Saturday, August 5

Top 5 Cool Things to do In Toronto

1. Take in a Blue Jays game... so exciting: talking to the others around you. Hoping for a win. Heckling players. its just rad
2. Go to Jo Mamas... A little Jazz bar. On Friday nights they have the best Jazz ensamble in the city. Stay for every set. Get a seat at the bar and drink just enough to maintain your need for that seat.
3. Go to the Piano Lounge in the Maz... I just did this last night. Nobody I was with really wanted to stay in the Piano lounge, they just wanted to drink on the patio. I went with my cousin's friends. But man. Dan Donkers.... you should be this guy. He was just playing whatever anyone wanted to here. And like everyone was singing along. Just great. Songs sang last night... Sweet home alabama, some johnny cash, Keane, Coldplay, livin on a prayer. wicked.
4. On Queen in the east end, near Carlaw, is this sweet Cheese store that opened last month, run by these 20 somethings, that shine of committed humble coolness. They make the best grilled cheeses, and well the whole ambiance of a store making money almost completely off cheese sales is awesome. A starbucks is about to go in accross the streets and I am so happy for the people, cause they are gonna rake it in.
5. Pick up chicks. I don't know how to do this.... but I see it done and am amazed.

I love cheese.
I am coming. Sometime.
i'm coming aug15.

Let me explain how to do number 5... pick up chicks... head down to Queens st. bring along 2 dollars... dont worry your not going to be paying a girl... directly... insert the two dollars into the speakers corner booth and sell yourself. works 1 out of 9 times.
When are you coming to TO dan
Dude, I'd love to check out that place.

I think I'll fly out on the 16th of November. The wedding is on the 18th. I'll probably stay til the 22nd.
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