Saturday, August 12

The First Stop-Five-A-Thon

The first Stop-Five-a-thon will take place on Sunday, August 13th between the hours of 5pm and 6pm Eastern Standard Time (2pm and 3pm western standard time).

All current Stop Fivers are welcome.

The name of the game will be to post as many Top Fives as possible in an hour.
So... Everyone, be prepared. Bring your A-Game. Lets get it on.

This could be the thing of legend.

See you tommorow. Comment if you can make it.

i will be there... :)
i will observe with a fast-click on the "refresh" and with baited breath, ofcourse.
i'm down
can't we postpone the festivities?

For one, Dan Donkers, Dan Kang, and Sara-Lynn Kang will be travelling all the way up north to chubb lake bible camp during these posted hours.
Bah! I can't make it. I gotta sleep...Night shift starts tomorow night, and 2pm is right in the middle of my REM cycle. Curse you, REM. And your mother too.
Yes, Kang is right.

its the first one, don't worry

also... Stewart: its 2pm western time not eastern
I though you were in Ontario

we'll see how this one goes... than hopefully we can do another...
or when would be good for everyone??
I'm there
bryan, did you make me say that comment?
it wasn't me...but i will be there...
i don't use colon bracket smileys though....
i will be here....half hour late....
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