but driving to it through Manning Park is pretty awesome.
4. Golden to Kimberly. You're sandwiched in between two really impressive mountain ranges all the way there, yet the scenery in the valley reminds me of the prairies. Really grassy and kind of swampy.
5. =with a bullet= Terrace to Prince Rupert. Follow the Skeena river the whole way there. And Prince Rupert is one of my favourite coastal towns.

What about the drive from the candy store in Clayburn to the academic building at SPC? That ride was mind-blowing.
I would have to agree with you on this list
I may be biased, but I think the drive from Princeton (whyever it's there) to Keremeos is one of the greatest drives in the history of Canada! Next time, right after you leave Hedley heading East, check your right for a tiny little gorgeous church sitting on a small rise below a can't beat it at sunset.
ok so you drive through the Sunshine coast and to the ferry terminal and you don't even hop the fence to say hi to me!?!?!? C'mon! I thought we were friends...grumblegrumbleshakemyfistatyou...
hmmm...unless of course it was when I was still in Kenya...then I can forgive you :)
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