Sunday, August 13

Top 5 Kisses I Currently am Hoping For

1. The one where she runs on to the field after I just hit the home run to win the world series. And the entire world is second to our passion.
2. The quiet kiss she reaches back for while sitting in front of me while we watch the sun set over the lake in algonquin. The fire is allready made, we just ate dinner.
3. The Kiss I give to my daughter on her forehead, after she runs out the door to go off to Ballad, only to remember she had forgotten her kiss from Dad.
4. all the good morning kisses
5. The enivitble make up kiss in the rain. (not sure if a cat will be nessessary)


Not only will a cat be necessary, a trenchcoat must be made available.
I love breakfast at tiffanys- this post actually made me sigh.
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