Sunday, August 13

Top 5 T-Shirts I will Make in the Future

1. The front will have a picture of a woman’s ankle with a heart on it. The back will say “your Mother Got this Tattoo for us”

2. In bold letters across the front “GOOD LOOKING REVOLUTIONARIES WANTED”

3. Black T-Shirt - Black writing “DUBIEN,” Kang should get one that says “KANG” too... and so forth.

4. A big Black Panther on the front taking up the whole shirt. It would say accross the front somewhere in the middle. “My panther could kick your Dad’s ass”

5. A white T-shirt with pictures of Lee Merriweather, Julie Newmar, Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Elle MacPherson and Katie Holmes on the front. On the Back it would say Batman did them all.
You steel them and I will kill you.

Number 5. Best. T-shirt. Ever.
4. I like, but with a cougar.
you could get a couger one and I could have the panther one

I want to get a few #3's, but with other people's names, like Dubien, Kang, Donkers, Otto, Conci, etc. When people see me wearing them all the time, they'll start to wonder. But I will never, ever tell them. It will be one of the world's greatest mysteries.
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